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Patricia Figueiredo

London, United Kingdom
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About Patricia
I'm a Brazilian freelance journalist currently based in London and a scholarship holder at the Erasmus Mundus Master's program in Journalism, Media and Globalisation. Recently I have had bylines at Euronews, Climate Home News, Next City, Agência Pública, InfoAmazonia and Folha de S. Paulo, among others. As a reporter, I was an Earth Journalism Network (EJN) fellow in 2022 and 2023, and a Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) fellow in 2017.

Before going freelance I was a staff reporter at G1, Brazil's largest news website, covering everything from hard-news to investigative stories about environment, health and cities. One of the pieces I produced there, about abortion rights, was awarded the Claudio Weber Abramo Data Journalism prize in 2022. I also worked as a misinformation reporter at Agência Pública, an award-winning investigative journalism newsroom where I've covered local and national elections.
Climate Change

Secondary school in Seia suspends classes after student's death

12 Jan 2024  |  SIC Notícias
Classes at the secondary school in Seia are suspended following the death of a 16-year-old student who collided with a glass door and succumbed to her injuries en route to the hospital. The incident has highlighted the school's poor conditions, which have been flagged for urgent repairs. The local municipality has submitted improvement projects multiple times, with the latest proposal seeking funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan, estimated to cost around seven million euros. The Polícia Judiciária is investigating the circumstances of the incident.

Project that provides psychosocial support to villages in Serra da Estrela affected by the 2022 fires

07 Jan 2024  |  SIC Notícias
In Covilhã, an association is developing a psychosocial support project for populations of localities affected by the 2022 Serra da Estrela fire. The project, named 'MentAldeias', aims to improve mental health, especially among the elderly. It has been over two years since the fire, and the difficult experiences still haunt the residents. The psychologist works with a group of residents from the parish of Orjais to help them cope with these memories. The support is delivered by a multidisciplinary team and includes various psychosocial development and well-being activities across six localities, occurring weekly for a year, which may not be sufficient but is currently possible.

It's always an adventure: families have fun in the first snow of the year in Serra da Estrela

06 Jan 2024  |  SIC Notícias
The first snow of the year in Serra da Estrela has attracted families and tourists, who are enjoying the snowy landscape. Despite the snow not being as heavy as in previous years, it is enough to cover the highest point of the mountain. All access routes are open, though caution is advised due to icy roads.

Residents of Fundão village take to the streets to sing the 'janeiras'

01 Jan 2024  |  SIC Notícias
In the village of Alcaide, located in the municipality of Fundão, residents uphold the tradition of singing 'janeiras' on the last night of the year. Despite the cold, both locals and visitors gather to participate in this revived custom, which includes singing through the streets, stopping for food and drink, and sharing homemade delicacies. The event has grown over the past seven years, attracting multiple generations and entertaining tourists.

Singing the January songs in Alcaide, where the strength of tradition prevails

31 Dec 2023  |  SIC Notícias
In Alcaide, a village in the municipality of Fundão, Portugal, the tradition of singing the January songs remains strong, overcoming the cold night and bringing together not only locals but also visitors. The event includes customary stops throughout the village streets, where food and drink are plentiful.

Village of Covilhã maintains New Year's traditions

30 Dec 2023  |  sicnoticias.pt
As the New Year's celebration approaches, traditional dishes are being prepared in the villages of Portugal's interior. In Sobral de São Miguel, Covilhã, the community oven is still in use, where Maria da Conceição Paiva, with her long-standing experience, prepares the typical cod dish 'pica de bacalhau' with extra help. The tradition thrives through those who forgo modern manufacturing techniques, and the community oven serves as a place for reunion and learning. The festive days in this village emphasize traditional gastronomy and sharing, ensuring that no one goes hungry.

Imagination in the mix of flavors is the challenge of the Tibórnia Festival in Fundão

17 Dec 2023  |  SIC Notícias
The Tibórnia Festival in Fundão features various restaurants serving special dishes with olive oil. At a restaurant in Alcaide, traditional local products like mushrooms and olive oil are combined to create tibórnia, a specialty of the Cova da Beira region. The local olive growers' cooperative is currently packaging olive oil from 2,800 producers.

Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs) as Enhancers of Everolimus and Radiotherapy Sensitivity on Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma

28 Nov 2023  |  MDPI
Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) have shown potential in enhancing the effectiveness of Everolimus and radiotherapy in treating clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC). The study demonstrated that AgNPs induce cytotoxicity in ccRCC cells by increasing reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, depolarizing mitochondrial membranes, and causing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. When combined with Everolimus, AgNPs further reduced cell viability and proliferation. Additionally, AgNPs sensitized ccRCC cells to radiotherapy, overcoming their intrinsic resistance. These findings suggest that AgNPs could be a valuable addition to ccRCC treatment regimens, potentially improving patient outcomes.

