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Nicolette Loizou

Margate, United Kingdom
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About Nicolette
Nicolette Loizou is a journalist based in Margate, United Kingdom. She has written for The Guardian, Independent, Glamour and South China Morning Post amongst many others. She likes writing about food, travel, culture, business and society.
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Where to shop in Zurich for Suitcase magazine.

Get It On

12 Jul 2019  |  www.saga.co.uk
The article discusses various hit songs by Marc Bolan and his band T.Rex, highlighting their impact on music and pop culture. 'Get It On (Bang a Gong)' is noted for its hypnotic beat and a memorable Top of the Pops performance featuring Elton John. '20th Century Boy' is recognized for its iconic riff and gained additional fame through a Levi's commercial with Brad Pitt. 'I Love to Boogie' is mentioned as a dance anthem that gained renewed attention from the film 'Billy Elliot'. 'Ride a White Swan' is described as a dreamy pop song, and 'Metal Guru' is acknowledged for its sing-along quality and possible religious undertones. The article also briefly mentions the influence of 'Metal Guru' on The Smiths' song 'Panic'.

Cat ladders: a creative solution for felines in flats – in pictures

14 Feb 2019  |  www.theguardian.com
The article discusses the agility and climbing abilities of cats, particularly noting the thousands of stray cats in Istanbul that navigate the city's structures without any need for human assistance. The author, Schuster, observes that these cats are adept at climbing various urban elements such as canopies, balconies, windowsills, walls, beams, and trees, allowing them to reach almost any destination. The article includes a photograph from Photosampler/Alamy to illustrate the point.


26 Sep 2010  |  South China Morning Post
Helsinki, Finland, recognized as the World Design Capital of 2012, is celebrated for its contemporary and minimalist design. The city is home to various design stores such as Viva Design, Aero, Eiring, Iittala, Martela, and Aarikka, each offering unique and high-quality products ranging from handcrafted rugs and quirky chairs to stylish kitchen gear and elegant accessories. The article highlights the contributions of legendary Finnish craftsman Ilmari Tapiovaara and emphasizes the blend of traditional and sustainable design elements in Helsinki's design scene.

San Francisco

11 Jul 2010  |  South China Morning Post
San Francisco's Spanish influences and relaxed lifestyle are reflected in its local design and decor offerings. The San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design, Crate and Barrel, Zinc Details, Gump's, and Peace Industry are highlighted for their unique and culturally influenced products, ranging from bookends and vases to rugs and furniture. The items mentioned are indicative of the city's eclectic style, blending modern with traditional and Eastern with Western influences.


06 Jun 2010  |  South China Morning Post
Montreal's European influence is evident in its appreciation for design, reflected in various stores throughout the city. Bonaldo offers unique spiky lamps and stackable chairs, while Arthur Quentin caters to culinary enthusiasts with items like citron presses and cheese boards. Wine aficionados can find all they need at 12 Degrees en Cave. Zone Maison showcases modern designs with items like the Paris chair and Bistro green toaster. Domison promotes local talent and minimalist design, featuring the Origami shelf and Chicago sofa. Eurostyle Furniture provides a vast selection, including a Swarovski chandelier. L'Empreinte Co-operative emphasizes handcrafted goods, such as pewter oil lamps and stationery boxes, all showcasing Montreal's artisanal quality.

Bright sparks

09 Apr 2010  |  South China Morning Post
The MiArt International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art showcased vibrant creations by artists like Patrick Hughes and Paola Pezzi. Ralli Design, led by siblings Louis and Sophie Howe, embraced traditional wood in their designs, reflecting a trend at Milan's Salone furniture fair. Their Flip Chair and Stepping Stool exemplify multifunctionality and space efficiency. Luca Nichetto's designs, including the Plinto and Alle chair, blend practicality with a lived-in aesthetic. Christopher Guy's chair and cocktail cabinet bring a touch of Hollywood glamour to home decor. Rolf Sachs' armchair, inspired by notable artists, signifies a shift towards embracing imperfections and conceptual design. The Salone fair continues to set design trends, moving into a post-recession era with a more relaxed approach.


28 Feb 2010  |  South China Morning Post
Dublin, the capital of Ireland, showcases a blend of man-made beauty and design. Notable stores include Duff Tisdall, offering handmade, locally produced furniture and accessories, and World Design, inspired by African artistry. Christy Bird features vintage Guinness-themed items, while Kilkenny provides a range of drinkware. Kitchen Complements offers stylish drinking accessories, and Home Couture focuses on high-end furniture. Charles Furniture stands out with unique and modern pieces.

