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Omar Marques

Kraków, Poland
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About Omar

Omar Marques is a Portuguese freelance photojournalist from the north west of Portugal.

Omar works as a freelance photojournalist for several news agencies on editorial and commercial assignments and has his own studio in Krakow, Poland.

Apart of providing news coverage around Central, Eastern Europe and Balkans, he works in personal long term projects.  Since 2015, he has been working in a long term project regarding the refugee crisis in Europe.

Some of Omar pictures have been published in The Times, The New York Times, CNBC, Foreign Policy, The Guardian, Paris Match, Le Point, Newsweek Poland,  Peninsula Qatar, La Croix among others.

Some of his work has been exhibited in Poland, Portugal and Latvia and in 2017 the first exhibition of his project about the refugee crisis took place in Krakow, Poland on June,2017.

He has presented his work during photography workshops but also during several summer schools (including the ones organised by The Europaeum network based in Oxford, UK, Jagiellonian University in Poland and Sofia University in Bulgaria).
English Spanish Portuguese
Politics Current Affairs Natural Disasters

Legal Complaint Against Venmo Challenges Anti-Muslim Discrimination

21 Jul 2021  |  Truthout
The Council on American-Islamic Relations, New York (CAIR-NY) has filed a discrimination complaint against Venmo on behalf of Shahana Hanif, a Brooklyn native and community organizer, with the New York City Commission on Human Rights. The complaint challenges Venmo's policy of flagging transactions based on terms associated with Islam and Middle Eastern or South Asian descent, which CAIR-NY argues is discriminatory. The article highlights similar discriminatory practices by other financial institutions like Citibank and calls for a more inclusive financial system. The issue has garnered attention from Congress, which has urged financial regulators to address these disparities.

Straight Men Over 50 Charged More for Tinder Plus

13 Aug 2020  |  insidehook.com
An investigation by the Australian consumer advocacy group Choice revealed that Tinder charges straight men over 50 higher rates for its premium service, Tinder Plus, compared to other demographics. The lowest rates were offered to queer female users under 30. Choice has appealed to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to investigate Tinder's compliance with national consumer law. The investigation highlights concerns about Tinder's use of personal data to determine pricing, especially since the company does not disclose this practice in its terms and conditions.

President Trump Proposes Nationwide TikTok Ban

01 Aug 2020  |  www.insidehook.com
President Trump has announced his intention to ban TikTok in the United States, raising concerns among users and prompting discussions about the feasibility and motivations behind such a move. The potential ban has led to speculation about its impact on national security and its possible use as a political tool. TikTok's US General Manager Vanessa Pappas has stated that the company does not plan to leave. The article also highlights the logistical challenges of implementing a network ban in the US.

TikTok Criticized For Contradictory Policy on “Boogaloo” Videos

06 Jun 2020  |  www.insidehook.com
TikTok faces criticism for its handling of videos related to the alt-right Boogaloo movement, which combines Hawaiian shirts with talk of a second Civil War and has been present at recent protests. Media Matters for America's Alex Kaplan highlighted a trend of Boogaloo-related content on TikTok that appears to violate the platform's policies against promoting dangerous organizations. The content in question includes displays of firearms and violent rhetoric. TikTok's response to this issue remains unclear, despite previous inconsistencies in content moderation.

TikTok’s New Community Guidelines Ban ‘Underage Delinquent Behavior’

08 Jan 2020  |  www.insidehook.com
TikTok has introduced a comprehensive new set of Community Guidelines aimed at curbing extreme online behavior and enhancing child safety. The updated rules, effective immediately, cover various online behaviors including harassment, cyberbullying, and hate speech. A significant focus is on banning 'underage delinquent behavior,' such as minors consuming alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, including vaping. Violations will result in content deletion and notifications to users, though specific policy breaches will not be disclosed.

U.K. High Court Blocks Class Action Against Google Over User Privacy

08 Oct 2018  |  fortune.com
The U.K. High Court has blocked a class action lawsuit against Google, which was accused of bypassing iPhone privacy settings to collect user data. The lawsuit, led by Richard Lloyd and the group Google You Owe Us, represented over 4 million iPhone users. The court ruled that while Google's actions were arguably wrongful, they did not cause damage to users. The data collected was allegedly used for Google's DoubleClick service to target ads. Lloyd expressed disappointment, stating the decision leaves consumers without justice, while Google welcomed the dismissal, asserting the claim was without merit.

Tesla Just Lost Another Top Finance Executive

13 Sep 2018  |  fortune.com
Tesla has experienced another high-profile resignation as Justin McAnear, the head of global finance, announced his departure to take a CFO role at another company. This follows a series of recent resignations, including Chief Accounting Officer Dave Morton, Chief Human Resources Officer Gaby Toledano, and Vice President of Communications Sarah O’Brien. McAnear had been with Tesla for three years, previously working at Apple and Johnson & Johnson.

Paczki Are Fat Tuesday Polish Doughnuts Filled with Regional Pride

13 Feb 2018  |  MyRecipes
In the Upper Midwest, particularly in cities with large Polish immigrant populations like Hamtramck, Michigan, Paczki Day is a significant cultural event. Paczki, rich pastries traditionally consumed before Lent, have become a source of regional pride and commercial activity. Local bakeries and even major chains participate in the festivities, which include events like a Paczki Run 5K. Despite demographic shifts in Hamtramck, the tradition endures, embraced by newer immigrant communities who adapt the recipe to fit their cultural practices.

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ALI: Syrian father-of-six heading for Hungary

01 Mar 2017  |  Balkan Insight
The article follows the journey of refugees and migrants, specifically focusing on individuals named Ali, Mustafa, and Muhammad, as they navigate the challenges of seeking asylum and entering Hungary from Serbia. Ali, a Syrian father-of-six, has been living in a transit camp in Subotica, Serbia, and after a long wait, is finally allowed to cross into Hungary, where he will be detained while his asylum application is processed. Mustafa, an Iraqi asylum-seeker, helps others at the Kelebija border crossing and reunites with his family for a meal. Muhammad, a Pakistani migrant, opts for the illegal route with the help of smugglers, facing the risks of being caught and returned to Serbia. The article highlights the harsh realities of the asylum process, the conditions in transit camps, and the desperation that drives people to rely on smugglers. It also touches on the controversial Hungarian law that allows for the detention of asylum seekers and the difficult living conditions faced by those outside the official system.

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