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Prague, Czech Republic
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About Prachi
Prachi Bari is an Independent journalist based in Prague, Czech Republic. 
currently am doing a Master's in Media and Communication and has experience in news gathering, research, fixer for news features, documentaries
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Week after formation of squad, no complaints: Pune RTO

30 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Commuters in Pune continue to face issues with overcharging and overfilling by tourist bus operators, with ticket prices significantly higher than usual. Despite the formation of a squad to address these issues, no formal complaints have been filed with the Pune RTO. The regional transport officer, Ajit Shinde, has stated that action will be taken only if passengers come forward with their bus receipts to file complaints. Passengers like Sayali Marathe are opting out of travel due to the high costs.

'Run for the Hills' to be held in Pune on October 30

28 Oct 2023  |  /
A 'Run for the Hills' marathon will be held in Pune on October 30 as part of the 'Yellow Ribbon campaign' to protect the city's hills from development. The event aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving Pune's biodiversity. Sushma Date, a member of Save Vetal tekdi group and Deccan Gymkhana Parisar Samiti, emphasized the environmental significance of Vetal tekdi, which supports urban forests and groundwater recharge.

Three plays on mental health to be staged on Marathi Rangabhoomi din

25 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Parivartan, an NGO founded by the late rationalist Narendra Dabholkar and managed by his son Hamid Dabholkar, in collaboration with theatre director Atul Pethe, is organizing a one-day festival to raise awareness about mental health through theatre. The event will feature three plays by young directors: 'Na Kelelya Nondi' by Sachin Shinde, 'Rangeet Sangeet Gondhal' by Abhijeet Zunzarao, and 'To Rajhans Ek' by Kshitij Date. The initiative aims to shift the perception of mental health from a disease to a common experience and demonstrate therapeutic approaches through theatre. The festival is supported by contributions from notable figures like actor Dr. Mohan Agashe, Anjali Joshi, and Chandrashekhar Phansalkar.

SPPU signs statement of shared interest with City University of New York

24 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) has signed a statement of shared interest with the City University of New York (CUNY) to enhance educational standards and provide hybrid learning opportunities. The agreement, also involving Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University and BMCC, aims to introduce new courses, joint research projects, and exchange programs. SPPU officials have visited several American educational institutions to foster educational and cultural relations, resulting in five MoUs with various foreign organizations.

Restaurant was previously served PMC notice for unauthorised structure

24 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
A fire gutted most of Vegeta restaurant in Pune, with no casualties reported. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) had previously served a notice to the restaurant for unauthorized rooftop structures, which were partially removed. The restaurant owner, Rahul Jain, claimed the structures were temporary and legal. Local residents and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena's Vrishabh Shingvi had complained about the unauthorized structures, alleging insufficient action by PMC. The fire was attributed to a short circuit in the restaurant's junction box.

Plastic Diwali lanterns sell like hot cakes in Pune

20 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
In Pune, the demand for plastic Diwali lanterns has surged due to heavy rains, despite a general trend towards eco-friendly options. Sellers like Kundan Raskar and Akshita Thosar note a shift in consumer preference towards plastic-coated lanterns for their durability. Residents such as Ankush Pawar and Sarika Oswal highlight the practicality and longevity of plastic and MDF DIY lanterns, while Gauri Deshpande's family prefers making eco-friendly lanterns at home.

Bringing back the glory of letter writing in Marathi

20 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
The article highlights an initiative led by Tejas, owner and director of creativesplash.co.in, to revive the practice of letter writing in Marathi. The campaign, promoted through the social media platform 'Khalbatta', aims to encourage the use of Marathi in daily life and preserve the language. The initiative has received a positive response, with participants expressing their thoughts on various topics through letters. Animator Ashwini Deshpande shares her nostalgic experience of writing a letter to her ink pen after many years. The campaign has garnered significant participation, with 80 letters received so far.