Portuguese film wins best tourism film in the world

26 Nov 2023  |  sicnoticias.pt
The Portuguese film 'Alma de Lã', shot in an old wool factory in Covilhã, was named the best tourism film in the world. It was evaluated by ten different juries at major festivals over a year and won the top award in the services category in Valencia. Telmo Martins sourced the material from New Hand Lab, a creative lab in the same location. Francisco, who inherited the factory, transformed it into an artistic space. At the Valencia festival, the Covilhã team also won third prize for 'A um palmo do céu', filmed in Pampilhosa da Serra, Góis, and Arganil. Three more Portuguese films were recognized: 'Remote Workers in Cascais' took second place in the city category, 'Our Story in Every Bottle' about Quinta da Pacheca in Lamego ranked third in tourist services, and 'Monção Leaves a Mark' by director Leonel Vieira won the audience choice.

Invasion of Pine Trees in the Dunes of Florianópolis Worsens Climate Change Effects on the Island

01 Nov 2023  |  Acessa.com
Efforts to remove invasive pine trees from the dunes of Florianópolis are crucial for protecting the island from the adverse effects of climate change. Led by UFSC professor Michele Dechoum and supported by community volunteers, these actions aim to preserve the native restinga vegetation, which serves as a natural barrier against coastal erosion and extreme weather events. Despite governmental initiatives and regulations, much of the work falls on citizens due to insufficient funding and delays. The invasive species, introduced in the 1960s, continue to pose significant environmental challenges, necessitating ongoing community and institutional efforts.

Invasion of pine trees in the dunes of Florianópolis worsens the effects of climate change on the island

01 Nov 2023  |  www1.folha.uol.com.br
Efforts to remove invasive pine trees from the dunes of Florianópolis aim to protect the region from the adverse effects of climate change. Led by UFSC professor Michele Dechoum and engineer Silvia Ziller, these community actions have removed over 420,000 trees since 2010. The invasive species threaten the native vegetation, which serves as a crucial barrier against coastal erosion and extreme weather events. Despite the importance of these efforts, government support and funding remain limited, with much of the work falling to volunteers. The article highlights the ongoing challenges and the need for greater public and governmental involvement in environmental conservation.

International Debit Cards: Wise, Nomad, Inter, C6, and BS2

01 Oct 2023  |  Viagem e Turismo
The article discusses the growing trend of using international debit cards among Brazilians, highlighting the benefits of lower IOF rates and more favorable exchange rates compared to credit cards. It reviews five main providers: Wise, Nomad, Inter, C6, and BS2, detailing their advantages and disadvantages. Wise is praised for its low costs and variety of currencies, Nomad for its VIP lounge and security, Inter for its automatic conversion and free card issuance, C6 for offering both dollar and euro accounts despite some fees, and BS2 for not requiring bank membership but having higher costs. The article also addresses potential issues users might face and provides solutions.

Backpacker Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Become One

01 Oct 2023  |  Terra
The article provides a comprehensive guide for aspiring backpackers, emphasizing budget travel and practical tips for planning and executing a successful trip. It covers essential aspects such as setting priorities, balancing expenses, choosing the best times to travel, and making reservations in advance. The guide also explores various accommodation options, including hostels, couchsurfing, camping, and shared accommodations like Airbnb. Additionally, it offers advice on transportation methods, safety tips, and health precautions, ensuring a well-rounded and informative resource for budget-conscious travelers.

Learn to identify which herbal products bring health benefits

01 Oct 2023  |  saude.abril.com.br
Herbal products, often marketed as natural remedies, can pose significant health risks if not properly regulated. The Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (Anvisa) emphasizes the importance of verifying product registration to avoid unregulated and potentially harmful substances. Experts from the Sociedade Brasileira de Hepatologia and Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein highlight the dangers of unregulated herbal products, particularly their impact on the liver and potential to cause severe health issues like fulminant hepatitis. Consumers are advised to consult healthcare professionals and ensure products are Anvisa-approved to mitigate risks.

Internet on mobile abroad: roaming, prepaid SIM, e-SIM

01 Oct 2023  |  Terra
Having internet on a mobile phone while traveling abroad is increasingly essential. Options include international roaming, local prepaid SIM cards, and the newer e-SIM technology. Roaming has become more affordable with some Brazilian operators offering inclusive plans, though it may require a long-term commitment. Local prepaid SIM cards are a cost-effective option, especially in Europe where roaming is free within the EU. International prepaid SIMs and e-SIMs offer convenience and support in Portuguese, with e-SIMs being suitable for modern smartphones and allowing digital setup without physical SIM cards. Each option has its pros and cons, depending on the traveler's needs and destination.

