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Torino, Italy

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Raffaele Angius

Raffaele Angius is a journalist media innovation advisor based in Turin. He works togheter with Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights, Facebook Tracking Exposed and Futura News. After a period as a free-lance journalist in Middle East he specialized in the design and deployment of whistleblowing platforms to help newspapers and NGOs to perform their investigations. In collaboration with the Italian newspaper "l'Espresso" he created and manage RegeniLeaks, platform made to collect information about the murder of the Italian researcher Giulio Regeni and other cases of violations of Human Rights in Egypt. With the GlobaLeaks team he also provides digital security training for journalists.



Podcast Radio 110 - GR Futura News - Speaker 17/03/28


67th recurrance of the Nakba from Bethlehem


Feature story about the Yarmouk' Boy Scout Movement during the evacuation of the city

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