Chequered love

12 Feb 2010  |  South China Morning Post
The resurgence of pop art in interior design offers a bright spot amid economic uncertainty, with comic strips and sailor motifs on furniture and fabrics. Cult Italian comic artist Guido Crepax's work adorns Ennezero's furniture, while Cecil Beaton's vibrant designs provide a cheerful lift. Cubic furniture and monochromatic pieces like Moooi's Chess Table and Dome lamp reflect the era's bold aesthetics. The Flower Power sofa by Quirico exemplifies the era's floral themes. Roger Barnard suggests incorporating pop art elements through cushions, wallpaper, or blinds to avoid overwhelming interiors.

Material gains

15 Jan 2010  |  South China Morning Post
Designers are innovating in the realm of upholstery, moving beyond traditional fabrics to include silks, velvets, and even vintage textiles. Contrasts Galleries features a chair inspired by designer handbags, while Studio Makkink & Bey's Cleaning Beauty Cabinet elevates the concept of a cleaning cabinet with luxurious Chinese silk. London-based Lee Broom repurposes Persian rugs for furniture, and Squint incorporates vintage coverings and textiles with history. Upholstery's tactile appeal is recognized by hotels like the W, and Corita Rose offers products that evoke travel and foreign cultures. Despite the challenge of sourcing vintage textiles, upholstery, whether modern or retro, is expected to remain popular.

Enter the fold

20 Nov 2009  |  South China Morning Post
Origami-inspired designs are gaining traction in the design world, with architects and designers incorporating intricate folds and shapes into their works. Notable figures like Frank Gehry and Herzog & de Meuron have explored this trend, while designers such as Lee Walsh, Adam Kay, Michael Young, and Tom Lovegrove have created innovative and functional pieces. These designs, ranging from furniture to lampshades, showcase the elegance and practicality of folds, offering a unique and timeless aesthetic.

Rough it up

13 Nov 2009  |  South China Morning Post
Designers globally are embracing the beauty of imperfection, showcasing rough, unfinished aesthetics in their work. Xie Dong's ceramics, Piet Hein Eek's furniture, and Bokja's reinterpretation of Arne Jacobsen's Egg Chair exemplify this trend. Designers like Rabih Hage and Patrice Gruffaz are challenging the standardization of luxury, promoting uniqueness and authenticity. The Rough Luxe hotel in London epitomizes this rough luxury, blending the raw with the refined to critical acclaim.

Well, hello Dali

18 Oct 2009  |  South China Morning Post
The article explores the works of various contemporary designers who draw inspiration from surrealism, a movement popularized by Salvador Dali. It highlights the unique and extraordinary designs of Ikuko Iwamoto, Erwin Zwiers, Danful Yang, Tao Xue, Kim Klelund, and Hiroshi Kawano, noting their innovative approaches and the impact of their creations on modern art and design. The text underscores the enduring influence of surrealism in challenging conventional perceptions and fostering creativity.

It's faux real

19 Jun 2009  |  South China Morning Post
Trompe-l'oeil has evolved with 21st-century artistry and technical innovations, requiring great skill and attention to detail. Surface View offers digital blow-ups of documents and artworks, transforming them into prints and blinds that bring nature into homes. Deborah Bowness and Ella Doran, both London-based artists, use trompe-l'oeil to celebrate everyday objects and nature, respectively. De Ferranti specializes in creating optical illusions with flooring, using a variety of materials and geometric designs. These modern interpretations of trompe-l'oeil allow for significant changes in home decor without extensive effort or expense.

How to put the kids in their space

01 Jun 2009  |  South China Morning Post
Designers are increasingly recognizing the need for children's furniture that combines form, function, and style. Danish designer Jelte van Geest's Grand Chair promotes family bonding, while Australian Sally Dominguez's The Nest high chair is both stylish and practical. South Korean designer Sehwan Oh creates lighting to aid children's reading, and the Italian collective PLAY+ focuses on eco-friendly, fun designs for various environments. Magis Design's range includes imaginative pieces like Javier Mariscal's geometric cat chairs and Eero Aarnio's adjustable Trioli chairs. The emphasis on multifunctional and playful designs highlights the importance of stimulating children's creativity and development.

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