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Nick Davies

Swansea, United Kingdom
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About Nick
Nick Davies is a journalist based in Swansea, United Kingdom.

Israeli Nova massacre heroes detained by 'anti-Semitic' staff at Manchester airport return home

26 Mar 2024  |  Mail Online
Israeli brothers Daniel and Neria Sharabi, who heroically acted during the Nova Music Festival attack, were detained and questioned by UK Border Force at Manchester Airport, an incident they perceived as anti-Semitic. They have decided to return to Israel, feeling unsafe in the UK. The incident has been condemned by various figures, including former Attorney-General Sir Michael Ellis and Foreign Office minister Andrew Mitchell. Home Secretary James Cleverley has ordered an investigation. The Sharabi brothers had previously been in New York to raise awareness for hostages taken by Hamas.

Funding winter - fixing the damaging valuation gap in APAC’s ailing Fintech companies

12 Oct 2023  |  lexology.com
APAC's Fintech companies are facing a 'tech funding winter' amid high interest rates and macroeconomic challenges, with some relying on previously raised investments and others undergoing reorganization to attract new capital. Strategies such as cleaning up cap tables, stabilizing partnership deals, eliminating non-performing business lines, and incorporating alternative financing sources like debt and private credit have been employed to help Fintechs survive and potentially thrive. The region has seen a shift from payments to lending, with a focus on specialization over expansion. The long-term impact of these changes may lead to an uptick in valuations as economic conditions improve.

TUC director Antonia Bance and her wife are 'fine' and have patched up their differences after online rant slamming 'selfish' Labour candidate for abandoning her in 'hour of need' by running for MP

05 Oct 2023  |  Mail Online
Antonia Bance, TUC's head of communications, and her wife Charlotte Dawkins have reconciled after a public dispute over Bance's decision to run for MP without consulting Dawkins. Dawkins, grieving her mother's recent death, criticized Bance's candidacy as a 'stitched-up trade union deal' and expressed frustration over being left to manage their household alone. Despite the initial conflict, sources indicate the couple's relationship is now 'fine.' Bance's candidacy is for the newly formed Tipton and Wednesbury seat in the upcoming General Election.

Ammanford duo rejoin national team setup after ACL setbacks- Y Clwb Pêl-droed

03 Aug 2018  |  Y Clwb Pêl-droed
Nia Rees and Ffion Morgan, two youth players from Ammanford, Wales, have returned to the national team after recovering from ACL injuries. Both players have been part of the Wales Women youth teams and suffered their injuries in 2017. Rees was injured during training in February, while Morgan was injured in June. Despite the setbacks, they have now rejoined the Under-19s for a training camp. Morgan, who has three caps for the national team, made her debut against Northern Ireland in 2017. The manager, Jayne Ludlow, is looking to reintegrate Morgan into the squad, and both players are aiming to make the Under-19 squad for the European tournament in Armenia in October.

Payments and lending: trends to convergence in FinTech

01 May 2018  |  lexology.com
Foreign investment in Indonesia's FinTech sector has historically been limited due to infrastructure, regulatory restrictions, and reliance on cash-on-delivery. Since 2016, restrictions have eased, and foreign investors can now acquire significant stakes in Indonesian P2P credit providers and eCommerce businesses. The demand for consumer credit solutions in Indonesia outstrips supply, prompting non-bank financial institutions to facilitate P2P consumer lending. The OJK Regulation has brought clarity to the P2P lending sector, with over 165 FinTech companies operating, but only one has obtained a full license. Foreign ownership in P2P companies is capped at 85%, and foreign-invested P2P lenders must form a PMA Company, facing several investment and operational restrictions. Collaboration with local partners is common, and e-Money and e-Wallet businesses have grown rapidly, with no foreign ownership limits but requiring BI licenses. International investors can succeed by adapting to regulations and partnering with local providers.

Animal trafficking: the $23bn criminal industry policed by a toothless regulator

26 Sep 2016  |  the Guardian
The illegal wildlife trade, valued at $23 billion annually by the UN Environment Programme, is threatening the extinction of species and is linked to organized crime groups. CITES, the global body responsible for regulating this trade, lacks law enforcement capabilities and is ineffective against these criminal networks. The gap in enforcement is partially filled by NGOs and volunteers. The trade's scale is devastating, with thousands of elephants and rhinos poached each year, and the demand is driven by the wealthy elite in Asia. Despite the efforts of international agencies, significant work remains to combat this illegal trade effectively.

The crime family at the centre of Asia's animal trafficking network

26 Sep 2016  |  the Guardian
Nakhon Phanom in north-east Thailand serves as a crucial hub in the global animal trafficking network due to its strategic location. The Bach family, particularly brothers Bach Mai and Bach Van Limh, control this gateway, smuggling wildlife from Africa and Asia into Vietnam and China. The investigation, led by the counter-trafficking organization Freeland, reveals the involvement of three Lao companies—Xeosavang, Vinasakhone, and Vannaseng—in illegal wildlife trade. Despite the arrest of key trafficker Chumlong Lemonthai and the decline of Vixay Keosavang, the trade continues, with the Bachs and other companies still active. The article highlights the ongoing challenges in combating wildlife trafficking and the need for cross-border police action.

Phone hacking: how the police investigation unfolded

02 Jul 2014  |  the Guardian
Operation Weeting, led by Sue Akers, was launched on January 26, 2011, to investigate phone and email hacking, payments to public officials, and other illegal activities, primarily involving News International and its entities. The investigation expanded into 12 operations, with 210 people arrested or interviewed. Key figures include Glenn Mulcaire, who hacked phones for News of the World, and Dan Evans, who admitted to hacking for both News of the World and Mirror Group Newspapers. Despite challenges, the investigation led to breakthroughs and multiple arrests, with further trials scheduled. The future of the operations is uncertain after some high-profile acquittals, but investigations continue into various allegations of illegal activities by media outlets.

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