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Rajarshi Chakrabarty

Learning,evolving and growing in the sports media industry for past seven years in succession to construct the bedrock of my sport journalism/columnist cum Data Lead career  based on consolidated knowledge of South Asian and South East Asian sports events, covering major sporting events,leagues, friendlies and tournaments for global fan base and stake holders to deliver top quality data,statistics,articles and stats.

As an enthusiastic  sports lover I feel blessed to be part of global sports industry witnessing the drama of sport unfold year after year, personally love Volleyball and Football and looking to make a mark in the growing sports industry.I speak close to 5 South Asian languages(English,Hindi,Bangla,Nepali, and beginners Thai) and in continuous search to master more languages.

Working as a Data Lead for a Digital Sport Content company the major duties includes to collect, produce, package and distribute data, editorial and video for all professional sports competitions globally. By delivering more content, more quickly and in more detail than anyone else thereby to create experiences that engage fans and drive their revenues. 

Having worked with data-partners of major global rights holders such as BWF,ITTF,AVC,AFC,ITF, FIBA and TVA to create long-term, transparent commercial relationships that help grow global audiences and, ultimately, benefit the long-term good of the sports.

Bengali English Hindi Nepali
Content Writing Photography Live Reporting Fact Checking
Sports Fact Checking

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