Diabetes medication used for weight loss has adverse side effects

01 Oct 2023  |  saude.abril.com.br
The article discusses the use of the diabetes medication Ozempic for weight loss, highlighting both its effectiveness and adverse side effects. Caroline Tchakerian shares her personal experience with the medication, noting significant weight loss but also severe side effects like nausea and stomach pain. Medical experts, including endocrinologist Paulo Rosenbaum, emphasize the importance of medical supervision when using Ozempic, as improper use can lead to serious health risks. The article also mentions the growing popularity of Ozempic in Brazil, the United States, and Australia, leading to shortages for diabetic patients. Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer, and other medical professionals provide guidelines to minimize side effects, such as dose escalation and dietary adjustments. The article concludes by discussing the potential for weight regain if the medication is discontinued without lifestyle changes.

Brazil government eyes Amazon Fund to pay for controversial road

26 Sep 2023  |  climatechangenews.com
Brazil's Ministry of Transportation, led by Renan Filho, plans to use the Amazon Fund to pave BR319, a road through the Amazon rainforest. Environmentalists and fund creators like Tasso Azevedo oppose the plan, arguing it contradicts the fund's purpose of preventing deforestation. The Amazon Fund, with over $1.2 billion for conservation projects, was frozen during Jair Bolsonaro's presidency but revived by President Lula, attracting new international donors. The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) manages the fund and states no road projects have been financed to date. The Ministry claims the project will create the 'most sustainable highway' and aid in deforestation monitoring, but environmentalists and indigenous communities express concerns about the potential for increased deforestation.

Cherovia: a root that is the reason for a festival in Covilhã

23 Sep 2023  |  SIC Notícias
The Festival da Cherovia is taking place this weekend in Covilhã, celebrating the cherovia root, a staple of the region's cuisine. The festival showcases various ways to prepare cherovia, with local producers confirming its quality. The event highlights the root's versatility and its popularity among attendees.

The EU's deforestation law was cheered here. Brazilian experts and farmers are skeptical

31 Aug 2023  |  www.euronews.com
The EU's deforestation law, approved in May, mandates that producers of certain commodities prove their supply chains are free from deforestation. While 78% of Europeans support banning deforestation-linked products, Brazilian experts and farmers express concerns about the financial burden on small-scale producers and the law's limited effectiveness in reducing deforestation. The legislation requires traceability data, including GPS coordinates and satellite photos, with inspections based on country risk levels. Critics argue the law may disproportionately affect small farmers and lead to deforestation leakage in less protected areas. Brazilian officials and industry representatives call for technical support and adjustments to the law to mitigate its social and economic impacts.

EU's Deforestation Law: Enthusiasm in Europe, Concern in Brazil

31 Aug 2023  |  ru.euronews.com
The EU's new deforestation law, approved by the European Parliament, mandates that producers of certain goods provide evidence that their raw materials are not sourced from deforested areas. While the law aims to ensure deforestation-free supply chains, it raises concerns about the financial burden on small businesses, particularly in Brazil. Brazilian officials and experts criticize the law for potentially disadvantaging small producers and question its effectiveness in reducing global deforestation. The law requires detailed traceability, including GPS data, and will be enforced based on the risk level of each country. Brazilian farmers and environmentalists express mixed reactions, with some seeing it as a step in the right direction but others fearing it may not address the root causes of deforestation.

The European Deforestation Law Raises Skepticism in Brazil

31 Aug 2023  |  fr.euronews.com
The European deforestation law, aimed at ensuring supply chains do not contribute to deforestation, has sparked skepticism in Brazil. Small producers fear they lack the resources to comply with the new regulations, which require detailed traceability data. Brazilian officials and agricultural representatives criticize the law for potentially disadvantaging smaller exporters and not effectively addressing deforestation. While some sectors, like coffee, are working on compliance solutions, the overall sentiment is that the law imposes significant burdens, particularly on small and medium-sized producers.

EU Deforestation Law: Enthusiasm in Europe, Concern in Brazil

31 Aug 2023  |  ru.euronews.com
The EU's deforestation law, approved by the European Parliament, mandates producers of beef, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, soy, rubber, coal, paper, and timber to prove their products do not contribute to deforestation. While European consumers prioritize transparency in product sourcing, concerns arise about the law's financial burden on small businesses and its effectiveness in reducing global deforestation. Brazilian farmers must now provide detailed product origin data, including GPS coordinates. Brazil's Minister of Agriculture criticized the law, and experts fear it may only benefit large farmers, potentially harming vulnerable social groups. Brazilian ecologists suggest the law covers protected areas inadequately, risking deforestation in less protected ecosystems. The coffee industry is confident about meeting the law's requirements, but small producers may face new costs.

