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Rafael Hernandez

Caracas, Venezuela
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About Rafael
I am a journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Caracas, Venezuela. I want to tell the next story.

I cover in all Latin America and the Caribbean. I have worked with: RCN, VOA, Getty Images, AFP, The Asahi Shimbun, among other prestigious media outlets.
English Spanish French
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast) Documentaries
Finance Politics Current Affairs

No magic diets, no ancestral supplements: healthy habits

17 Oct 2023  |  ethic.es
A healthy diet is essential for proper body function and includes a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, and healthy fats. Fast-paced lifestyles often lead to poor eating habits, which can have severe health consequences. The World Health Organization highlights poor diet as a major risk factor for death and diseases globally. Education and public programs, like Dia's 'Comer mejor cada día,' are crucial in promoting healthy eating habits. The article emphasizes the importance of consistent healthy eating habits over quick fixes or specific foods.

Politics, discourses and the logic of the real

01 Oct 2023  |  OnCubaNews English
The article explores the complexities of Cuban politics, emphasizing the distinction between political discourse and actual policy implementation. It critiques speculative and self-reflective analyses of Cuban leadership and policies, arguing for a more nuanced understanding of political actions and societal dynamics. The piece also highlights the challenges within Cuban media and communication, calling for greater transparency and public involvement in political processes. The author stresses the importance of building policies from the ground up and learning from current societal potentials rather than relying on past frameworks.

The alienation of military real estate assets in Spain: an approach to urban regeneration issues

22 Mar 2023  |  dialnet.unirioja.es
The research contextualizes the alienation policies of real estate assets assigned to the Spanish Ministry of Defence and argues the opportunities and inertia for effective reuse of these assets. The study emphasizes the results of the alienation processes that have gradually taken place in the country, which may be reproducible in other international contexts through corresponding legislation and real estate interest of the organization. Based on the Spanish legal context, two case studies are analyzed to address and characterize the main features of the reuse processes, demonstrating a predominantly speculative approach by the Ministry of Defence when proposing the alienation operations of these assets.

Feeling Human

18 May 2022  |  expansion.mx
The article discusses the challenges facing the education system, highlighting the disconnect between students and educators. It emphasizes the importance of human values, trust, and personal growth in overcoming these challenges. The author argues for a shift in perspective towards education, focusing on aligning values, building credibility, and fostering emotional and intellectual development to create a better society.

Super Hybrid Education, basis for the development of comprehensive skills

16 Apr 2022  |  expansion.mx
Technological advancements have transformed education into a hybrid model, combining physical and virtual academic environments. This super hybrid education enhances active learning through flipped classroom principles, simulations, and digital resources. Post-pandemic, students demand high internet connectivity, recorded classes, and accessible content across devices. They also seek certifications and personalized learning paths to better align with the job market. Universities must adapt to these new expectations, offering a blend of in-person and online experiences.

Democratization of Learning: Equity and Inclusion

10 Mar 2022  |  expansion.mx
The article discusses the integration of new educational trends and technologies to create a more inclusive and equitable learning environment. It emphasizes the importance of personalized and adaptive learning supported by technology to cater to individual needs and characteristics, breaking away from traditional standardized evaluation methods. The goal is to democratize education by recognizing and valuing the diverse backgrounds and abilities of students, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and enriched learning experience.

The University is the lifelong learning club

11 Jan 2022  |  expansion.mx
Rafael Campos Hernández, Rector of Aliat Universidades, discusses the evolving role of higher education institutions in addressing labor market needs. He emphasizes the importance of universities innovating in academic scenarios, learning integration, teaching profiles, and growth demands of young and older adults. He advocates for education that is pragmatic, lifelong, and tailored to individual differences, with universities acting as catalysts for personal growth and learning throughout one's active life.

Meta-learning: learning to transform

11 Nov 2021  |  Expansión
Adults often avoid failure and extreme effort, unlike children who learn through risk-taking and imagination. The field of Andragogy, along with early 20th-century researchers like Binet and Yoakum, explores why children learn more effectively. They emphasized introspection and awareness of learning strategies. Adults must adopt a child-like mindset of innovation to adapt and transform in the face of complex challenges. Cognitive and behavioral sciences suggest principles to maintain this spirit, such as relying on others, understanding one's mind, being curious, and avoiding unnecessary risks. Meta-learning processes can help create a life plan and are essential in personal, social, and business transformation.

Un día con los rescatistas venezolanos que atienden casos de Covid-19, para VOA

En la Amazonía venezolana todo se paga con oro, para AFP

A day in the life of Refugees around the world for VOA

Morir de miedo o morir de Covid-19. Crisis pandémica en Venezuela. Corto documental ganador del concurso The Right Cut de la embajada de Francia en Venezuela y la ONG Sin Mordaza

Antonio Díaz, karateca olímpico. Para NTN24

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Developers Address Cheaters, Ranked System and More in New Ubisoft AMA

06 Aug 2021  |  Collider
Ubisoft developers held an AMA to address various concerns about Rainbow Six Siege, including the use of mouse and keyboard on consoles, cheating, and the ranked system. They are working on balancing inputs and have ongoing initiatives to combat cheating. Changes to the ranked system include separating MMR from ranking to improve matchmaking. In-game content updates were discussed, including bringing back old skins and improving the alpha pack system. Other topics included customizable elites, new weapons, and changes to the scoreboard and weapon loadout screens. Rainbow Six Siege is available on multiple platforms.

Conflict, consensus, crisis. Three minimum notes on the protests

23 Jul 2021  |  OnCubaNews English
The article examines the July 11 protests in Cuba, interpreting them through the lens of sociological concepts like anomie and fatigue. It discusses the Cuban government's transition and the challenges faced by President Díaz-Canel, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic hardships. The text highlights the unprecedented reforms and increased freedoms under the new government, while also addressing the social polarization and violence during the protests. It critiques both the Cuban government's response and the U.S. policy towards Cuba, emphasizing the need for sustained dialogue and consensus-building within Cuban society.

What is happening in Cuba?

23 Jul 2021  |  Telepolis
Recent protests in Cuba exemplify anomie, a concept described by sociologist Emile Durkheim as the breakdown of social norms during periods of rapid change. The protests, driven by food shortages, economic contradictions, rising living costs, and power outages, reflect the challenges of transitioning to a new socialist order. The Cuban government, led by President Miguel Díaz-Canel, has introduced significant reforms, including a new constitution and steps towards a mixed economy. Despite these efforts, the tightening of the US embargo under Donald Trump has exacerbated the situation. The article also highlights the increased freedom of expression and internet access in Cuba, contrasting it with the past. The sentiment towards the Cuban government is neutral, acknowledging both reforms and criticisms, while the US government's actions are viewed with mixed sentiments.

Educate to transcend

09 Jun 2021  |  expansion.mx
The formal education system in Mexico was forced out of the classroom due to the pandemic, leading to an increase in informal learning through daily activities and social media. The article discusses the integration of informal methods into formal education, such as using TikTok for micro-teaching, and the need for a personalized educational experience. It emphasizes the importance of adapting education to include sustainable knowledge, technology integration, economic efficiency, gender equality, civic duties, and social entrepreneurship. The author, Rafael Campos Hernández, Rector of Aliat Universidades, advocates for education that transcends excellence criteria and focuses on human values, rights, and societal and planetary care.

Venezuelan migration crisis


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