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Kathmandu, Nepal

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Nishant Singh Gurung

I am currently working as a photo journalist in one of Kathmandu’s leading English dailies, The Himalayan Times. I am also a contributing journalist for the Zenger News, USA and correspondent for IHA News Agency, Istanbul, Turkey.  It gives me immense joy when I capture a story on development, interview people who have changed lives, feature new entrepreneurs and the initiatives of people to expand the local product market or simply just focusing on day to day news. Working as a photo journalist has made me love photography more than ever and made me realize how important photography is in order to bring about change.

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Nepal eases its nationwide lockdown but the cases of Covid-19 have surpassed 10,000 with an alarming rate of 400 cases on an average everyday.


Police use water cannons and tear gas to break up Nepal pandemic protest.


Youth of Kathmandu staged a demonstration outside the Prime Minister’s residence on June 3, 2020 against the Government’s negligence in handling the Covid-19 pandemic.


A woman giving finishing touches to a thanka at a local shop, in Bhaktapur, on Saturday, February 1, 2020.


A health worker wearing a Personal Protective Equipment, measuring the temperature of a visitor at the entrance of Kathmandu Medical Hospital, in Kathmandu, on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.


All my works published as photo journalist and a freelancer are available in my portfolio.



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