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Priyamvada Mangal

Mumbai, India
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About Priyamvada
Priyamvada Mangal is a journalist based in Mumbai, India.
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From nomads to doctors: the story of the Banjara community

06 May 2018  |  www.thehindu.com
The article explores the journey of the Banjara community from their historical role as nomadic traders to their current struggles and achievements. Highlighting individuals like Milind Pawar, Vaibhav Bhanawat, and Subhash Tanwar, it showcases their efforts to overcome stereotypes and contribute positively to society. Despite progress, the community continues to face marginalization and prejudice, with calls for policy changes and better education to improve their socio-economic status.

The Banjaras: An insight into the lives of India’s original nomads

05 May 2018  |  The Hindu
The article focuses on the Banjara community in India, highlighting their history, struggles, and the efforts of individuals to overcome stereotypes and marginalization. Milind Pawar, an architect, discusses his family's past as traders and the impact of British colonial laws on their livelihood. The Banjaras faced stigmatization and were listed under the Habitual Offenders Act post-Independence. Despite challenges, some community members like Vaibhav Bhanawat, a physician, and Subhash Tanwar, a politician, strive to give back to their community. The article also touches on the socio-economic conditions of the Banjaras, the prejudice they face, and suggests steps for their upliftment, as mentioned by writer Dilip D'Souza.

Mumbai's Mangrove Warriors: Meet the citizens who're working to reclaim city's lost mangroves

26 Feb 2018  |  firstpost.com
Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, developed on reclaimed land, face environmental challenges due to wetland depletion. Experts like Stalin D highlight the importance of wetlands, while environmental journalist Darryl D’Monte emphasizes the diversity of mangroves. Citizens, including Sunil and Shruti Agarwal, have combated illegal encroachments, leading to the establishment of the Mangrove Cell by the Maharashtra government in 2012. A 2017 survey shows a 37 percent increase in the state's mangrove cover since 2015, indicating the effectiveness of public and governmental efforts.

Mumbai's chimneys: Amid high-rises and chaos, remnants of the city's past stand tall

05 Jan 2018  |  www.firstpost.com
In Mumbai, chimneys from old mills such as Swadeshi Mills and Mukesh Mills remain as heritage structures amidst the city's redevelopment. These chimneys, now declared heritage structures by BMC officials, are preserved as icons of Mumbai's past. Experts like photographer Gopal MS and academic Khaliq Parker discuss their significance and the commercial rebranding of these spaces. Anthropologist Shekhar Krishnan explains the preservation of chimneys in mills that underwent commercialisation before 2006 due to government-sanctioned revival schemes.

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