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Patricia Cordell

Patricia Cordell is a journalist based in Be'er Sheva, Israel, with 22 years experience as a hard news and professional-sports still photographer on staff at major metro newspapers and magazines in the U.S.   Patty has a Master's Degree in Multimedia Journalism specializing in the Palestine- Israel conflict and a BA in political science. She recently added broadcast TV and audio to her award-winning still photography and writing skills.  Patty is prepared to travel anywhere to cover the story.


A fascinating June interview with the world's pre-eminent forensic psychiatrist and reigning authority on serial and mass murder. Dr. Park Dietz, founder of THREAT ASSESSMENT GROUP and PARK DIETZ & ASSOCIATES, explains the characteristics shared by mass killers and why they act out pseudo-commando attacks ever since Charles Whitman in Texas in 1966, venting their rage and pain on others. The media have perpetuated this mass murder fad by, in effect, making celebrities of the killers. Dietz suggests a list of "Best Practices" for the news media which would end nearly 50 years of pseudo-commando rampages.

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