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Osman Habib

A junior Filmmaker and a Broadcast Journalist in Mogadishu Somalia. completed a Multimedia production course. I have also worked as a freelance journalist for local and international media organizations such as TRT World, BBC, and VOA   as a News Producer, Cameraman, Video Editor . Worked for Shabelle TV as a Livestreaming Producer, News producer, and Graphic designer in Mogadishu Somalia. I am actively looking for individuals and organizations that are seeking Media Related Products in Somalia, be it News, Documentaries, Fixer work, and remote Producing, Raw Footage, and interviews for their production work in Mogadishu, and the rest of the horn of Africa region. I recently completed an online course on Mobile Journalism, provided by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism (ICIJNET) that can help me come up with positive Somali story ideas, that showcases the other side of the war-torn country, that most international Organisations rarely get to see. I am ready to take work that will enhance my Media Career Positively.

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The Somali government is calling for greater assistance in the face of a severe drought. This is an audio package I filed for China Plus talking about the Drought crisis and how it affected The Horn of Africa region.


Somalia Diaspora returning to rebuild their country This is a story that I edited for BBC Swahili for the Broadcast Journalist Mohamed Mahmud in Mogadishu Somalia. The story that I edited appeared on the timecodes (20:16 to 22:48 )


First Made in Somalia Car Mohamed Mahmud filed this report from Mogadishu. I edited this story and also helped produce for the Journalist, Mohamed Mahmud in Mogadishu, Somalia. The story that I edited appeared on the following timecodes (13:15 to 15:55


This is a story that i shot and edited about the challenges Somali fishermen without boats face to erk a living by fishing at the dangerous cliffs of Mogadishu's seaport.


This is a story that I shot and edited for a local TV station, Shabelle TV based in Mogadishu Somalia about a blotched attack that targeted a famous Somali Elder with a roadside bomb.


This is a video I shot and edited about a demonstrations in Mogadishu Somalia following the killing of the Hodan district commissioner (one of the 17 Districts of Mogadishu Municipality)

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