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Paolo Morelli

Torino, Italy
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About Paolo
Paolo Morelli is a journalist based in Torino, Italy. He works also as a press officer and started to write for printed and online newspapers 10 years ago.
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More publishers, great guests, and more space: 5 reasons not to miss the next Book Fair

27 Mar 2024  |  torino.corriere.it
The Salone Internazionale del Libro, now directed by Annalena Benini, is expected at Lingotto Fiere from May 9 to 13. The event will feature numerous guests and introduces interesting new features alongside confirmed attractions, making the visit truly unmissable. Among the reasons to attend is a new pavilion dedicated to young people, the 'Padiglione 4', a temporary structure adjacent to Pavilion 3 that will host all activities for children and teenagers, such as the Bookstock Area. It's worth visiting to satisfy the curiosity of seeing the event spaces 'grow'.

What to do in Turin on the weekend from March 22 to 24: between Depeche Mode and Carlo Verdone and the places of Fai

21 Mar 2024  |  torino.corriere.it
In the first weekend of spring, the Inalpi Arena in Turin will host the highly anticipated concert of the English band Depeche Mode, with a ban on plastic. Music will also be present in the markets, and with the arrival of spring, the gardens of the Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano will be open to the public. Carlo Verdone is also mentioned as part of the weekend's events.

Turin, meetings with international 'stars' who visited the city: from Kevin Spacey to Tim Burton

31 Dec 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
Throughout the year, several globally recognized individuals visited Turin, including figures from the film industry such as Kevin Spacey and Tim Burton, as well as Nobel laureates and writers like Bret Easton Ellis and Amitav Ghosh.

PLT Energia is reborn. After the sale to Eni Plenitude, Tortora doubles

30 Dec 2023  |  www.ilrestodelcarlino.it
PLT Energia, led by Pierluigi Tortora, has been revitalized following the sale of its renewable energy production companies PLT and Sef to Eni Plenitude for nearly a billion euros. After a non-compete period, Tortora has established a new energy enterprise with a production capacity more than double that sold to Eni. The company's expansion includes a recent acquisition of a 656-megawatt wind portfolio from Danish company Vestas, and investments in Sicily, Sardinia, Spain's Ourense region, and Texas. The energy sources are well-balanced between solar and wind, with a small percentage dedicated to energy storage. Additionally, the Tortora family is diversifying investments into electric mobility with Green Boy and real estate projects in Switzerland and Dubai. They also support social causes through a foundation based in Cesena.

Still invaded by mud in the countryside

29 Dec 2023  |  ilrestodelcarlino.it
Following the mid-May flood, residents question what could have been done to limit damage and prevent future disasters. The focus is on the Savio river and the Pisciatello stream, which caused significant flooding in Calisese, Case Castagnoli, Ponte Pietra, and Macerone. Sergio Baschetti criticizes the ineffective flood expansion area near the Esquisito bar, which protected farmland but resulted in residential flooding. He notes quick repairs to embankments and concerns about the quality of work, such as the use of sandy soil to support large rocks. Baschetti emphasizes the need for future prevention and riverbed management, fearing that homes near the river may eventually be sacrificed for water flow. He also expresses a desire for more information on prevention and safety activities, rather than a focus on bureaucratic hurdles for reimbursements.

The Piedmontese story of the painting that caused a dispute between Vittorio Sgarbi and Report

22 Dec 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
The article recounts the 2013 theft of a painting from the Castello di Buriasco, which 'Report' claims is now in the possession of Vittorio Sgarbi. Sgarbi, a government undersecretary, asserts that the painting in question is different and is seeking damages.

Sustainable University? In Cesena, photovoltaic panels 'off' for 5 years

17 Dec 2023  |  www.ilrestodelcarlino.it
The University of Bologna has unveiled an ambitious Energy Plan aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions by over 50% and reduce operational costs by 2030, with a significant investment of 60 million euros. The plan includes phasing out diesel and fuel oil plants, replacing traditional lights with LEDs, improving building insulation, and increasing the use of renewable energy through advanced photovoltaic systems and heat pumps. Despite being recognized as Italy's most sustainable university, an investigation revealed that photovoltaic panels installed five years ago at the Cesena campus have never been operational due to administrative delays in connecting them to the grid. The university administration has acknowledged the issue and plans to resolve it soon.

Savio Racetrack Undergoing Renovations: Replacement of Floodlights Begins

16 Nov 2023  |  www.ilrestodelcarlino.it
Renovation work has begun on the lighting system of the Savio Racetrack, initiated by the local administration to enhance safety and reduce electricity consumption by switching to LED lights. The project, undertaken by C. M. Impianti Srl, includes dismantling the old system, installing new metal poles, and updating electrical lines. Hippogroup Cesenate contributes €600,000 to the €1.386 million project, extending their concession of the complex until December 2032. The renovation requires relocating nearly a hundred horses from the stables. Future plans include repairing flood-damaged stables and hosting non-racing events, with Hippogroup Cesenate ensuring compatibility with racing activities.