‘Book was selected by a committee but revoked based on social media’

01 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Anagha Lele, a translator, discusses the controversy surrounding the revocation of a state government award for her translation of Kobad Ghandy's book into Marathi. The award, initially recommended by a committee of experts, was revoked due to social media backlash from individuals who had not read the book. Lele emphasizes that the book contains nothing controversial about Naxalism or Maoism and expresses her disappointment over the influence of uninformed social media opinions on the decision.

Vikram Gokhale showing steady improvement

01 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Vikram Gokhale, the veteran actor, is showing signs of improvement after being admitted to the hospital for breathing difficulties. According to Dr. Shirish Yadkikar, Gokhale has responded positively to treatment, with stable blood pressure and heart conditions, and is expected to be off ventilatory support within 48 hours. His wife, Vrushali, had previously stated that he was in critical condition with multiorgan failure, but recent updates indicate a positive turn in his health.

Actor suffering from multi-organ failure: Gokhale’s wife

01 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Vikram Gokhale, a 77-year-old actor, is in critical condition due to multi-organ failure and is currently on ventilatory support at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune. Despite efforts by doctors, his condition has not improved as expected. His wife Vrushali and family friend Rajesh Damle have provided updates on his health. Gokhale, a recipient of the National Film Award for his role in the Marathi film 'Anumati', is the son of renowned Marathi theatre and film actor Chandrakant Gokhale.

PMC begins retrofitting three roads

01 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has initiated the retrofitting of three major roads in Pune, focusing on Bibwewadi, Bavdhan, and Bhau Patil road. The project aims to improve road infrastructure by incorporating non-motorised transport norms, including wide footpaths, plantations, and bicycling tracks. The PMC has allocated significant funds for these developments and plans to complete the retrofitting within one-and-a-half years.

Lalit Purnima: Nine events from dusk to dawn

01 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Lalit Purnima, organized by Lalit Kala Kendra, features nine diverse performances from dusk to dawn, including musical performances, dance recitals, mono-acting, and plays. Highlights include a musical play based on Vishnudas Bhave’s 'Sita Swayamvar', a Kathak dance performance telling the story of 'Mi Vastravati', and various Lavani dance forms. The event showcases the talents of alumni and current students, emphasizing the cultural richness and artistic heritage of Maharashtra.

Actor Vikram Gokhale, 77, passes away at Pune hospital

01 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Vikram Gokhale, a revered actor known for his work in Marathi and Hindi cinema, passed away at the age of 77 due to multi-organ failure. He is survived by his wife Vrushali and two daughters. Gokhale's career spanned five decades, during which he was celebrated for his acting, voice, and diction. He faced controversy for supporting Kangana Ranaut's statement about India's freedom, which was seen as aligning with right-wing views. Tributes poured in from various actors and political figures, highlighting his contributions to theatre, film, and television.

Keshavnagar residents hold silent protest over poor amenities

01 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Residents of Keshavnagar, merged with Pune Municipal Corporation in 2017, held a silent protest over the lack of basic amenities such as water supply and garbage collection. Despite paying taxes, residents like Ranjeet Lonkar and Chaitanya Sharma express frustration over the area's disarray, poor traffic conditions, and lack of development.

Mighty scare for Pragati Express passengers

01 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
The Pragati Express experienced a scare when smoke was spotted under a carriage near Lonavla station, which was quickly controlled by railway officials. Central Railways attributed the smoke to friction from hard braking, a common occurrence in the ghat section with the new LHB coaches. Harsha Shah from Railway Pravasi Sangh highlighted that such issues are frequent on Mumbai-bound trains from Pune, causing delays and panic among commuters. The LHB coaches, introduced for their advanced features, also have disadvantages like wheel shelling, which requires regular monitoring.

