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Budapest, Hungary

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Polina Georgescu

Polina Georgescu is a videographer and documentary filmmaker based in Budapest, Hungary. She also has graduate degrees in international relations and political sciences specialised in Central and Eastern Europe. She is fluent in Russian, Romanian, Hungarian and English.
Web: https://polinageorgescu.weebly.com


Shot in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia, this film is an introspective into 10 years of the Roma Health Scholarship Program – an initiative that supports Roma youth in becoming medical professionals. The film features four individual stories of four RHSP beneficiaries and showcases the impact that the RHSP has on one's life trajectory, on local Roma communities and the national healthcare system.


Shot in various mining areas of Sierra Leone, this is a case study film that examines the impact of Community Development Agreements, a new multi-stakeholder policy instrument, on local development.

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Book artwork for Kristof Szombati "The Revolt of the Provinces" [2018], Berghain Book Publishers / Photographer http://www.berghahnbooks.com/title/SzombatiRevolt

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