Internet on the cell phone abroad: roaming, prepaid SIM, e-SIM

05 Jun 2023  |  Terra
Having internet on a cell phone is a necessity for travelers, and there are various options available for staying connected abroad without relying solely on Wi-Fi. Traditional methods like international roaming and local prepaid SIM cards have become more accessible and economical. Newer options include online-purchased international SIM cards delivered to one's home and the e-SIM, a virtual chip compatible with modern smartphones. Each option has its pros and cons, varying by cost, destination country, and trip duration. Major telecom operators like Claro, Vivo, and Tim offer different plans and packages for international roaming. The European Union's rule for free roaming within its member countries has made traveling with a single SIM card more convenient in Europe. International prepaid SIMs and e-SIMs provide alternatives with benefits like customer service in Portuguese and easy setup, with companies like America Chip, EasySim4U, and Airalo being key players.

Internet on mobile abroad: roaming, prepaid SIM, e-SIM

05 Jun 2023  |  Viagem e Turismo
Having internet on mobile devices while traveling abroad is increasingly essential. The article explores various options for staying connected, including international roaming, local prepaid SIM cards, international prepaid SIMs, and the latest e-SIM technology. It discusses the pros and cons of each method, highlighting factors such as cost, convenience, and compatibility with modern smartphones. The article also provides a comparison of major brands and their offerings, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right option based on travel frequency, destination, and personal preferences.

International Debit Cards: Wise, Nomad, Inter, C6, and BS2

23 Mar 2023  |  terra.com.br
Digital banks and fintechs like BS2, C6, Inter, Nomad, and Wise are revolutionizing how Brazilians spend abroad by offering foreign currency debit cards with lower IOF taxes and exchange rates closer to the commercial dollar. These cards offer various benefits, such as avoiding currency exchange houses and planning expenses more accurately. Each service has its own set of advantages and fees, and they generally provide a more economical option compared to credit cards and cash exchanges.

Banning cars on Sundays transformed this major avenue in São Paulo, Brazil, seven days a week. Now locals, originally wary, are asking for more.

03 Mar 2023  |  nextcity.org
In São Paulo, Brazil, the famous Paulista Avenue was closed to cars on Sundays starting in 2016, despite initial resistance from residents and business owners. The move aimed to reduce noise pollution and was feared to decrease sales. However, the car ban, known as Paulista Aberta, has been well-received, with a report showing 86% of store owners favoring the program and noting a positive impact on business. The avenue has transformed into a cultural hub, with new cultural centers like Japan House and Sesc Avenida Paulista, and the Itaú Cultural museum attracting tourists and locals. The street closure has led to increased pedestrian activity and is now considered the city's main tourist attraction. The program's success has led to calls for its expansion to other major streets and times, with 97% of visitors and 71% of residents supporting the initiative. The mayor at the time, Fernando Haddad, faced legal challenges but was vindicated as traffic studies showed minimal impact. The avenue's history and transformation are also discussed, highlighting its evolution from a residential area for coffee farmers to a bustling urban and financial center.

Why are Europeans joining the Amazon Fund?

03 Mar 2023  |  fr.euronews.com
With the departure of Jair Bolsonaro from the Brazilian presidency, there has been renewed European interest in the Amazon Fund, a key tool for investing in the Brazilian Amazon forest projects. Norway and Germany have announced they will resume donations, and countries like France, Switzerland, and the UK are considering support. The fund, primarily financed by Norway, was frozen under Bolsonaro's government but has been re-established by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The fund aims to finance projects for forest preservation and sustainable development, with governance provided by the BNDES. It has funded 102 projects benefiting 207,000 people, mostly Amazon residents. European countries recognize the importance of tropical forests in combating climate change and biodiversity collapse, and the fund's governance allows for measurable project impacts, attracting potential new donors.

Here's why European nations are considering joining the Amazon Fund

03 Mar 2023  |  www.euronews.com
European nations are showing renewed interest in the Amazon Fund following the departure of Jair Bolsonaro and the reinstatement of the fund by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The fund, primarily supported by Norway and Germany, aims to finance projects that preserve the Amazon forest and promote sustainable development. Countries like France, Switzerland, and the UK are considering contributions, motivated by the fund's cost-effectiveness and measurable positive impacts. The fund's governance and pay-for-performance system are highlighted as key factors in its success. The initiative is expected to focus on sustainable development, support for indigenous communities, and combating illegal deforestation.

Use of hypertension medication against baldness divides specialists

14 Feb 2023  |  saude.abril.com.br
Developed in the 1970s for hypertension, minoxidil is also used since the 1980s as a lotion for androgenetic alopecia, known as baldness. A recent controversy arose over its oral use for hair growth, sparked by a New York Times report and differing views from Brazilian medical societies. The Brazilian Society of Trichology (SBTri) contraindicated oral minoxidil for baldness, while the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) defended its use in selected patients. Both societies agree on the risks of self-medication and the importance of medical supervision. Side effects can include heart-related issues and excessive hair growth, but dermatologists argue that low dosages minimize these risks. The debate continues over the safety and efficacy of oral minoxidil for treating baldness.