New Bufalini at risk: 'It's in a flood zone'. The denunciation of the list 'Cesena Siamo Noi'

11 Nov 2023  |  ilrestodelcarlino.it
The political group 'Cesena Siamo Noi', with spokesperson Denis Parise, has raised concerns about the planned construction of the new Bufalini hospital in Cesena, Italy. The site is reportedly on unstable clay-rich soil in a flood-prone area with a high water table and requires the relocation of existing water channels and high-tension electrical conduits. The group cites recent flooding in Tuscany that affected hospitals as a warning and criticizes the project's design, which includes separate blocks for care and technology services connected only by an underground corridor, potentially vulnerable to flooding. They urge a reevaluation of the project for a safer and more sustainable solution.

Five channels to receive compensation: The latest ordinance by Figliuolo admits appurtenances and second homes

05 Nov 2023  |  ilrestodelcarlino.it
In the aftermath of the flood, various compensation channels for affected parties are being outlined. A meeting in Sarsina discussed these measures, highlighting five calls for applications for agricultural companies to receive compensation. These include state and regional funds, as well as an ordinance signed by General Figliuolo, which extends compensation to appurtenances and second homes, previously not covered. The ordinance also allows for reimbursements for self-conducted repairs by farmers and introduces sample checks for damages up to 40,000 euros, with analytical checks for higher amounts. Applications are to be submitted through the Sfinge platform, expected to be available from November 15.

Turin Book Fair, Ernesto Ferrero, historic director and Strega Prize winner, has died. Funeral on Thursday, November 2

31 Oct 2023  |  Corriere della Sera
Ernesto Ferrero, the historic director of the Turin Book Fair and winner of the prestigious Strega Prize in 2000 for his book 'N', has passed away at the age of 85. He lived in the building where the writer Salgari once resided. Ferrero was an editor, writer, and literary critic. The film adaptation of 'N' about Napoleon was directed by Virzì. His funeral will be held on Thursday, November 2.

Fighting priests, the mafia and decay: when San Salvario was the 'black heart' of Turin

30 Oct 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
Piero Soria recounts the history of the San Salvario neighborhood in Turin, describing its past as a hub of crime and decay. The narrative highlights the involvement of fighting priests and the mafia, painting a picture of a troubled area that inspired a thirty-episode radio drama.

Turin, the Bicentennial of the Egyptian Museum. A year of events and a small square for the city

27 Oct 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
The Egyptian Museum in Turin is celebrating its bicentennial with a year of events and the creation of a new public square, Piazza Egizia, where visitors can enjoy a coffee without entering the museum.

Turin, strike at the Teatro Regio. The premiere of 'La Bohème' at risk

19 Oct 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
The Teatro Regio di Torino is heading towards a strike on October 21, the day of the premiere of Giacomo Puccini's 'La Bohème'. The four unions within the opera house - Cgil, Cisl, Uil, and Fials - announced the work stoppage due to a national issue: the failure to renew the national collective contract of the lyrical-symphonic foundations, which has been pending for twenty years. The Regio could become the first Italian theater to strike. The unions have planned a series of strikes affecting the premieres of each Italian theater starting from October 21, to protest against the continuous inequalities and ambiguities in the consideration of the lyrical foundations, which are sometimes public and sometimes private. They are calling for an open and constructive dialogue with the institutions and the category association, Anfols, to reach an agreement.

Savio, lower embankment in Via Pesaro: 'Why hasn't it been raised yet?'

07 Oct 2023  |  Il Resto del Carlino
Nearly three months ago, Paolo Donati, a resident of Cesena and former public administrator from the Ravenna area, raised concerns about a lowered section of the Savio river embankment near Via Pesaro, which had not been raised after a flood. Despite interventions on the right bank upstream of Ponte Vecchio, the left bank near Via Pesaro remains unaddressed. Donati and other local residents are worried about the potential for future flooding, especially with winter approaching. The regional agency for territorial safety and civil protection, represented by Piero Tabellini, acknowledged the issue but mentioned that other areas were also affected and that they are considering aerial surveys to decide on further actions.

Annalena Benini: «Salone del Libro, ora si fa a modo mio. Con sette curatori e una redazione»

06 Oct 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
Annalena Benini, the new director of the Salone del Libro, introduces her team and outlines her vision for the event, emphasizing a fresh approach with seven curators and a dedicated editorial team. The focus will be on arts, cinema, and information, aiming to revitalize the literary festival.

