Olivia Acland

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Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Olivia has worked for:
VOA - Africa Service English to Africa Service, Voice of America

Olivia Acland

Olivia Acland is a journalist based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. She works primarily in print, photography and radio. She has also made 360 videos for Al Jazeera. Her regular outlets include: The Economist, BBC, Al Jazeera. She is featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 media list in 2017.



Why Sierra Leone is running out of fish.


Photo and text piece with testimonies from survivors of the deadly mudslide in Sierra Leone


Radio piece on World Service about the mudslide in Sierra Leone


A photo story of mine about street dancers in Freetown


My photos only - for Reuters on election day in Sierra Leone.


As article about the origins of Creole languages, with a focus on "Krio" - Sierra Leone's lingua franca.

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