Pune-based NGO wins Local Adaptation Champions Award at COP27 climate summit

01 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Swayam Shikshan Prayog, a Pune-based NGO, received the Local Adaptation Champions Award at the COP27 climate summit for its work in supporting women farmers in Maharashtra to adopt sustainable agricultural practices. The NGO, founded by the late Prema Gopalan, has trained 300,000 rural women across India to adapt to climate change through a women-led, climate-resilient farming model. The award aims to recognize and expand the adoption of this model, which helps farmers transition from water-intensive cash crops to diverse and resilient food crops.

Renowned litterateur Nagnath Kotapalle passes away at 75

01 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Nagnath Kotapalle, a renowned Marathi litterateur, passed away at 75. He served as vice-chancellor of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University and head of the Marathi department at Savitribai Phule Pune University. Known for his contributions to Marathi literature, Kotapalle authored several popular works and was actively involved in promoting rural literature. He held various prestigious positions in literary organizations and was celebrated for his pedagogic and student-friendly approach. His passing is mourned by many in the literary community.

Pune police install 23 booths in city on trial basis

01 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Pune police have installed 23 booths across the city to enhance public safety and provide shelter for police personnel. These booths, sponsored by a Gujarat-based company, are located in various key areas and can accommodate four police personnel. The initiative aims to deter rule breakers and offer protection during adverse weather conditions. Additional booths may be installed as needed, and high view point booths are also being considered.

Social media was responsible for the withdrawal of the award

01 Oct 2023  |  Hindustan Times
The translator of a book by Kobad Gandhy discusses the unexpected revocation of a state government award for his translation, attributing the decision to social media influence. The book, which details Gandhy's life in prison and his thoughts, was deemed non-controversial by a selection committee but faced public backlash. Despite the controversy, the translator remains committed to translating quality English books into Marathi.


27 Apr 2023  |  www.pier53.de
The documentary 'MONOBLOC' by Hauke Wendler is a portrait of the ubiquitous plastic chair and its role in globalization. The film, which took eight years to complete, explores the chair's design history and its presence across five continents, offering a lens to view inequality and the world order. Wendler's perspective on the chair evolved during the making of the film, recognizing its deeper significance beyond its simple appearance. The documentary is seen as timely and relevant, especially in the context of the coronavirus crisis, as it encourages Western audiences to look beyond their own experiences and consider a broader global perspective.

Researcher on this PBS project

associate producer and researcher on this documentary on farmer suicides in India

This link has a collection of most of my stories written for local Newspapers in Pune, India.

Pune: Heavy rain wreaks havoc; auto, cab fares to airport, railway station soar

21 Mar 2023  |  hindustantimes.com
Intense rainfall in Pune on Monday evening led to waterlogging at the railway station and other parts of the city, including Dagadusheth temple. With Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited buses out of service, cab drivers charged exorbitant fares, up to four times the usual amount. Passengers reported being charged ₹300 to ₹600 for short distances, significantly higher than normal rates. The situation was similar at Pune International Airport, where passengers faced long waits for cabs due to delayed flights.

Pedestrians’ safety at stake due to encroached footpaths in Pune

20 Mar 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Footpaths in Pune, such as those on Laxmi Road and Fergusson College Road, are heavily encroached upon by hawkers, impeding pedestrian movement. Residents express frustration over the lack of walking space. Pune Municipal Corporation acknowledges the issue but cites challenges in relocating long-established hawkers. The PMC is considering traffic planning solutions in collaboration with traffic police. Harshad Abhyankar of Save Pune Traffic Movement criticizes the mere observance of Pedestrians’ Day without substantive action and notes that the presence of hawkers is driven by customer demand, not the existence of footpaths.

To curb Pune’s traffic menace, industrialists, CEOs present a suggestions to police

01 Feb 2023  |  Hindustan Times
Industrialists and CEOs in Pune, through the Pune Platform for Collaborative Response (PPCR), have engaged with the Pune Municipal Corporation and the police commissioner to address the city's traffic issues. Key suggestions include improving pedestrian crossings, synchronizing traffic signals, and maintaining speed limits. The meeting, attended by various stakeholders, resulted in a commitment from the police to follow up on the suggestions. The PPCR aims to shift the role of stakeholders from service takers to solution providers, emphasizing awareness and empathy to make Pune safer.

