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Nunzio Russo

Naples, Italy
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About Nunzio
I am a photo reporter based in Naples, Italy. I speak Italian and English. Some of my Photos have been published on Euronews, Hyphen and The Guardian. I am available to travel if necessary.

Napoli prepares to lift Serie A football title - and the entire city is already celebrating

12 Apr 2024  |  wetheitalians.com
Napoli is on the brink of winning their first Serie A title since Diego Maradona's era over 30 years ago. The city is already celebrating with decorations and merchandise, as the team stands just a few points away from clinching the championship.

Celebration in Naples as Serie A title returns 30 years after

01 May 2023  |  guardian.ng
Napoli is on the verge of securing their first Serie A title in over 30 years, a victory that holds deep emotional and social significance for the city of Naples. The article highlights the city's anticipation, the historical impact of Diego Maradona, and the current team's strong performance under coach Luciano Spalletti. The win is seen as a form of social vindication against long-standing regional inequalities between northern and southern Italy.

Napoli on the Verge of Historic Serie A Victory Amidst City-Wide Celebrations

28 Apr 2023  |  euronews
Napoli is on the brink of winning the Serie A title, an achievement they haven't reached since Diego Maradona's era over 30 years ago. The city of Naples is already celebrating with decorations, merchandise, and tributes to both current players and Maradona. The team's success is seen not just as a sporting victory but also as a social statement against the historical prejudices faced by the south of Italy from the north. Napoli's potential win is attributed to the team's consistency and the leadership of coach Luciano Spalletti, rather than reliance on a single star player like Maradona. The city is eagerly awaiting the final matches, which could confirm Napoli's championship if they win against Salernitana and if Lazio fails to beat Inter Milan.

Poland's Jewish community mobilises to help Ukrainian refugees

30 Mar 2023  |  euronews
The article by Savin Mattozzi focuses on the response of Poland's Jewish community to the influx of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Alina Sobczak, a pediatric emergency doctor in Krakow, immediately offered her home to host refugees when asked, eventually taking in 17 people. The article recounts Sobczak's family history of displacement and how it has influenced her willingness to help. Jonathan Ornstein, the executive director of the Jewish Community Center of Krakow, has also been proactive in assisting refugees by turning the center into a donation and information hub. The article touches on the Polish government's criticized response to refugees from non-European countries and the fear among Poles that they might also have to flee due to Russian threats. Sobczak's house remains open to refugees, but she harbors concerns about the future and the possibility of having to seek refuge herself.

‘You should gaze at your bins in horror’: the massive crime scandal behind the UK’s rubbish

23 Jan 2023  |  www.theguardian.com
The article discusses 'Buried,' a BBC podcast that investigates the infiltration of organized crime into the UK's waste disposal industry, leading to illegal dumping of waste. The podcast, produced by Dan Ashby and Lucy Taylor, begins with a deathbed confession about the illegal dumping of waste in Northern Ireland and expands to reveal a widespread environmental scandal. The Mobuoy Road site, one of Europe's largest illegal waste dumps, is a focal point, with its cleanup estimated to cost £100m. The investigation uncovers government failings and possible cover-ups, as well as the broader issue of illegal waste sites across the UK. The podcast also explores the 'ecomafia' in Italy, drawing parallels and raising concerns about the potential for similar problems in the UK. The article emphasizes the environmental and health risks associated with illegal waste dumping and the challenges faced by agencies in combating this crime.

The hidden mosques of Naples

13 Jun 2022  |  Hyphen
In Naples, a city with a growing Muslim population, the lack of a central mosque has led to the emergence of informal places of worship in diverse locations such as former garages and abandoned warehouses. The article highlights the experiences of the Muslim community, particularly during large gatherings like Eid al-Fitr, and the challenges they face in establishing official places of worship due to bureaucratic hurdles. It also touches on the economic conditions of Naples and the integration of Muslim immigrants into the local culture. The Islamic Federation of Campania and the Bangladeshi Islamic Cultural Association are mentioned as key organizations within the Muslim community. The piece reflects on the changing demographics and the adaptation of the Muslim community within the Neapolitan context.

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