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Núria Vilcom

Núria Vilcom (b. 1992) is an independent journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Barcelona whose work focuses mainly on topics related with resilience, conflicts, inequalities and human rights, especially linked with the Middle East region.

Soon after finishing her university studies in Journalism she started working in 2015 as a freelance correspondent in Turkey, Jordan, Palestine-Israel, Kurdistan, Bulgaria, Greece, Morocco and the Turkish-Syrian border.

During these years, she has covered the rise of ISIS and its origins, the aftermath of the 2016 coup attempt in Turkey, the ongoing violence in West Bank territories or the spread of COVID-19 pandemic from Spain, among other issues.

She works mainly as a videojournalist with international media, such as Al Jazeera, China Plus News, Euronews, TRT World or the news agency Ruptly. Also she has collaborated with La Vanguardia, El Confidencial, Zenger News, Betevé, ABC, ARA newspaper, GARA, CTXT, El Salto Diario, El Punt Avui, Mediterráneo Sur (M'Sur), Crític, La Directa, Luzes Magazine, Infobae and Brecha Magazine.

Nowadays she is based in Barcelona, where she splits her time between making video reports for international media and developing her own documentary film projects, often with the association of journalism Fora de Quadre. She focuses mostly on the direction, production and scriptwriting, but is used also to work on the cinematography and edition.

She owns a full video professional equipment and uses Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. She speaks fluently Catalan, Spanish and English while improves her French and Arabic level.

So far she has created the documentary 'Amazics: una diàspora forçada' with Fora de Quadre, and directed two others called 'SKY. The Weird Syrian Kid' and 'Chari'. Also she has developed a project about civil disobedience and how is considered by media.


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Migrants who arrived in Catalonia coming from Sub-saharan African countries -mostly from Senegal- and that normally work in the street selling products to tourists are working hard these days to manufacture masks, caps and gowns for hospitals.


Reportaje publicado en Al Jazeera Mientras en el Valle de los Caídos se exhuma el cuerpo del dictador Francisco Franco, las familias de caídos republicanos cuyos cuerpos fueron robados en los 50 y 60 por el Gobierno franquista para llenar la cripta hacen todo lo posible por sacarlos de ahí.



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