Excise department issues 165,000 one-day liquor permits for December 31

26 Dec 2022  |  hindustantimes.com
The Excise Department in India has issued 165,000 one-day liquor permits ahead of December 31 celebrations, with permits available at wine shops and from excise inspectors for ₹5. Superintending State Excise Officer Charansingh Rajput stated that with parties allowed to continue until 5 am, the department aims to ensure legal and wise drinking. The department has also increased its excise flying squad from 14 to 22 officials to monitor illegal liquor activities and has so far received 24 applications for one-day party licenses, expecting over 100 in total.

21st Pune International Film Festival postponed

20 Dec 2022  |  Hindustan Times
The 21st Pune International Film Festival has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, as announced by Dr. Jabbar Patel, president of the Pune Film Foundation. The new dates for the festival will be announced soon. The festival committee had started accepting entries for its Marathi films competition section in October. The festival was previously postponed twice in 2021, initially scheduled for March and later held in December.

Flyover at Golf Course Chowk in Yerawada to be operational by January

19 Dec 2022  |  www.hindustantimes.com
The Pune Municipal Corporation is finalizing the 655-metre-long flyover at Golf Course Chowk in Yerawada, which is expected to be operational before the G20 meet in January 2023. The flyover aims to alleviate traffic congestion on Airport Road, a critical issue causing commuters to miss flights. Despite a 30-month construction plan, the project faced delays due to a lockdown and local protests. The flyover, constructed by Atur India at a cost of ₹31 crore, includes space for nine godowns or warehouses and is designed to reduce traffic by 85% for those heading towards the airport.

Pune to be part of Jewish heritage route developed by Israel consulate, MTDC

19 Dec 2022  |  Hindustan Times
The Consulate General of Israel Mumbai and the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) have signed a letter of intent to develop a Jewish heritage route in Maharashtra. This initiative aims to preserve Jewish heritage and attract tourists, especially those from the Jewish community abroad, to explore the rich history and contributions of the Jewish people in the state. The route will include 22 sites such as synagogues and cemeteries, with the first phase starting in Mumbai. The plan coincides with the 30th anniversary of full diplomatic relations between Israel and India. Trained tourist guides will lead visitors through the sites, and the route is expected to become operational in February 2023. The effort has been supported by local tourism officials and is seen as a way to strengthen cultural ties between India and Israel.

Police to step up patrolling in Baner, Balewadi

18 Dec 2022  |  hindustantimes.com
Residents of Baner and Balewadi in Pune have been experiencing law-and-order issues due to roadside liquor consumption, hooliganism, and noise pollution from nearby pubs and restaurants. A meeting was held where community representatives discussed these problems and the need for increased police presence. The police have acknowledged the concerns and plan to add more marshals for night patrolling and increase staff at the local chowki. They will also monitor wine shops and meet with their owners to address the issues. Residents have identified 60-70 spots for night patrolling, and the police have agreed to add more personnel. Issues regarding senior citizen cards were also raised, with promises to address them.

PMC begins work on Swargate underpass, will take a month

15 Dec 2022  |  hindustantimes.com
The Swargate underpass in Pune, maintained by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC), is undergoing repairs due to water seepage issues. Commuters like Dr. Ranjeet Kotkunde and architect Hrishikesh Patil have expressed concerns over the underpass's design and the inconvenience caused. The Pune Municipal Corporation's special projects department, represented by executive engineer Abhijeet Ambekar, is addressing the problem by investigating the water leakage sources and plans to concretise approach roads. The repair work is expected to take about a month, during which commuters are requested to be patient.

