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Prutha Bhosle

Pune, India
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About Prutha
Prutha Bhosle is a journalist based in Pune, India.
She is currently exploring a freelance job opportunity in an esteemed organisation. 
Since March 2016 to July 2016, she has worked as a full-time journalist with Pune Mirror, a local newspaper. There, she has edited reporter copies and designed pages as well as done stories of her own.
From May 2014 to February 2016, she worked with a hyperlocal news website run by Daily News Analysis (DNA), Mumbai, India.
With three years experience in the profession, she always had interest in reporting, writing and editing about different/new cities that she visits. Her interest lies in writing soft features, human interest stories, etc. She is a graduate of Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media, Bangalore. While in IIJNM, she won the award of the best student in print journalism and also stood first in college during graduation.
If there's any opening for freelance reporting or editing in your organisation, immediate or future, do consider her candidature.
She is prepared to be called up for an interview by the organisation at any time convenient.
Thank you
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Politics Current Affairs Science & Environment

How children play a major role in COVID-19 transmission

06 Apr 2024  |  mid-day.com
Recent research indicates that children could be significant spreaders of COVID-19, challenging earlier assumptions of their low risk. The World Health Organization now recommends masks for children aged 12 and over, and possibly for those aged 6-11. A study in two Indian states found that children transmit the virus mostly within their own age group. The study, which is the largest on COVID-19 transmission patterns, involved tracing over half a million contacts of 85,000 cases. Experts emphasize the need for careful consideration before reopening schools and suggest that precautions such as mask-wearing, distancing, and proper ventilation are necessary to prevent outbreaks. There is also a call for enhancing testing among children to monitor transmission.

The neighbourhood's favourite Santas

04 Apr 2024  |  mid-day.com
In Mumbai, three individuals stand out for their unique portrayals of Santa Claus. Pravin Tulpule, an ex-naval officer, is known for his respectful and sensitive approach to playing Santa at malls like Viviana Mall. Kevin Fernandes, an events manager, has been donning the Santa suit since his teens for corporate and charity events, and is a co-founder of Rising Balloon Events. Mary Ann Scott, a former special education teacher, has been redefining Santa Claus by playing the role since 1969, including performances at St John the Baptist School and College. Each of them brings joy and a personal touch to their performances, becoming beloved figures in their communities.

Turn out bright as a new pin

01 Oct 2023  |  Mid-day
Poorva Shingre, a multidisciplinary artist and Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts alumnus, creates unique ceramic magnet lapel pins that do not damage clothing. She hand-makes and paints each pin, using magnets to secure them in place. Her innovative approach stems from her preference for hands-on creation over digital methods. The article highlights her creative journey and the practicality of her designs.

An ode to the Valley

09 Jul 2023  |  Mid-day
Kashmiri folk-fusion singer Aabha Hanjura has released a new track titled 'Nundbane', which is a tribute to love and features traditional Kashmiri rhythms and evocative vocals. The song, released by Qyuki on July 9, is based on the work of renowned Kashmiri poet Mahmud Gami. Recorded and filmed before the lockdown at the Jaipur literature festival, 'Nundbane' is described by Hanjura as her favorite among Kashmiri folklore love songs, notable for its melodic content, poetry, and visual metaphors. The vibrant culture of Jaipur is reflected in the song's video.

Farah and the beanstalk

25 Oct 2020  |  Mid-day
Farah Yameen, a filmmaker with a focus on public histories, digital archives, and food ethnographies, is gaining recognition for her knowledge in edible greens through her Instagram project, The Saag Archive. The project showcases Yameen's drawings and documentation of over 70 greens, reflecting on agrobiodiversity, climate change, social inequality, and local food cultures. It aims to observe and record the consumption patterns of greens, their simple preparation methods due to limited resources, and the impact of monocultures and climate change on biodiversity. The Saag Archive is a slow-paced, ongoing experiment that Yameen expects to remain obscure, focusing on the significance of greens in various contexts, including survival during droughts and crop failures.

Food can solve every problem

25 Oct 2020  |  Mid-day
Nabil Ansari, a sous chef from Melbourne originally from Mulund, India, launched a successful Indian meal delivery service during the COVID-19 lockdown. His venture, Ansari Indian, quickly gained popularity, offering authentic Indian dishes and unique ice cream flavors inspired by Indian street food. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Ansari's business thrived, and he plans to continue expanding his culinary offerings.

