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Peter Guest is a writer, editor, producer and photographer, based in Southeast Asia. His work has appeared in Nikkei Asian Review, the Atlantic, Newsweek, the Financial Times, Wired, the Guardian, the Wall Street Journal and others. He has reported from more than 40 countries across five continents, including extensive work in complex and high-risk environments.

He has held senior editorial roles, including editing the UK current affairs magazine Raconteur and the Financial Times Ltd's This Is Africa magazine, serving as business editor at the Huffington Post UK and working as a digital producer at CNBC.



What It's Like to Draw Blood From a Whale Shark (the Atlantic) — In a remote bay in Indonesia, American researchers have partnered with local fishermen to uncover the mysteries of world’s biggest fish.


Bali struggles to ‘normalize’ life under volcano (Nikkei Asian Review) — Tourism interests meet safety concerns under Indonesia's smoking Mount Agung.


How the ‘Queen of Dragons’ helped steal elections (Wired) — Syarul Ema ran a successful misinformation operation for seven years in Malaysia, helping to shift the political discourse.

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