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Owen Kibenge

I am  a journalist based in Baltimore, United States of America.  I spent my early childhood on the slopes of mount Kenya where my parents were hiding from the heinous regime of Idi Amin. I learned how to read and write in Luganda, a local language spoken in the central region. Boarding a bus at the end of the school term each year, I spent my vacations grazing my grandfather's cows and acting as a scarecrow in the millet fields.I use my initial training as a priest to build trust among local communities. I layer this ability with skills learned from the evidence and inference class at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism which taught me how to make accurate and precise perceptions of people, places, and issues.  I have mastered narrative nonfiction writing, video production and editing, sound engineering, photography, and I can use these skills to tell compelling stories.


In most parts of Africa when health systems collapse women turn to traditional birth attendants for help.


Grasshopper season in Uganda is a chance to nourish one's body and make truckloads of money.



Radio production sample



A section of a three-part series of a radio documentary featuring Seth Drew, a high school student who was testing an automobile part that assists cars navigate slippery roads in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Demonstrators display placards denouncing the government of President Museveni of Uganda after the Feb 18th, 2016 elections.

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Secret Service officer confronts protesters at the Ugandan Embassy after Feb18th 2016 general elections.

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