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Nicholas Newman

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Nicholas Newman

Nicholas Newman an Oxford based energy journalist and copywriter, who writes, researches, analyses and comments about the energy business. Nicholas covers all aspects of the global energy business including:

Oil and gas exploration & production
Power generation including renewables and nuclear
Energy technology innovation
Investments and markets
Regulation and policy making
Leadership and management issues
Clients appreciate Nicholas’s abilities to deliver energy writing that examines complex trends, drivers and issues affecting investment markets, trading, policies, risks, exploration, production and distribution issues in energy resources.



Gazprom's future in Europe Written on 11 April 2016 by Nicholas Newman Future Russian-owned Gazprom is the EU’s largest foreign supplier of gas accounting for around 30 per cent of Europe’s total gas consumption of 543 bcm (billion cubic metres) in 2013 reports the IEA 2014. Until summer 2014, buoyed by the rising price of gas alongside oil, Gazprom consolidated its market position, with a shopping spree across Europe for assets of energy companies and pipeline construction such as Nordstream, linking Russian gas fields with major European markets such as Germany, Holland and France.


A look at how modern shipping is looking for more green solutions in its efforts to reduce its environmental impact.


This feature takes a look at the efforts of both Baltic States and the EU to solve the energy island problem faced by the Baltic States, as a result of the breakup of the Soviet Union.


Pipeline operators in North America are facing difficult times, this feature takes a look at the impact of some of the market, regulatory and policy issues affecting stakeholders throughout the value chain. As well as an analysis of future prospects.


This feature takes a look at the science behind lubrication and the role it plays in our lives. In addition, examines the latest innovations and market trends affecting the lubrication.


This feature looks at South Africa's decision to begin the process of building a series of new gas powered electric power stations using imported LNG. Plus an investigation of some of the market reasons to opt for gas power and the opportunities for potential investors.



  • Renewables providing a solution to Morocco’s energy headache

    Oxford, United Kingdom Science & Environment April 1 @ 12:00am

    For many African country’s the challenge is finding the necessary capital, expertise and technologies required to develop the power projects of the future that are needed to enable ongoing economic development. One solution, to this funding is inviting the private sector to become active... Read more

  • Oil man blues

    Oxford, United Kingdom Entertainment & Celebrity April 1 @ 12:00am

    Today, a modern energy worker is just as likely to be listening to country music ballads with singers singing such songs as Only So Much Oil In The Ground”, “Roughest Neck Around”, “The Energy Blues” etc., as going to the concert hall or opera in a facilities sponsored by the energy business. This... Read more

  • Robots are taking over oil rigs

    Oxford, United Kingdom Technology April 1 @ 12:00am

    Much is being talked about that the return to higher energy prices, will mean jobs will return in the industry. The crash in oil prices saw a loss of more than 440,000 jobs. However, the lesson that the oil industry has learnt is that it needs to cut costs. One way to do this is to automate, this... Read more

  • Fuel for thought – catch a falling star

    Oxford, United Kingdom Science & Environment April 1 @ 12:00am

    Could space based water be the answer to space craft fuel problems? At present, every ounce of fuel needed to operate a spacecraft has to be lifted up from the earth. This is a very costly exercise. Now the space industry is looking for new sources of fuel in outer space. Around our solar system,... Read more

  • Where there is muck there is money!

    Oxford, United Kingdom Science & Environment April 1 @ 12:00am

    Today, recycling is big business, for instance, countries like Britain and Sweden trade in it. For instance plastic waste containing (laundry detergent, shampoo bottles) could earn a processor a profit of $250 per ton, and with aluminum some $1,325 per ton in profit. The fact is Sweden is so good... Read more

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