Paul Heath

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Austin, United States of America

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Paul has worked for:
GRNlive BBC Ulster

Paul Heath

20+ years in the Radio / New Media industry overall. British born. 

+ Audio / radio interviews, features and stories - specializing in entertainment and music, lifestyle and culture, motor-sports, extreme sports and food-culture / culinary eats and treats.

+ Short bursts and blasts, on-location updates - behind a mic or in-front of camera. 

+ Quality gear used to record (Sony pro cam, mics and able to edit audio on location and transfer).



Sample image

Old wooden ship rests on the river bank as the day comes to an end

Sample image

After the winter floods subsided, Austin area, TX

Sample image

Brothers, Staehely, perform in Austin, TX

Sample image

Fishing for supper

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2015 SXSW, Austin, TX

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