Hundreds of young people dance for the end of violence in dating

14 Feb 2023  |  SIC Notícias
Students, teachers, and staff from an educational institution in Portugal joined an international campaign that challenges people around the world to move their bodies in a demonstration against violent behavior. The activities were organized to mark Valentine's Day, but the school has been focusing on the issue of dating violence throughout the year.

A Review of Online Classification Performance in Motor Imagery-Based Brain–Computer Interfaces for Stroke Neurorehabilitation

20 Jan 2023  |  MDPI
Motor imagery-based brain–computer interfaces (BCI) show potential for stroke rehabilitation but face challenges in clinical implementation due to low accuracy. This review surveys current and past EEG-based BCI frameworks, focusing on online classification of upper limb movements in healthy volunteers and stroke patients. Findings indicate that traditional machine-learning algorithms outperform recent deep-learning methods, and both patient and healthy subjects exhibit similar classification accuracy. Functional electrical stimulation (FES) yields the best performance among neurofeedback modalities. The study highlights the need for adaptive models tailored to individual patients and suggests future research directions in transfer learning and robust traditional classification methods.

Paralysis of the Amazon Fund weakened agencies like Ibama

01 Dec 2022  |  apublica.org
The Amazon Fund, created in 2009 to reward Brazil for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, was paralyzed in June 2019 by the Ministry of the Environment under Jair Bolsonaro, affecting key agencies like Ibama. The fund, primarily supported by Norway and Germany, is set to be reactivated in January, focusing on reducing deforestation. The paralysis hindered new projects and weakened Ibama's budget, which had relied heavily on the fund. The Supreme Federal Court has mandated the reactivation of the fund's governing structures, and the transition team of President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is negotiating with European countries for renewed contributions. The fund's management by BNDES and the impact of halted projects are also discussed.

The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

18 Nov 2022  |  Terra
European Christmas markets are a long-standing tradition, with the oldest known market, Vienna's Krippenmarkt, dating back to 1298. These markets are not only festive attractions but also celebrations of local cultures, offering unique experiences and regional specialties. Germany is home to many renowned markets, including those in Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Nuremberg, Dresden, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Esslingen, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. France's Alsace region, particularly Strasbourg and Colmar, is famous for its Christmas markets. Austria's Vienna and Salzburg, Switzerland's Lausanne and Zurich, and the Eastern European cities of Prague, Zagreb, Cesky Krumlov, and Budapest also host notable Christmas markets. Scandinavia's Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland offer their own festive experiences. Other notable markets can be found in Amsterdam, London, and Vilnius. These markets are not only shopping destinations but also offer a variety of traditional foods, drinks, and cultural experiences.

The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

01 Nov 2022  |  Viagem e Turismo
European Christmas markets, a tradition since the Middle Ages, are celebrated across Germany, France, and Austria. Highlights include Munich's Marienplatz market, Berlin's Gendarmenmarkt, and Vienna's Rathausplatz. Each market showcases local culture, from Germany's krampus figures to France's flammekueche. These markets offer unique experiences with local foods, crafts, and festive activities, attracting millions of visitors annually.

July in São Paulo city sets record for maximum temperatures and only one day of rain for the first time in history

01 Aug 2022  |  g1.globo.com
July in São Paulo recorded the highest average maximum temperatures and only one day of rain, a first since records began in 1933. The city experienced 47 consecutive days without rain, with only 9.2 millimeters of rainfall, 18% of the monthly average. The Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia noted the highest average maximum temperature of 25.5°C, while the Centro de Gerenciamento de Emergências reported the extended dry spell. Despite the low rainfall, July was not the driest on record. Expert analysis from the Universidade de São Paulo highlighted the unusual weather patterns.

YouTube removes 'home rhinoplasty' video after man who tried to operate on his nose at home is hospitalized in SP

28 Jul 2022  |  g1.globo.com
A man in São Paulo was hospitalized after attempting a home rhinoplasty inspired by internet videos. YouTube removed the video that influenced him and restricted similar content to users over 18. Medical professionals warned against the dangers of such procedures, emphasizing the risks of necrosis, infections, nasal obstruction, and anaphylactic shock. The São Paulo city government confirmed the man received medical and psychological treatment. The Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery provided insights on the complexity of rhinoplasty and its global statistics.

Videos on YouTube show 'homemade rhinoplasty', and doctors point out risks; in SP, man was hospitalized after trying to operate on his nose

28 Jul 2022  |  g1.globo.com
Doctors warn against the dangers of homemade rhinoplasty, which has gained popularity through YouTube videos. A man in São Paulo was hospitalized after attempting the procedure himself, highlighting the severe risks such as infections, necrosis, and even death. The São Paulo City Hall confirmed the incident and emphasized the need for professional medical intervention. The Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery stress that rhinoplasty should only be performed by qualified professionals. YouTube Brazil stated that it is reviewing the reported videos for policy violations.

