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Philip Alinaffe

Philip Alinaffe is a journalist based in Kampala, Uganda.

Gained instruction in a 'Massive Online Open Course'- ("MOOC") that was developed by the University of Pennsylvania ("UPenn") and sponsored by the Department of State, 18th May 2020 (Digital Badge and Certificate).

Passed the Course with flying colors and while the skills gained could be put to use, this Community and the world would stand to gain more if this writer deploys his natural leadership talent and managerial skills as a FIXER.

FIXER. Chiefly, but among other things, to put together a group of trusted journalists that can be deployed for any assignment.


1. While I selected 9 areas- hereunder, these should be perceived as areas where I am knowledgeable and would feel very comfortable directing and deploying an individual journalist or team of journalists.

2. Be that as it may, I have submitted work samples that demonstrate my ability to be assigned to: writing content, photography, audio and video interviews (in the latter two cases done with the simplest of technologies- meaning it would be of higher quality with acquisition of better equipment).

CONCLUSION: Open to both working in the categories in (2) above but also to being a Fixer- if the Contracts and modalities between myself, journalist(s) and PayDesk are clear.

Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast) Documentaries News Gathering Content Writing Research Interview (Print / Radio / Podcast) Photography Fixing Fact Checking
Politics Current Affairs Science & Environment Medical Investigative Reporting Research Cultural Training Breaking News Fact Checking

This interview was carried out on June 1st 2020. Location: Kiteetikka village, near Kampala UGANDA. Subject: Prof. Edmund Mugabi Bukenya Subject Matter: Coping thru the Lockdown. Insights and Lessons Learned.




This link to my blog, introduces you to my Online written material. Alot of topics are yet to be transferred from elsewhere to this medium. Didn't think much of blogging until I was prompted by PayDesk and research- where I discovered it's importance.

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