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Niki Papadogiannakis

Brussel, Belgium
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About Niki
Niki is a Brussels-based freelance journalist, who is currently a candidate for a MA in International Migration at the University of Kent Brussels School of International Studies. Her interests lie most directly with migrant issues, immigration, refugees, integration and human trafficking. 

From 2015 to the end of 2017, Niki worked as part of the Media Resource Team (MRT) at Voice of America, an international media organization that broadcasts to over 40 countries. In that position, she worked with editors, writers and reporters to provide them with the video and transcriptions of live breaking news political events. She also contributed video, multimedia and text reports in addition to her daily duties with the MRT. In her last six months on the MRT, she was promoted to Team Lead where she played a role in assigning events, coordinating with the editors and supervisors, and trained new hires.
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Cartoonists' Paradise

04 Apr 2024
During the election, cartoonists have extensively satirized both Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, focusing on their scandals, public personas, and high unfavorability ratings. Trump's exaggerated speech and physical traits, such as his orange-tinted skin and blond hair, present a challenge for cartoonists to portray him in original ways, often resulting in depictions as a bully or even as historical and fictional villains. Clinton's past controversies, including her email scandal, have also been fodder for satirical representation, emphasizing the public's weariness with the election.

Pumpkins, squash, beets and collard greens are just a few of the more than 50 different crops that Garner's Produce in Virginia grows and sells at farmers markets about two hours away in Washington, D.C. At a small soup shop in the northwest section of the District of Columbia, cooks are chopping Garner's fresh squash and sweet potatoes for Soupergirl! vegan and kosher soups.

11 Jun 2018

The U.S. presidential candidates are at the center of not only every news cycle, but are also in the crosshairs for political cartoonists, in the U.S. and around the world. Every physical characteristic and personality trait of the candidates is a potential subject for satire from Donald Trump's yellow-orange hair to Hillary Clinton's pantsuits. Niki Papadogiannakis and William Gallo spoke to some American cartoonists about how this is a great election year for cartoons.

In the two years since he came to Washington, D.C., Carlos Carmonamedina has created almost 100 postcards of everyday scenes in the nation’s capital. Many have DC landmarks in the background, like the White House, the Capitol and the Washington Monument, but all give a taste of what life in D.C. is like. Niki Papadogiannakis spoke to Carlos about why he documents D.C.

Faced with the Trump administration's promised crackdown on immigration, faith communities around the country are answering a new call: what they see as their moral imperative to help undocumented immigrants in their communities who face deportation. Niki Papadogiannakis spoke to faith leaders and activists who recently launched a network of sanctuary congregations in Washington.

Visual art and performing music studio loses its affordable space in one of Washington, D.C.'s most rapidly developing neighborhoods. Union Arts D.C. co-founder Luke Stewart discusses their struggle to retain artist-run spaces and the arts community in the nation's capital.

26 May 2016

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