Disappearance of Congolese priest who worked in the East Zone of SP: see what is known so far

23 Jul 2022  |  g1.globo.com
Quentin Venceslas Kolela, a Congolese priest working at the Parish of São Judas Tadeu in São Paulo, has been missing since July 3. Kolela had reported being harassed by members of his congregation, the Augustinians of the Assumption, due to his foreign status. Despite informing his departure via text and taking most of his belongings, he was reported missing by the congregation's leader. The Archdiocese of São Paulo and the congregation are collaborating with authorities to investigate his disappearance. The community has expressed concern and is actively seeking information on his whereabouts.

Congolese priest reported missing left church in SP due to prejudice from parish priests, according to colleagues

21 Jul 2022  |  g1.globo.com
Wenceslas Kolela, a Congolese priest working at the São Judas Tadeu Parish in São Paulo, left the church citing psychological pressure and prejudice from other parish priests. Despite informing his departure via text and taking most of his belongings, his disappearance was reported by the congregation's leader, who filed a police report. The Congregation of the Augustinians of the Assumption and the Archdiocese of São Paulo have stated they are unaware of the facts surrounding his disappearance. The case is being investigated by the police in Rio de Janeiro, with the São Paulo authorities taking over the investigation. The community has expressed concern and hopes for Kolela's safe return.

MDB leaders from 11 states declare support for Lula in the first round; party president denies split and says convention will officially endorse Tebet

18 Jul 2022  |  g1.globo.com
MDB leaders from 11 states have declared their support for Lula's presidential candidacy in the first round of elections, diverging from the national party president Baleia Rossi's endorsement of Simone Tebet. The announcement was made during a meeting in São Paulo, which included prominent figures such as Eduardo Braga and Renan Calheiros. Despite the internal differences, the group plans to discuss their stance with former president Michel Temer and other party leaders ahead of the official party convention. The PT, along with other left-wing parties, continues to rally support for Lula, emphasizing the need for democratic unity.

From Fiji to Brazil, artisanal fishers demand a voice in environmental debates: 'We are not being heard'

08 Jul 2022  |  g1.globo.com
Artisanal fishers from various countries, including Fiji and Brazil, are demanding greater representation in environmental policy discussions, particularly at the UN Ocean Conference. They argue that their voices are not being heard in the creation of public policies aimed at ocean conservation and the development of the fishing sector. The fishers presented their demands at the conference in Lisbon, highlighting the need for better access to marine resources, dignified working conditions, and genuine participation in decision-making processes. The article also discusses the challenges faced by small-scale fishers, including the impact of climate change and industrial fishing on fish stocks.

Who is the young Dutchman who promises to be able to clean 80% of ocean trash by 2030

01 Jul 2022  |  g1.globo.com
Boyan Slat, a 27-year-old Dutchman and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, aims to remove 80% of ocean plastic by 2030 and 90% by 2040. His initiative, recognized by the United Nations and supported by investors like Coldplay and The Coca-Cola Company, uses innovative systems to collect plastic waste from oceans and rivers. The Ocean Cleanup's efforts include solar-powered interceptors for rivers and advanced ocean cleaning systems. The article underscores the importance of reducing plastic production and highlights the ongoing UN Conference of the Ocean in Lisbon, focusing on marine pollution and sustainable development goals.

Maya Gabeira is named UNESCO ambassador for the ocean: 'the sea is crying for help', warns the surfer

27 Jun 2022  |  g1.globo.com
Maya Gabeira, a Brazilian surfer known for riding giant waves, was named UNESCO's global ambassador for ocean conservation during a UN conference in Lisbon. Gabeira, who set a world record for the largest wave surfed by a woman, emphasized the importance of ocean conservation and the impact of human actions and climate change on marine environments. She aims to use her social media presence and visibility as an athlete to raise awareness about ocean issues. The title was presented by UNESCO's Director-General Audrey Azoulay, and Gabeira expressed her honor and commitment to the role.

Understand what legal abortion is and how it is done in Brazil

10 Jun 2022  |  g1.globo.com
Legal abortion in Brazil is a procedure authorized by law and provided for free by the Unified Health System (SUS). It is allowed in cases of pregnancy resulting from rape, risk to the pregnant woman's life, or diagnosis of fetal anencephaly. Despite being legally recognized for over 80 years, women often face difficulties accessing abortion services, sometimes traveling over 1,000 kilometers for a legal procedure. The article discusses the conditions under which legal abortion is permitted, the process, and the challenges faced by women in exercising this right. It also provides statistics on the number of legal abortions performed in Brazil and highlights the role of the Ministry of Health and the Supreme Federal Court in regulating and legalizing aspects of abortion.