Mee Marathi, eat Marathi

19 Oct 2020  |  Mid-day
A food review of Culinary Kitchen in Mahim, Mumbai, highlights the authentic Maharashtrian cuisine inspired by various communities such as weavers, warriors, and fishermen. The review praises dishes like pandhra rassa mutton and prawns aluwadi, while expressing disappointment with the fugias. The kitchen's use of sustainable tin packaging is noted, despite some issues with spillage. The reviewer, with Konkan roots, appreciates the diverse flavors and considers the kitchen a delicious discovery during the lockdown.

From Aargh to Aha!

11 Oct 2020  |  Mid-day
An Indian doctor at the University of Arizona has linked SARS-CoV-2 to pain relief, explaining why many COVID-19 patients experience few or no symptoms. The study, published in the journal PAIN, found that the virus's spike protein binds to the neuropilin-1 receptor, which is involved in pain signaling, thus suppressing pain. This discovery could lead to new non-opioid pain relief methods. However, the asymptomatic nature of many cases contributes to the virus's spread, posing a public health challenge.

It's a fact! Malvanis can be vegetarians too

04 Oct 2020  |  mid-day.com
Ruchi Soni and her mother Shobha are introducing foodies to Malvan's natural vegan and vegetarian traditions through their home kitchen business, Baraa Maa by Ruchi & Shobha. Despite Malvani cuisine's association with seafood, they are promoting lesser-known vegetarian and vegan dishes, which are big on seasonal foods. The article includes recipes for Banana kaap and Tikhat dal, and shares a taste test experience, highlighting the appeal of Malvani vegan dishes that use ingredients like peanut oil and coconut milk.

Learn your lesson, be prepared for Nipah

20 Sep 2020  |  mid-day.com
Veteran science journalist Debora MacKenzie, in her book 'COVID-19: The Pandemic that Never Should have Happened and How to Stop the Next One', discusses the origins and spread of COVID-19, the response of Chinese authorities, and the need for better preparedness for future outbreaks. She emphasizes the importance of listening to scientists and creating an international network for timely information sharing. MacKenzie also warns India to be prepared for the Nipah virus by learning from the COVID-19 experience and advocates for ending human interaction with bats to prevent future outbreaks.

India's Shawshank Redemption

20 Sep 2020  |  Mid-day
Udaipur Jail's music academy is highlighted in 'Stars Behind Bars', a documentary by Shafaat Shahbandari and Tayyab Hassan Ajaib. The film showcases the journey of inmates learning music as a form of healing and rehabilitation. The initiative, Swaraj Jail University, was started by Shikshantar members and supports various programs like organic farming, computer education, and hairstyling. The documentary is available on YouTube and reflects the belief that prison can be a place for healing, dreaming, and learning.

Dreaming of the skies

13 Sep 2020  |  mid-day.com
Tajinder Kumar, from Ludhiana, overcame poverty and pursued his dream to become a mechanical engineer. Despite financial struggles, he completed his education and worked as a mechanical fitter before moving to Dubai and then Australia. After teaching himself English and overcoming initial hardships in Australia, Kumar joined the Royal Australian Air Force as an avionics technician. He completed his engineering degree and is soon to be commissioned as an officer. His journey from a toilet cleaner to a flying officer inspires him to continue pursuing his dreams in the defence sector.

Watch your mouth

30 Aug 2020  |  Mid-day
Experts highlight the link between diet and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the role of the gut-brain axis in emotional well-being. Increased stress and anxiety have led to a rise in emotional eating, often involving high-calorie, nutrient-poor foods that can exacerbate health issues. Nutritionists and psychologists recommend a balanced diet rich in calming foods like nuts, green leafy vegetables, and tryptophan-rich items to improve mood and sleep. While food can support mental health, it cannot replace medication for severe conditions.

What do busy, successful folk cook?

23 Aug 2020  |  Mid-day
Bhavika and Shraiya Tiwari, sisters from Uttar Pradesh, have turned their passion for cooking into an Instagram page called The Ladle Story, where they share easy vegetarian recipes. The lockdown period allowed them to focus on cooking despite their busy professional lives, with Bhavika being a lawyer in Mumbai and Shraiya a doctor in Pune. Their recipes emphasize healthy living and are designed to inspire others to cook at home. The article includes detailed recipes for Veg Momos and Vermicelli Custard.