The Amadori War. The Judge Accepts the Sisters' Requests

05 Oct 2023  |  www.ilrestodelcarlino.it
The judge of the Bologna Business Court has accepted the evidentiary requests made by the lawyers of Patrizia and Loretta Amadori in their lawsuit against their brothers Flavio and Denis. The court has ordered the companies Francesco spa and Finama Holding srl to produce documents that the brothers wanted to keep confidential. The case, dubbed 'the Dynasty of chickens,' involves control over a large family business. The next hearing is scheduled for mid-December. The outcome of the civil case and the future of the company remain uncertain, but the court's decision indicates that the sisters' arguments have merit.

Salone del Libro di Torino, rivoluzione Benini: in squadra anche Luciana Littizzetto. Sette consulenti per sette sezioni

05 Oct 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
The Salone del Libro di Torino is undergoing a significant transformation under the leadership of Benini, with the inclusion of notable figures such as Luciana Littizzetto, Alessandro Piperno, Melania Mazzucco, and Francesco Piccolo as consultants for its seven sections. Additionally, Patrick Zaki is expected to participate in a pre-event meeting on October 17.

Comitato alluvionati, si cambia. Giangrandi lascia, sale Mazzotti

04 Oct 2023  |  www.ilrestodelcarlino.it
Marco Giangrandi has stepped down as president of the Comitato Alluvionati e Franati di Cesena e della Valle del Savio to focus on his political campaign with the civic list Cesena Siamo Noi for the upcoming municipal elections. Mauro Mazzotti has been appointed as the new president, with Catia Merenda as vice president and Vincenzo Mastropasqua as coordinator. Giangrandi reflects on the committee's achievements and criticizes the local government's handling of expert involvement in flood-related discussions. The committee continues to play a significant role in uniting citizens and addressing community issues.

Safety will be very expensive. The works will take many years

02 Oct 2023  |  www.ilrestodelcarlino.it
The article discusses the significant interest in flood-related issues in Cesena and Romagna following the severe damage caused in mid-May. The Committee of Flood Victims and local districts are organizing well-attended assemblies. Key figures, including the mayor and regional representatives, addressed the public, discussing ongoing and future safety measures, which will require substantial funding. The article highlights the community's concerns about safety, compensation, and maintenance, with various proposals and responses from officials.

The Cils calendar sells out, after the first 2000 copies another 5000

01 Oct 2023  |  www.ilrestodelcarlino.it
The 2024 Cils calendar, featuring disadvantaged workers alongside local celebrities, has seen high demand with the initial 2000 copies selling out quickly, prompting the printing of an additional 5000 copies. The calendar, distributed for free, marks the 50th anniversary of the Cils cooperative, which has significantly evolved since its inception, now offering a wide range of services. After challenging years due to COVID-19, Cils is expected to balance its budget this year.

Ugo Nespolo signs the lead image for the next Turin Film Festival

29 Sep 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
Ugo Nespolo has created the lead image for the 41st Torino Film Festival, which will run from November 24 to December 2. The artist, who previously presided over the Museo del Cinema, drew inspiration from John Ford's 'The Searchers,' featuring John Wayne and Natalie Wood. The festival will pay tribute to Wayne on the 60th anniversary of 'Donovan’s Reef.' Nespolo's work also includes a nod to Jean-Luc Godard, reflecting the festival's aim to promote both popular and auteur cinema.

The League attacks Christian Greco (Egyptian Museum): 'He must be fired, ideological and racist against Italians'

21 Sep 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
Christian Greco, director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin, is under attack by a member of the League party, Crippa, who accuses him of ideological and racist management against Italians and Christian citizens. The controversy stems from a 2018 incident where Greco offered a discount to Arabic speakers, which Crippa interpreted as favoritism towards Muslim citizens. Crippa, who was previously sued by Greco and won on appeal, is now calling for Greco's dismissal and has appealed to the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, for action. Italian Egyptologists have defended Greco, emphasizing their qualifications to objectively assess his work.

Torna «Portici di carta» il 7 e 8 ottobre. Due chilometri tra Kundera e Calvino

21 Sep 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
The 'Portici di carta' literary festival returns on October 7-8, featuring tributes to Milan Kundera and Italo Calvino. The event includes around 100 activities, 63 bookstores, 68 publishers, and 49 exhibitors. Notable guests include authors and illustrators such as Viola Ardone, Barroux, and Paolo Giordano. Organized by the Circolo dei lettori, the festival also features special sections for children, school libraries, and literary walks. Annalena Benini, director of the Salone del Libro, will present a preview on October 5. The festival celebrates its 16th year, with Rocco Pinto highlighting its growth and diversity.

Turin, 'La Juive' opens the season at the Regio

21 Sep 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
The Regio Theatre in Turin opens its season with the opera 'La Juive.' Mayor Lo Russo attended the event in formal attire, emphasizing the importance of the occasion and honoring the start of the new season.

