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Olga Brusylovska

Olga Brusylovska is a journalist based in Odesa, Ukraine.
I have the Diploma on History. Graduated with honors, 1988 (Odesa State University, Ukraine). I has been working at the Odesa National Mechnikov University since 1991. PhD, 1996 (Odesa State University). I defended my Doctoral Thesis (specialty 23.00.04 - Political Problems of International Systems and Global Development) in 2008 (Institute of World Economy and International Relations. Kiev, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences) on the topic “Political-Systemic Transformation in the Region of Eastern Europe. 1989-2004”.). I am a member of Ukrainian Association of Political Sciences, Club of Graduates of East Summer School (Warsaw University), European Sociological Association (ESA), International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), European International Studies Association (EISA), International Political Science Association (IPSA).

Content Writing
Current Affairs

We witnessed the birth of a new version of Russia’s strategy: combination of traditional bomb threat rhetoric with threats of destruction of nuclear power plants on the territory of Ukraine.

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