Journalism that's four-feet high

23 Aug 2020  |  Mid-day
In response to the indefinite closure of public schools in San Francisco due to the COVID-19 pandemic, journalist Chris Colin launched 'Six Feet of Separation,' a monthly newspaper for children. The publication, which began as a local initiative, quickly gained global contributions. It provides a platform for children to express their feelings and experiences during the pandemic, featuring a mix of serious and humorous content. Colin aims to encourage young contributors to engage in legitimate reporting, capturing the immediate effects of the pandemic from a child's perspective.

By Chharas, for Chharas

16 Aug 2020  |  Mid-day
Chharanagar in East Ahmedabad, home to the Chhara community, faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 lockdown, including lack of basic amenities and increased virus infections. The Budhan Theatre, founded by the Chharas, initiated efforts to sanitize the area and raise awareness about the virus. They launched the Budhan Podcast on YouTube, with support from the University of Leicester and Bhasha Research and Publication Centre, to educate the community in their native language, Bhantu.

In a relationship with food

26 Jul 2020  |  Mid-day
Dominika Patalas and Pulkit Kalra, a multi-racial couple, share traditional Polish recipes using Indian ingredients on their YouTube channel, Discover Genix. Their channel aims to break taboos about intercultural relationships by showcasing the fusion of Polish and Indian cuisines. Their efforts have garnered attention from the Polish Institute New Delhi, leading to an online series featuring Polish dishes made with Indian ingredients. The couple's videos, recorded during the lockdown, highlight the similarities and unique aspects of both culinary traditions, with engaging content and viewer participation through giveaways.

Aai chya gaavaat

19 Jul 2020  |  Mid-day
A Nashik-born couple, Vishal Patil and Rajkanya, have moved to Austria and started a YouTube channel named ViRaas, focusing on traditional recipes from their hometowns. The channel, which began in August 2019, has gained about 1.12K subscribers. Rajkanya, who learned cooking from her aunt, faces challenges in making authentic Indian food due to limited grocery options in Austria. Despite this, their videos, recorded on smartphones and edited on Android and iOS software, have been well-received, spreading the love for Khandeshi food and culture online.

The non-profit that protects rights of lovers

28 Jun 2020  |  mid-day.com
Love Commandos, founded by Sanjoy Sachdev in 2010, is an NGO dedicated to protecting the rights of couples in India facing resistance due to caste discrimination and patriarchy. The organization provides shelter, legal assistance, and operates a national helpline. Despite facing challenges, including the arrest of Sachdev in 2019 on charges he denies, the group has gained national fame and international support. Honour killings remain a significant issue in India, with activists believing the reported numbers are underestimated. Rajasthan has passed a bill making honour killings a non-bailable offence, punishable by death or life sentence.

Maa ki rasoi

14 Jun 2020  |  www.mid-day.com
Two food blogger moms, Bharati Mhatre and Poonam Rajhans, share simple recipes from their home states to aid those cooking during the lockdown. Mhatre, from Navi Mumbai, runs the YouTube channel Simply Swadisht and focuses on recipes from the Agri community. Rajhans, based in Jharkhand, shares her recipes on Instagram under Mummy the connoisseur. They both emphasize easy and quick cooking, with dishes like rava coconut cake, sukka chicken curry, aloo khas tikki, and dalpuri.

Now, an app to spread COVID-19 awareness among city's manual scavengers

Corona Theatre! Because, theatre cannot stop

24 May 2020  |  mid-day.com
Yugandhar Deshpande, a Marathi playwright, has created an Instagram page named Corona Theatre to sustain virtual performances and keep artists connected during the COVID-19 lockdown. The page features videos from well-known talents and live shows, gaining over 1,030 followers and 113 posts in two months. Despite the success, Deshpande feels that the Instagram page is a compromised platform and cannot replace the experience of live theatre performances.

The pause on parenthood! How Coronavirus is messing up baby dreams

24 May 2020  |  mid-day.com
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted fertility treatments and IVF cycles for couples in Mumbai and Britain, with regulatory bodies like the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority initially halting treatments before reversing the decision with safety precautions. Mumbai's Jaslok Hospital and NOVA IVF fertility centers paused treatments to prioritize resources for COVID-19 patients and due to uncertainty about the virus's impact on pregnancy. Patients have faced delays and the need to restart treatments, while fertility centers are considering how to safely resume operations, including tele-consultations and separate storage for embryos from post-COVID treatments.