Doctors complain about lack of structure for legal abortion; patient reports prejudice in hospital

10 Jun 2022  |  g1.globo.com
The article discusses the challenges faced by women seeking legal abortions in Brazil, highlighting the lack of preparedness and prejudice among healthcare staff. Despite legal provisions, access to abortion services remains difficult due to inadequate public policies and insufficient training for medical teams. The article features personal accounts, including that of Paula, who faced discrimination during her procedure. Experts like Jefferson Drezett and Débora Britto emphasize the need for better training and support to ensure women receive compassionate and non-judgmental care. The Ministry of Health is criticized for not adequately organizing and supporting legal abortion services.

'It was a pain in the soul,' says woman from the interior of Pará who went to SP to have an abortion after rape; 7 cities concentrate half of the records

09 Jun 2022  |  g1.globo.com
A 33-year-old woman from Pará, identified as Lúcia*, was forced to travel nearly 3,000 kilometers to São Paulo to access a legal abortion after being raped. Despite the sexual relationship starting consensually, her partner removed the condom during intercourse and assaulted her. Her request for an abortion was initially denied in Belém, Pará, leading her to seek help from the NGO Milhas Pela Vida das Mulheres. Data shows that 51.2% of legal abortions in Brazil occur in just seven cities, highlighting the service's inaccessibility for many women. The Ministry of Health's controversial stance and the concentration of services in few cities are criticized, as they limit access to legal abortion, a right guaranteed since 1940.

São Paulo construction company to launch high-end buildings with Daslu luxury brand name after winning auction

08 Jun 2022  |  g1.globo.com
Mitre Realty purchased the rights to the luxury brand Daslu for R$ 10 million at an auction in São Paulo, with plans to use the name for high-end real estate developments. The acquisition aims to strengthen the company's position in the luxury market. However, the use of the Daslu name is pending a legal decision by the TJ-SP due to a dispute over the initial auction value. The auction is part of a legal process to pay off debts from Daslu's bankruptcy. Antônio Carlos Piva de Albuquerque, associated with Daslu's past tax evasion issues, was recently arrested.

Resident who filmed GCM aggression in Cracolândia is intimidated by neighbors: 'They intercommed saying they were going to invade my house'

28 May 2022  |  g1.globo.com
Videojournalist Caio Castor filmed an incident of Guarda Civil Metropolitana (GCM) officers using pepper spray and batons on a woman in Cracolândia, São Paulo, which led to threats against him by local residents. The Secretaria Municipal de Segurança Urbana has suspended the officers and opened an inquiry. São Paulo's mayor, Ricardo Nunes, confirmed the suspension and investigation. Human rights specialist Ariel de Castro Alves labeled the GCM's actions as torture. A separate police operation in Cracolândia involved snipers and armored vehicles. State representative Érica Malunguinho filed a complaint with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, accusing Brazil of violating human rights conventions.

Air pollution in the city of SP has been above WHO recommendations for the past 22 years

26 May 2022  |  g1.globo.com
A study by the Instituto de Energia e Meio Ambiente (Iema) revealed that air quality in São Paulo has exceeded WHO recommendations for the past 22 years. The analysis showed that pollutant levels, including particulate matter, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide, were significantly higher than the recommended limits. The Companhia Ambiental do Estado de São Paulo (Cetesb) acknowledged the issue and mentioned the implementation of stricter parameters. David Tsai from Iema emphasized the need for reducing vehicle emissions and investing in public and active transportation to address the pollution problem.

Young man stabbed during attempted robbery at Trianon-Masp Metro station in SP

25 May 2022  |  G1
A young man was stabbed during an attempted robbery at the Trianon-Masp Metro station on São Paulo's Avenida Paulista. The victim was approached by two individuals and was injured while defending himself. He received first aid at the station and further medical treatment at UPA Vergueiro. The incident was reported to the 16th Police District and is under investigation by the 78th Police District. The Metro and the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) have responded by increasing security measures in the area. This event is part of a series of recent crimes reported in the vicinity of Avenida Paulista.

Ex-partner of Bixiga 70 band member accuses musician of domestic violence and psychological abuse; he denies

10 May 2022  |  g1.globo.com
Mauricio Fleury, a member of the band Bixiga 70, has been accused by his ex-partner of domestic violence and psychological abuse. Fleury denies the allegations, stating he has never been violent. The band has suspended their upcoming show and Fleury has stepped away from the band to focus on the situation. The band supports the right of victims to feel safe and make necessary accusations, while hoping for a transparent resolution.

Swimsuits, cropped tops, and floral shirts are trends in São Paulo's street carnival costumes; see photos

23 Apr 2022  |  G1
During São Paulo's street carnival on April 23, 2022, attendees favored costumes featuring swimsuits, lingerie tops, cropped tops, and floral shirts, which are versatile for both the event and everyday wear. Accessories such as capes and tights were popular, along with tiaras, wigs, and hats from social movements and political parties. Despite the lack of logistical support from the city, the carnival went on with smaller-scale block parties. Children and babies also joined in, dressed in various costumes. Political criticism was present but less prevalent, with one attendee dressing as a Viagra package, referencing recent criticism of the Armed Forces' purchase of the medication.

