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Ramananda Sengupta

I'm a journalist. editor and marketing communications professional based in Bengaluru, India. Over the past quarter century, I've written extensively on diverse subjects ranging from air shows to defence expos, parenting to politics, rock stars to religion, and reviewed cars, books and gadgets. But my main interest has always been the foreign policy, military and strategic dynamics at play around the world.  
I  write opinion and news articles for various digital platforms, newspapers and magazines, as well as strategic think tanks.   I've also written scores of Corporate White Papers, Case Studies, and media releases for various companies.


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A portfolio of some of my work across various publications and websites


How India balances support for the Palestinian cause with its burgeoning ties with Israel.


A talk I gave on the Rise of China and its Implications for India and Asia


Aren't shrimps vegetables? Memories of a visit to China with Indian President K.R. Narayanan in 2000, marked by a communication gap that still hasn’t narrowed.


This article examines the Sino-Indian dynamics in the nuclear age.


I was Guest Editor for this special issue of Swarajya Magazine on understanding China.


An obit of APJ Abdul Kalam, India's most popular President ever.


A obituary of General JFR Jacob, a dear friend and the Jew who led India to victory in the 1971 war with Pakistan.


How America replaced Russia as India's largest arms supplier


A review of Christophe Jaffrelot’s absorbing tome, The Pakistan Paradox, which attempts to explain the historical, political and social dynamics at play in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


India's attempts to build a nuclear sub-surface fleet and what it means for the region.


A column on how to rewrite the India-Pakistan narrative post the terrorist strike on India's Pathankot airbase.


A report on the International Fleet Review held off the coast of Visakhapatnam February 4-8

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