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Kinshasa, Congo The Democratic Republic

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PATRICK ABEGA is a journalist based in Kinshasa, Congo The Democratic Republic. TV, radio, web journalism, blogger at I work for BBC Africa as permanent freelance journalist and i work for the VOA (Voice of America) as the main TV correspondent




This report talks about the increase of mass graves during the conflict in the Kasai region in april 2017. It was the UN that revealed it but the government seemed to relativize this affair. More than 3,000 people died in the Kasai region during clashes between Kamuina Nsapu's militia and government soldiers. This report was broadcast on BBC Africa.

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This picture has been taken by me reporting about the LUCHA campaign in Goma. This movement was calling the presidnet Kabila to resign beacause he is at the end of his second term. So the LUCHA movement wanted the president to leave the power.


In this article i reported about the SADC mediation in the political crisis in DR Congo. How elections could be organised according to the Saint Sylvestre political agreement abtained between the governement and the opposition through the catholic church assistance


In 2012-2013 i worked as a war reporter reporting about M23 rebellion wich was fighting against the governement soldiers. The rebelion anounced an assault on Goma, the stragic eastern town of DR Congo. In this report i showed how the two sides were ready to fight

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