PMC initiates school travel improvement plan

10 Dec 2022  |  hindustantimes.com
The Pune Municipal Corporation's road department has selected three top urban design teams to implement a school travel improvement plan in local schools. The trial for the design proposals is set from December 11 to 16, focusing on the Kharadi, Deccan, and Parvati areas. The initiative aims to encourage school children to walk and cycle to school, with a cycle rally being organized and feedback from students and parents to be considered for the final implementation to ensure safety and independent mobility.

Laxmi Road closed for traffic on Dec 11; various events lined to celebrate Pedestrians’ Day

10 Dec 2022  |  Hindustan Times
Laxmi Road in Pune will be closed to traffic on December 11 to celebrate Pedestrians' Day, featuring a walking plaza, street plays, and other activities. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) aims to raise awareness about pedestrian spaces and will launch two booklets on street assessments and school travel improvement plans. Traffic diversions and feeder buses will be arranged by Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML). The event underscores the importance of safe, walkable streets, supported by a study from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP).

Remarks on Chhatrapati Shivaji: Traders in Pune to keep shops closed on Dec 13

08 Dec 2022  |  Hindustan Times
Pune traders will keep their shops closed until 3 pm on December 13 in support of the Pune Bandh, protesting against remarks made about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This decision followed a meeting between the Pune Trade Federation and representatives from political parties including Sambhaji Brigade, Congress, Nationalist Congress Party, and Shiv Sena.

State can have no truck with book that promotes naxalism: Kesarkar

07 Dec 2022  |  Hindustan Times
The Maharashtra government, represented by Deepak Kesarkar, has withdrawn a literary award given to Anagha Lele for her translation of a book by alleged Maoist ideologue Kobad Gandhy, citing concerns over promoting Naxalism. The decision has sparked controversy, leading to multiple resignations from the Sahitya Sanskruti Mandal and the Language Advisory Committee. Critics argue that the withdrawal undermines democratic values and the integrity of the selection process. Kesarkar stated that while the government is against banning books, it does not support awarding those that promote Naxalism.

A milestone reunion of leopard cub and his mother for SOS wildlife, Forest department

06 Dec 2022  |  Hindustan Times
Sugarcane farmers discovered a leopard cub on their farm, leading to a successful late-night reunion with its mother by Wildlife SOS and the Forest Department. The process involved overcoming challenges such as changing the mindset of locals and ensuring timely health examinations. The first 72 hours were critical for the reunion, and advancements in technology and local community awareness have played significant roles in the success of these operations.

Door-to-door e-waste collection begins in Pune

01 Dec 2022  |  Hindustan Times
A city-wide door-to-door e-waste collection initiative has been launched in Pune following a successful pilot in six wards. The project, led by Poornam Ecovision Foundation in collaboration with APCCI and PMC, aims to collect and dispose of e-waste through authorized centers. The initiative has already completed 150 pickups, collecting around 3 tonnes of e-waste. The APCCI has introduced a QR code system for scheduling pickups, and the project has also benefited rural schools by refurbishing and donating computers and laptops.

Trash burning engulfs area around Hinjewadi IT park in smog, locals call fire brigade to douse fire

30 Nov 2022  |  Hindustan Times
Residents of Megapolis housing society in Hinjewadi faced severe smog due to trash burning by local villagers, highlighting ineffective garbage management. The fire brigade was called to douse the fire, which caused breathing problems among residents. Despite repeated complaints, no action has been taken by local authorities, leading to frustration among residents. The incident has drawn attention to the need for better waste management and coordination among local authorities.

How a revamped Bremen chowk changed the outlook of Aundh

13 Nov 2022  |  hindustantimes.com
The Pune-Bremen friendship square, symbolizing the sister city partnership between Pune and Bremen, celebrated its 25th anniversary. The square, awarded by the United Nations in 1997, has been credited with the development and branding of Aundh, making it a desirable location for IT professionals. The Pune-Bremen Solidarity Forum, supported by Spicer Adventist University, plans to restart its activities. Key figures in establishing this partnership include former Pune mayor Dattatray Gaikwad, International Relations and Development Officer Gunther Hillgis, and other local dignitaries.

