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Nicholas Newman

Nicholas Newman is a freelance journalist based in Oxford, United Kingdom. Oxford based journalist and copywriter, who writes about business, especially the global energy business including exploration, production, power generation including renewables, innovation, investment, markets, technology, regulation, leadership, policy making and management.



The oil industry has come up with a practical method of using CO2 gas before storing it underground. The technique, known as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), improves oil recovery rates and prolong the operating life of mature oil fields. Some examples in Canada and Texas teach how to use CO2 flooding and how this is useful from the environmental point of view - See more at:


Nicholas Newman Asia Oil & Gas Monitor (AsianOil) 5 August 2015 – Australia’s hydrocarbon resources and geographical position have allowed it to become the leading supplier of liquid natural gas (LNG) to Asia-Pacific markets and, with new LNG capacity coming on line in the next few years, it is expected to overtake Qatar as the current world leader. Australia is home to both domestic energy companies such as Woodside, Santos and Origin Energy and has attracted international companies such as BP and Shell, eager to explore and develop energy resources in and around Australia, as well as within the region to fill the growing gap between production and consumption.


Nicholas Newman European Energy Review 5 August 2015 – A bird’s eye view of Europe reveals a complex network of transmission grids and distribution networks extending from the Arctic Ocean to the Mediterranean. Closer inspection reveals a European power network consisting of 230,000 km high voltage and 1,500,000 km of low/medium voltage lines divided by national borders and run by independent transmissions system operators.


Hydraulic rams, elastomeric hose pumps, hydraulic motors and turbines, air turbines, fixed oscillating water columns and wave energy farms. Nicholas Newman, from Sweden to Australia, describes a few innovative ideas to produce energy from ocean waves, either already commercialized or just projects. Through also here the future of renewable energy? - See more at:


A few Oil & Gas rich regions are studying the possibility to create a permanent fund with royalties from energy. The model they are considering is the 30-years-old Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) in Alaska. Nicholas Newman explains how it works and how many organizations across Alaska benefit from PFD - See more at:

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