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Omony Denis

Omony Denis is a seasoned journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on a wide range of topics from the Acholi Sub-region in Northern Uganda, including parts of the West Nile region. His career has seen him work with prominent media outlets such as the Daily Monitor publication, Radio King FM, Paidha FM, and for eleven years with 102 Mega FM-Gulu. In addition to his role at Mega FM, Denis also contributes as a freelance journalist to the online publication Kazi-Njema News.

Denis's reporting has been pivotal in shedding light on current affairs and investigative stories within Uganda, particularly focusing on the Nwoya District. He has a keen interest in stories that delve into wildlife, regional sports, religion, culture, and community dynamics, as well as business, education, and health issues. His work often explores the complex interplay between human conflict and societal challenges, such as domestic violence, religious differences, and land disputes.

Throughout his career, Denis has tackled sensitive and critical issues with a deep sense of commitment and journalistic integrity. He has reported on harrowing incidents, including a tragic murder case rooted in a domestic and religious dispute, and the plight of seminarians abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), highlighting the enduring hope for their return. His coverage extends to environmental concerns, exemplified by his stories on the human-wildlife conflict in Nwoya District, where he has documented the struggles of local communities with wildlife encroachment from Murchison Falls National Park. Additionally, Denis has brought to light health and safety incidents, such as suspected poisonings linked to land disputes, demonstrating his dedication to reporting on diverse and pressing regional issues.

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The Ugandan government started the project of fencing off the Murchison Falls National Park boundary in 2020 as part of its intervention to stop wild animals from entering community land.

The suspects are Antoniata Nyakuru, 43, a midwife at the Adumi Health Centre 4, a resident of Barize Cell, Ayivu Division, and Judith Atako, 30, a resident of Ambala Cell, Ayivu Division, both in Arua City, who recovered with the labelled government drugs.

According to a report, Sam Bongomin, 45, killed his now deceased wife, Sunday Amony, 35, accusing her of joining a Pentecostal church against his wishes, where she regularly attended services, thus raising suspicion that she was having an extramarital affair.

It has been 19 years since the LRA rebels attacked the Sacred Heart Seminary Lacor in Akurukwee, Lamogi Sub-county, and Amuru District and kidnapped 41 seminarians. 11 of them remain unaccounted for to this day, despite hope that they may still be alive.

Nine people from the same family were admitted to Anaka General Hospital in the Nwoya District after consuming pot water that was possibly tainted.

It’s a feature focusing on how torture and sexual assault survivors in the Acholi sub-region of northern Uganda are rebuilding their lives after their traumatic experiences. In Uganda, a total of 960 cases of torture were reported in 2020 alone.

Anaka General Hospital, built in the 1960s under Prime Minister Milton Obote, provides emergency care for the surrounding districts of Gulu, Amuru, Omoro, and Oyam as well as parts of  West Nile region.

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