Six feet apart

10 May 2020  |  Mid-day
The article explores how the COVID-19 lockdown has impacted romantic relationships, with individuals finding new ways to connect despite social distancing. It features personal stories of people rekindling old relationships or starting new ones through dating apps and virtual interactions. The narrative highlights the challenges and opportunities of maintaining romance during an extended lockdown, emphasizing the importance of emotional connections and compatibility. Relationship counselor Dr. Parul Khona provides insights into the psychological aspects of seeking love during a crisis, advising people to use this time to judge compatibility and not settle due to lack of options.

Go Corona, go

26 Apr 2020  |  mid-day.com
Shubham Jadhav, a senior illustrator at digital marketing firm Insomniacs, has created a comic series that humorously depicts the Coronavirus being outmaneuvered by the people of Mumbai. The series aims to combat fear with humor during the lockdown, showing scenes where the virus is dodging Mumbaikars and even getting run over by an autorickshaw.

The twin ode to Konkan

29 Mar 2020  |  Mid-day
Two eateries in Maharashtra, Kath N Ghat in Thane and Masoli in Nagpada, offer authentic Konkani and Malvani cuisine respectively. Kath N Ghat, run by Sunny Pawaskar and Kiran Bhide, celebrates food from various regions of Maharashtra with dishes like crab bisque and kothimbir wadi. Masoli, established by Pradeep Patil and Amit Haralkar, focuses on Malvani seafood thalis and aims to introduce this cuisine to a Mughlai-dominated neighborhood. Both restaurants are praised for their dedication to authentic flavors and culinary traditions.

The man who wouldn't let the world go hungry

15 Mar 2020  |  Mid-day
A new documentary titled 'A Full Bowl: The Alan Berg Story' by Theo Schear highlights the life and work of Alan Berg, an international nutrition pioneer. Berg's efforts in combating hunger and malnutrition, particularly during his tenure with the US Government's Food for Peace program and later with the World Bank, have saved millions of lives. His significant contributions in India, especially during the Bihar drought, are also detailed. Despite his impactful work, Berg remains modest and largely unknown. The documentary aims to bring his remarkable achievements to light.

What are your plants having for lunch?

02 Feb 2020  |  mid-day.com
Vinayak Garg, an entrepreneur and TEDx speaker from a family of gardeners, launched The Plant Food Stick in June 2019 to help maintain plant health with minimal effort. His Delhi-based venture, Lazy Gardener, offers innovative plant food sticks that release essential nutrients over two months, supporting plant growth processes. GreenStix is for foliage, while BloomStix is for flowers and fruits, with prices at Rs 550 and Rs 600 respectively.

The pig boss

19 Jan 2020  |  Mid-day
Rayan Dsouza, a music producer and part-time chef, has launched a food delivery service called Pork Deli, dedicated exclusively to pork dishes. Operating from his home in Madh Island, Mumbai, Dsouza combines Mangalorean and North Eastern flavors, influenced by his wife Shangkhu Hongsha. The service has gained popularity within the local community, and Dsouza plans to expand delivery to Kandivli. Specialties include pork ribs, pork roast, pork pepper, and pork bafat, with a focus on traditional and healthy ingredients.

Knot your cup of tea?

23 Nov 2019  |  Mid-day
Shilpa Bhanushali, a 26-year-old macramé artist from Vidyavihar, Mumbai, uses the ancient Chinese art form of knotting to create aesthetically pleasing utility items, with plant holders being her specialty. She rediscovered her passion for macramé in 2017 and now conducts workshops to teach the craft to others.

Meet lawyer who has filed 1,200 affidavits against Bullet Train project

23 Nov 2019  |  www.mid-day.com
Anand Yagnik, an Ahmedabad-based lawyer, has filed over 173 petitions and 1,200 affidavits in the Gujarat High Court against the Bullet Train project, arguing it is not a 'Make in India' initiative as claimed. He represents over 1,000 farmers affected by the project, highlighting the destruction of temples, displacement of households, and the financial burden on farmers. Despite the Gujarat High Court rejecting many petitions, the issue is advancing to the Supreme Court. Yagnik, who has funded the legal battle himself, criticizes the government for unfulfilled promises to farmers and views the project as an experiment on the people of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

This village got award for being first to give land for bullet train

21 Nov 2019  |  Mid-day
Chansad village, located in Padra taluka, is the first to consent to land acquisition for the bullet train project, receiving seven times the market price as compensation. Deputy sarpanch Narendra Patel states that 47 families have already agreed, with the rest giving verbal consent. The village holds significance as the birthplace of BAPS spiritual head Pramukh Swami Maharaj, who had close ties with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Villagers express trust in Modi's decisions, believing they are in their best interests. The project promises 25% more compensation for those who willingly give up their land.