See Sabrina Sato's schedule to parade in SP and Rio; plan includes private jet, traffic escorts, and car in the dispersal area

23 Apr 2022  |  g1.globo.com
Sabrina Sato plans to achieve an unprecedented feat by parading in two different states within a four-hour interval during the carnival. She will start in São Paulo with Gaviões da Fiel and then fly to Rio de Janeiro to join Unidos de Vila Isabel. The detailed schedule includes precise timings, a private jet, and traffic escorts to ensure she meets both commitments. Her team confirms that no special privileges will be granted to expedite her departure from the parade in São Paulo.

Alckmin says Lula is the 'greatest popular leader in Brazil' at an event with trade unions in SP

14 Apr 2022  |  g1.globo.com
Geraldo Alckmin praised Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as the greatest popular leader in Brazil during a historic meeting with major trade unions in São Paulo. Lula announced plans to establish a negotiation table between unions and employers to discuss labor law changes if elected. The event highlighted criticisms of recent labor reforms and emphasized the need for negotiated changes. Alckmin's nomination as Lula's vice-presidential candidate was approved by the PT, despite some internal opposition. The PT is forming alliances with several parties, including PSB, PV, PCdoB, and PSOL, for the upcoming elections.

Lula criticizes labor reform and says he will create a 'negotiation table' to discuss legislation in Brazil

14 Apr 2022  |  g1.globo.com
Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva announced plans to create a negotiation table between unions and employers to discuss changes in Brazil's labor legislation if elected. Speaking at an event with union leaders in São Paulo, Lula criticized the 2021 labor reform and emphasized the need for negotiated changes rather than imposed ones. He also referenced Spain's recent labor reform adjustments. Lula's running mate, Geraldo Alckmin, praised Lula's leadership and the union movement. The PT party has accepted Alckmin's vice-presidential candidacy, despite some internal opposition, and is forming alliances with other parties for the upcoming election.

UN rapporteur points out the extinction of national councils by the federal government as a challenge to the freedom of assembly and association in Brazil

08 Apr 2022  |  g1.globo.com
UN Special Rapporteur Clément Voule, after a 12-day visit to Brazil, highlighted the challenges to the rights of peaceful assembly and association in the country, emphasizing the need to restore 650 national councils that were extinguished or weakened under President Jair Bolsonaro's administration. A study by Cebrap indicated that 75% of Brazil's key national councils and committees were dismantled, affecting areas such as the environment, human rights, and violence. Voule's full report will be presented to the UN Human Rights Council in June 2023. The article also touches on the case of Marielle Franco, using it to stress the importance of security for the 2022 elections, especially for marginalized groups.

Case of Marielle Franco needs to be resolved so that black people can run for office without fear, says UN special rapporteur

08 Apr 2022  |  g1.globo.com
UN Special Rapporteur Clément Voule emphasized the need to resolve the murder case of Rio councilwoman Marielle Franco to ensure the safety of black candidates in Brazil's 2022 elections. Voule highlighted the high levels of violence against marginalized groups in Brazil and stressed the importance of identifying those who ordered the killings of Franco and her driver, Anderson Gomes. He argued that resolving this case is crucial for the black community to feel safe and included in the political process.

Videos of students sniffing liquid paper powder at school go viral and worry parents; doctors warn of risks

06 Apr 2022  |  g1.globo.com
A social media trend of students sniffing powdered liquid paper as a simulation of cocaine has emerged in Brazilian schools, causing concern among parents and educators. Videos of the act have gone viral, leading to expulsions and police involvement in schools across São Paulo, Paraná, and Santa Catarina. Health experts, including otorhinolaryngologist Eduardo Macoto, warn that inhaling the substance can damage nasal mucosa and lead to health issues such as rinitis, sinusitis, and potential intoxication. Schools have issued warnings, and educational authorities have taken steps to address the trend and educate students about the risks.

São Paulo City Hall says street block parades on the 21st holiday are 'unnecessary risk'; carnival in Anhangabaú is allowed

04 Apr 2022  |  g1.globo.com
São Paulo City Hall has deemed street block parades on the upcoming holiday as an 'unnecessary risk' due to COVID-19, while allowing a controlled carnival event in Anhangabaú. The Acadêmicos do Baixo Augusta will organize the event with strict health protocols. The city administration urges carnival block entities to respect the decision to avoid unauthorized events. The decision to cancel the street carnival was based on technical data from the Health Surveillance and remains in effect. The Special Group samba schools will parade on April 22 and 23, with the season concluding on April 30 with the Champions Parade.

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