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Pearly Jacob

I'm passionate about pursuing environmental and cultural stories and just as obsessed in capturing cinematic moments in human stories. I write and I film. I've been published and broadcast by Al Jazeera, BBC, VOA, National Geographic, Bloomberg Quicktake, CCTV News (Now CGTN), Dutch Channel VPRO, Global Post (now part of PRI), CNN's cinematic platform Great Big Story and more. 

I've also filmed and produced advocacy short-docs for MAC Georgia, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF), Czech NGO People In Need (PIN) etc.

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Four hundred years after the Ottomans destroyed a region's once-proud winemaking tradition, locals are reviving it.



Mountainous and home to many glacier-fed rivers, Georgia is ideal for hydropower. But Georgia is also a biodiversity hotspot and conservationists are concerned that plans for new dams could threaten one of the world's most ancient fish. Audio pkg for DW.


Anita becomes a wheelchair user after a botched medical treatment at 11 years old. As she struggles to come to terms with new reality, an online introduction helps her finds friendship and inspiration in world champion wheelchair fencer Irma Khetsuriani.


A character profile of John Wurdeman, an artist who helped pioneer Georgia's natural wine movement that celebrates Georgia's 8000-year-old traditional winemaking culture. Filmed for VOA.


The two-humped Bactrian camel helped people settle and adapt to life in the Gobi desert of Mongolia, but their numbers have rapidly decreased in the last few decades.The Gobi desert is also home to the only surviving species of wild camel in the world.


The Morin Khuur or "Horse Fiddle" is Mongolia’s national instrument. The ancient tool is still handcrafted in Mongolia and it has evolved over the years from a folk instrument to being featured in classical western performances. Filmed for Al Jazeera.


A profile on Georgia's iconic Sukhishvili Dance Troupe who combine folk dance, classical ballet and modern dance for Great Big Story. It amassed more then 3 million views and counting on youtoube.

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