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Qiang Wu

Beijing, China
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About Qiang
Dr. WU, Qiang is an independent researcher of Chinese politics based in Beijing, China, 
conducting strategic analysis and consultancy about China's late authoritarianism & geopolitical risks
German English Chinese (Mandarin)
Research Fact Checking
Politics Current Affairs Research

Payment Methods and Demographics Influence Patterns of Dental Service Utilization

03 May 2024  |  PubMed
A descriptive study at the East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine analyzed 534,983 procedures from 26,710 patients to describe dental service utilization patterns in North Carolina. The study found that payment method significantly influenced service type, with Medicaid beneficiaries more likely to receive restorative procedures, removable prosthetics, or oral surgery, but less preventive procedures than expected. Privately insured or self-paying individuals used a greater variety of services, including specialized procedures like endodontics and implants.

Sex- and state-dependent covariation of risk-averse and escape behavior in a widespread lizard

04 Apr 2024  |  onlinelibrary.wiley.com
The study examines the covariation of risk-averse and escape behavior in the common lizard Zootoca vivipara, considering factors such as sex, state (gravid vs. postpartum; infested vs. noninfested), and life stages (adult vs. neonate). It finds that behavioral syndromes, specifically the 'risk-averse and escape' behavioral syndrome, differ between sexes and are mediated by individual states. The study reveals that gravid females exhibit this syndrome, which disappears postpartum and when lizards are infested by parasites. The research underscores the importance of considering individual states in the expression of behavioral syndromes and suggests that parasites may impact the covariation between risk-averse and escape behaviors.

Ecological Security Patterns Research Based on Ecosystem Services and Circuit Theory in Southwest China

28 Mar 2024  |  www.mdpi.com
The study addresses the ecological pressures in the Chengdu–Chongqing Economic Circle (CCEC) due to rapid economic development. It employs land use/cover data and environmental threat factors to construct Ecological Security Patterns (ESPs) using the InVEST model and Circuit Theory. The research identifies key ecological nodes, corridors, and sources, and suggests targeted measures for ecological protection and green development. The findings provide guidance for managing urban expansion and anthropogenic activities to enhance the ecological security level of the CCEC.

Pre-Treatment, Extraction Solvent, and Color Stability of Anthocyanins from Purple Sweetpotato

08 Mar 2024  |  mdpi.com
This study evaluates various pre-treatments and solvents for extracting anthocyanins from purple sweetpotato, focusing on color, yields, antioxidant capabilities, and brown index. Optimal results were obtained with steaming unpeeled whole sweetpotato and using 1% citric acid-ddH2O as the solvent. The color stability of purified anthocyanin solutions was assessed under different pH levels at 25 °C and 65 °C. The solutions showed a color spectrum from magenta to yellow across the pH range, with magenta hues at lower pH demonstrating higher color stability. Elevated temperatures significantly accelerated anthocyanin degradation. The study provides guidance for the extraction, preservation, and application of purple sweetpotato anthocyanins in the food industry.

Investigation of Immune Responses in Giant African Snail, Achatina immaculata, against a Two-Round Lipopolysaccharide Challenge

29 Jul 2023  |  mdpi.com
The study investigates the immune responses of the Giant African snail, Achatina immaculata, to a two-round challenge with lipopolysaccharide (LPS), a component of Gram-negative bacteria. The research found that snails previously injected with LPS showed a higher survival rate against a lethal dose of Escherichia coli, indicating enhanced immune protection. The study also examined cellular and transcriptomic responses, revealing significant increases in total hemocyte count and the ratio of BrdU-positive cells after the primary LPS stimulation, which further increased after the second challenge. Additionally, caspase-3 activity and two antioxidant enzyme activities (CAT and SOD) increased significantly after infection, with higher levels observed in the second response. Transcriptome analysis identified 84 differentially expressed genes (DEGs) with higher expression levels after the second immune response, suggesting the involvement of genes related to the TLR signaling cascade in enhanced immune protection. The findings contribute to understanding the immune mechanisms of invertebrates and their defense against recurrent infections.

The Communist Party Is Losing China’s People - The New York Times

30 Nov 2022  |  www.nytimes.com
The article discusses the psychological and economic impact of the two-month lockdown in Shanghai due to the Omicron variant, highlighting the suffering and political awakening it caused among the city's 25 million residents. It criticizes the lack of a political response or empathy from the Chinese leadership, particularly noting the promotion of Shanghai's former leader Li Qiang despite the hardships imposed on the people. The piece also describes how the World Cup in Qatar revealed to the Chinese public the contrast between their prolonged pandemic restrictions and the return to normalcy elsewhere in the world. Additionally, it mentions incidents of suffering due to COVID-19 restrictions, including delayed medical care, labor disputes, and food shortages, which have led to public protests and dissent against the government's policies.

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