Sarasbaug Chowpatty to undergo restructuring, will have walking plaza

12 Nov 2022  |  Hindustan Times
Sarasbaug Chowpatty in Pune is set to undergo a major restructuring, including the creation of a walking plaza, children's game area, and an amphitheatre. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) plans to build stalls on one side of the road, keeping the Sarasbaug side open to the public. The project aims to address illegal encroachments by shop owners who had expanded their stalls into double-storey spaces. The PMC has collaborated with the shop owners to incorporate their suggestions into the new designs, ensuring adequate walking space between stalls.

Fadnavis, Shinde, Raj attend Prashant Damle’s 12,500th performance

07 Nov 2022  |  Hindustan Times
Prashant Damle received a standing ovation at Shanmukhanda Hall in Mumbai for his 12,500th performance, attended by notable figures including Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, and MNS Chief Raj Thackeray. Amitabh Bachchan extended his best wishes via social media. Damle, who transitioned from a typist to a celebrated actor, attributes his success to his co-actors and backstage staff, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in theatre. Veteran actress Vandana Gupte praised his energy and comic timing.

New Balewadi API serves notice to 25 bars and restaurants to follow law & order

05 Nov 2022  |  www.hindustantimes.com
API Rajendra Kendre issued notices to 25 hotels and bars in Balewadi, Pune, warning against norm violations. He met with Baner Balewadi residents to discuss issues such as late-night parties, loud music, and construction work extending into the night. Residents also highlighted the need for increased police patrolling, addressing dark spots that attract street drinkers, penalizing footpath parking, and the need for a police station due to the growing population. They suggested police collaboration with the Pune Municipal Corporation to prevent footpath parking.

Bosch in Pune aims to cut traffic snarls, encourages ‘cycle to work’ initiative

01 Nov 2022  |  Hindustan Times
Pune faces significant traffic congestion and pollution due to its expanding population and growing IT sector. In response, Bosch Global Software Technologies Pvt Ltd has launched a 'cycle to work' initiative to promote eco-friendly commuting. The initiative, supported by Pune police commissioner Amitabh Gupta, aims to reduce traffic jams, control pollution, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Other companies and individuals in Pune are also promoting cycling as a viable alternative to driving, despite challenges such as congested roads and ongoing Metro construction.

‘Run for the Hills’ to be held in Pune on October 30

30 Oct 2022  |  hindustantimes.com
A marathon titled 'Run for the Hills' is scheduled for October 30 at 6 am on Vetal Tekdi in Pune as part of the 'Yellow Ribbon campaign' to protect the hills from unchecked development. The event, organized by the Pune Running group, aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the area's biodiversity and the role of the hills in supporting the city's environment. Sushma Date of Save Vetal Tekdi group and Deccan Gymkhana Parisar Samiti highlighted the ecological significance of Vetal Tekdi. Arvind Bijwe, the event organizer, emphasized the experience of the hills' flora and fauna and the need for sustainable development. The event is a response to proposed projects by the Pune Municipal Corporation that are seen as threats to the local environment.

Your Space: Waterlogged roads, commuters’ misery

23 Oct 2022  |  hindustantimes.com
Intense rainfall in Pune has led to waterlogged roads, causing commuter distress due to ineffective development works by authorities. Readers suggest penalizing officials for unauthorized constructions, auditing stormwater drains, pre-monsoon cleaning of drainage systems, and improving road repairs. They also emphasize the need for citizen participation in maintaining cleanliness and allowing natural water seepage. The lack of accountability from the municipal corporation is highlighted, with calls for action against negligent officials.