Museo Egizio, the councilor Marrone against Christian Greco, the mobilization of scholars and politicians: what is happening in Turin

20 Sep 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
Controversy has erupted following statements by councilor Marrone against Christian Greco, the director of Museo Egizio. The situation has prompted mobilization from scholars and politicians, with Minister Sangiuliano being consulted. The conflict highlights tensions within Turin's political and cultural spheres.

Rear and the Royal Residences of Savoy: USB workers reject the agreement, negotiations continue

10 Sep 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
The labor dispute at the Consortium of the Royal Residences of Savoy intensifies as USB workers, a significant union among the employees of cooperatives at the Reggia di Venaria and other locations, reject a draft agreement proposed by Rear, which is set to take over some reception services from Coopculture starting September 12. The refusal is attributed to issues with the hour bank system, which USB finds disadvantageous for employees. Meanwhile, Filcams Cgil welcomed the draft agreement, showing a divide between the two unions. Regional councilor Francesca Frediani of Unione Popolari is preparing an interpellation on the awarding of the contract to Rear, which was decided on June 20, despite a proposed receivership by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy a few weeks prior.

Alba will not be the Italian Capital of Culture: 'But we will create a new cultural model'

24 Mar 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
Carlo Bo, the mayor representing the 88 municipalities of the candidacy, congratulates the winning city L'Aquila but announces that their journey will continue, aiming to build a new cultural model despite not becoming the Italian Capital of Culture.

Smog, in Piemonte migliora la qualità dell'aria (ma preoccupa l'ozono)

15 Mar 2023  |  torino.corriere.it
The air quality in Piedmont has improved, with the region recording the lowest levels of pollutants like PM10, PM2.5, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone since data collection began. Despite these positive results, challenges remain, particularly in urban areas like Turin, Alessandria, and Asti, where traffic continues to cause high pollution levels. Concerns about ozone levels persist, as they remain within limits in only 49 out of 344 stations across Italy. Efforts to reduce pollutants will continue, with more detailed future measurements and significant investments already allocated.

What doesn't add up in the tragedy of Cona

04 Jan 2017  |  Medium
The migrant reception center in Conetta, a district of Cona (Venice), housed in a former military base, has come under scrutiny following the death of Sandrine Bakayoko, a 25-year-old Ivorian woman who died of a pulmonary thromboembolism. Migrants, nearly 1500, protested loudly, blaming the delayed emergency response and poor living conditions. During the first night of protests, 25 operators from the cooperative Edeco, which manages the center, were held until law enforcement intervened. The latest news reports 100 migrants being transferred to other facilities in Emilia Romagna by the Viminale to ease tensions. However, there are inconsistencies in the timeline of Bakayoko's death, the conditions at the center, and the handling of the situation by the cooperative, which is under investigation for alleged mistreatment of migrants and producing false documents. The article raises questions about the adequacy of medical assistance, the overcrowding, and the long wait for asylum documents, suggesting a need for a deeper investigation into the migrants' protests and the cooperative's operations.

L’elezione del nuovo Papa e le controversie sul passato di Bergoglio

14 Mar 2013  |  Paolo Morelli
L'articolo esamina le controversie che circondano l'elezione di Papa Francesco, al secolo Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Viene messo in luce il suo passato di opposizione al kirchnerismo e alle politiche sociali in Argentina, così come le sue posizioni conservatrici contro l'aborto e i matrimoni gay. L'articolo si concentra in particolare sulle accuse di connivenza di Bergoglio con il regime dittatoriale di Videla negli anni '70, citando il lavoro investigativo del giornalista argentino Horacio Verbitsky. Verbitsky sostiene che Bergoglio avrebbe nascosto prigionieri politici e avrebbe avuto un ruolo nell'arresto e nella tortura di due sacerdoti gesuiti. L'articolo discute anche la reazione negativa di gruppi per i diritti umani e LGBTQ+ all'elezione di Bergoglio e presenta diverse prospettive sulla sua figura, rimanendo incerto sulla verità delle accuse.

Disinformare per esistere: la differenza tra vero e veritiero

18 Jan 2012  |  Paolo Morelli
L'articolo analizza la diffusione di notizie e immagini false o non verificate, in particolare quelle relative a presunti abusi commessi da soldati statunitensi nella prigione di Abu Ghraib in Iraq. Viene esaminata la provenienza di alcune foto incriminate, che sono state diffuse da vari siti web, tra cui express-news.it, noto per la pubblicazione di bufale. L'autore utilizza Google Translate e un motore di ricerca cinese per indagare la veridicità delle immagini e scopre che molte di esse provengono da fonti non affidabili o sono state manipolate per scopi ideologici. Viene citato il caso di Wayne Madsen, un giornalista che ha diffuso foto false di abusi, che in realtà provenivano da un sito pornografico. L'articolo mette in luce la difficoltà di distinguere tra notizie vere e veritiere in un'epoca di disinformazione diffusa.

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