Bullet train: 'We will be sent to a place in Latur with water crisis'

17 Nov 2019  |  Mid-day
Kaluram Dhodade, a prominent tribal rights activist in Palghar, criticizes the government's development projects, including the bullet train, Vadodara-Mumbai Expressway, and Freight Corridor, for displacing tribal communities and destroying fertile land. He argues that the government's promises of compensation and rehabilitation are false, drawing parallels to past displacements. The villagers, having faced broken promises before, refuse to move again, highlighting the ongoing struggle for tribal rights and the impact of infrastructure projects on their lives.

Plastic out, sustainability in

16 Nov 2019  |  mid-day.com
Ajinkya Chikte launched Homebox Express, a subscription service that delivers household supplies in sustainable packaging and collects plastic waste for recycling, inspired by encountering plastic pollution while diving in the Andaman Islands. The service aims to facilitate sustainable living by providing a convenient solution for managing plastic waste without charging extra fees, selling products at MRP, and targeting consumers such as young couples and individuals living away from parents.

Won't vacate for Bullet Train even if compensation offered: Shopowners

12 Nov 2019  |  Mid-day
Shopowners at the 100-year-old Kadak Bazaar in Alkapuri, Vadodara, are refusing to vacate their premises for the bullet train project, even if compensation is offered. They claim no officials have informed them about the demolition. The project includes a bullet train station and a High Speed Rail Training Institute, which is already under construction. Local activist Krishnakant Chauhan expresses concerns about the impact on the city, while project manager Pradeep Ahirkar provides details on the construction phases.

A Mumbai-Ahmedabad flight will take less time

12 Nov 2019  |  Mid-day
Experts and activists express concerns over the economic viability and environmental impact of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project. They argue that the project targets fertile land and forests, and question its financial feasibility given existing transportation options. Critics, including former railway officials and transport experts, suggest that the funds could be better used to improve the current railway system. The Japan International Cooperation Agency has provided a concessional loan for the project, with a repayment period of 50 years. Despite these concerns, the project aims for completion by December 2023.

Americans at home in India

20 Oct 2019  |  Mid-day
The American Women's Club of Bombay, now known as the American Club of International Women (ACIW), celebrates its 91st anniversary. Founded by Frances Brown Brough in 1928, the club has grown to 170 members, including 36 non-American nationals. The club focuses on social work, cultural integration, and providing a support network for expatriate women in Mumbai. Key activities include heritage walks, art events, and an annual charity mela. Members like Taly Lind, Sasha Zaveri, and Jinx Akerkar share their experiences, emphasizing the club's role in fostering inclusivity and philanthropy.

An exclusive report on the Nigerian community's vice president who talks about life in India despite racial attacks.

Alert for Mac and Windows Users: Beware of Clearfake and Fake Browser Updates

27 Jul 2016  |  DNA India
The article discusses a new cybersecurity threat known as Clearfake, which targets Mac and Windows users. It appears to be a warning against fake updates for Safari and Chrome browsers on laptops. The journalist likely provides an overview of what Clearfake is and offers advice on how users can protect themselves from this threat. The article may include expert insights or research findings that highlight the risks associated with Clearfake and possibly steps or tips for users to ensure their digital safety.

Alert for Mac and Windows Users: Beware of Clearfake and Browser Update Risks

27 Jul 2016  |  DNA India
The article discusses a new cybersecurity threat known as Clearfake, which targets users of Mac and Windows operating systems. It follows the concerns raised by the emergence of Deepfake technology. The article serves as an alert to users about the potential risks associated with updating Safari and Chrome browsers on their laptops. Additionally, the journalist provides tips on how users can protect themselves from falling victim to Clearfake. These tips are likely to include best practices for verifying software updates, being cautious of phishing attempts, and using reputable antivirus and anti-malware tools.

An exclusive interview of Lt Col (Retd) Samir Rawat ahead of Kargil Vijay Diwas, where he reveals chilling details of the Indian Army.


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