Pimpri-Chinchwad bans bursting of firecrackers with noise level above 125 decibels

22 Oct 2022  |  hindustantimes.com
The Pimpri Chinchwad police commissionerate has issued an order restricting the bursting of firecrackers with noise levels above 125 decibels from 10 pm to 6 am, from October 24 to November 23, in accordance with the Maharashtra Police Act 1951. The order also prohibits the indiscriminate bursting of firecrackers within 50 feet of any street or road and sets noise level limits for chain firecrackers. Violators will face legal punishment under Section 131 of the Maharashtra Police Act.

Patil asks police, PMC to depute 600 wardens for managing traffic

21 Oct 2022  |  hindustantimes.com
Pune is experiencing severe traffic jams, prompting criticism of the police and civic body's management. Police Chief Amitabh Gupta attributes the congestion to infrastructure projects, including the Pune Metro. To alleviate the situation, 600 wardens are planned to be deployed at key locations, with the possibility of enlisting home guards or NCC students. A review by Patil highlighted the need for expedited Metro work and improved traffic management, with a meeting scheduled post-Diwali to discuss progress on the University flyover and Metro projects.

Sujit Patwardhan was a great mentor, source of enormous information: Ranjit Gadgil

21 Oct 2022  |  Hindustan Times
Sujit Patwardhan's mentorship and extensive knowledge significantly influenced sustainable transportation and environmental movements in Pune. His efforts led to the introduction of Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) and shaped the city's traffic and transportation policies. Patwardhan's legacy includes fostering a strong group of young civil society activists dedicated to sustainable transportation.

Pune wins C40 ‘united to clean the air we breathe’ award

21 Oct 2022  |  Hindustan Times
Pune and Beijing were awarded the C40 'united to clean the air we breathe' award for their leadership in reducing air pollution and improving public health. Pune's public transport electrification program, which began in 2019, has significantly reduced emissions and improved air quality. The city plans to expand its e-bus network, aiming for 40% of its fleet to be electric by 2023. The initiative is expected to save significant costs and reduce emissions equivalent to removing 3,000 petrol and diesel cars from the roads. The award highlights the importance of cities in leading climate action and promoting sustainable urban mobility.

Rickshaws, cabs in Pune charge up to four times the usual fare

18 Oct 2022  |  Hindustan Times
Heavy rainfall in Pune caused significant waterlogging, disrupting transportation and leading to exorbitant fares charged by private cabs and autorickshaws. Passengers faced difficulties at Pune railway station and Pune international airport, with long waits for cabs and high charges due to the non-functioning of PMPML buses. The situation was exacerbated by the flooding of waiting areas and railway tracks.

23.05 TMC water released from dams could have fulfilled Pune city’s needs for 1.5 years

01 Jul 2022  |  Hindustan Times
Pune city requires 1.24-1.5 TMC of water monthly, and as of Monday, the four dams have 29.08 TMC of water storage. Despite initial water cuts in July 2022 due to delayed pre-monsoon, heavy rains have filled the dams, ensuring sufficient water for drinking and agriculture until the next monsoon. Resident Neha Gujar expressed concerns about inconsistent water supply, while Anirudha Pavaskar from PMC assured that the water supply is normal and will continue through upcoming festivals. The release of 23 TMC of water into the Mutha river was necessary due to the lack of storage capacity, allowing it to flow into the Ujjani dam near Solapur.

Gold, silver sales rise 35% during Diwali

29 Oct 2021  |  www.hindustantimes.com
During Diwali, gold and silver sales in India saw a 35% increase compared to the previous year. Stable gold rates and the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions contributed to the rise in sales. Silver items, particularly coins and utensils, were in high demand, with many customers also purchasing silver showpieces as gifts. The Diwali season, which started with a successful Dhanteras, is expected to continue strong sales until after the upcoming Sunday. Jewellers like Ranka and PNG reported a significant uptick in sales, particularly in gold and diamond jewelry, over bullion.

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