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Orly Halpern

Orly Halpern is a journalist and producer based in Jerusalem, Israel.
Orly Halpern grew up in Orange County, California and Tucson, Arizona. A visit to the Middle East as a teenager enticed her to return as an adult. Since moving to Jerusalem and becoming a journalist, her reporting has focused on the Arab-Israeli conflict. But in 2003 she traveled by a string of taxis to Baghdad where she spent a year living in and reporting from Iraq, serving as Baghdad correspondent of Canada's Globe and Mail. (During that time she and a colleague were kidnapped by insurgents near Falluja, but thanks to her knowledge of Arabic and her familiarity with Arab culture she was able to talk their way free.) Since then she has traveled across the Arab and Muslim world to learn and report on its people and politics.

Today Ms. Halpern continues to report from the region as a freelance journalist. Her reports have appeared in many newspapers and magazines and on radio and television. The outlets include, France24, CBC, US News and World Report, Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, Christian Science Monitor, Ha’aretz, McClatchy Newspapers, Hadassah magazine, and Homemakers (Canada). During the Second Lebanon War she reported for US News and was an analyst on Fox News. She has reported from Africa, including Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Ghana and Egypt and from Afghanistan,  Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, the Palestinian Territories and Israel.



"FIRST PERSON / A dangerous ordeal amid the mayhem of Fallujah / Chronicle correspondent is kidnapped after being fired on" My article in The San Francisco Chronicle recounting being kidnapped by Iraqi rebels near Falluja in 2004.


American Hostage; Negotiate or Not? CNN interviewed me about my own experience being kidnapped in Iraq in 2004 by Iraqi rebels.


"Don't punish a country's progress" Radio news report from Jordan for 'Marketplace' about the so-called G-11 group, a club of lower-middle income countries, which called on rich countries no to turn off the spiget of aid once a poor country shows some progress.


"(Holocaust Historian) Bauer: It Could Happen Here" Article printed in 'Ha'aretz' newspaper. "What we have here between the Israelis and the Palestinians is an armed conflict - if one side becomes stronger there is a chance of genocide," Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer told a group of visiting Danes in Jerusalem last week.


"Israeli Experts Say Middle East Was Safer With Saddam in Iraq" Article printed in "The Forward."


"In Ethiopia, one man's model for a just society" A print and online article in The Christian Science Monitor reported on from a village in Ethiopia. "Zumra Nuru founded a village based on ideals of equality. It's now lauded by leaders of all stripes..."


ISRAEL CLAIMS HOLY SITES, REIGNITES RELIGIOUS FLASHPOINT BY ORLY HALPERN Netanyahu’s decision to declare two holy sites located in the Palestinian Territories and once shared by Jews, Christians, and Muslims “national heritage sites” triggers violence and conflict. READ MORE


"R and R in Qatar" A radio feature for American Public Media about US soldiers, who were serving Iraq and Afghanistan, and got four precious days of R&R at a special base in Qatar.


Orly Halpern reports on tension between Israel and Iran in radio report on RTE.

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