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Raphael Lima

Lisbon, Portugal
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About Raphael
Raphael Lima is a journalist based in Lisbon, Portugal.
English Spanish Portuguese
Politics Arts & Books War Reporter

Guns and weapons trafficked from US fueling Haiti gang violence

14 Mar 2024  |  igarape.org.br
Haiti is experiencing violent chaos with gangs in Port-au-Prince displaying high-powered rifles and automatic weapons. These firearms are not produced in Haiti, which lacks manufacturing capabilities for such weaponry. The arsenal predominantly originates from the United States, with many guns likely trafficked from states with lax firearm laws, particularly Florida.

A new Nintendo Direct confirmed focusing on partner games

20 Feb 2024  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo Direct event to showcase third-party games for the Nintendo Switch. The event, which is expected by fans and will last 25 minutes, will be broadcasted on YouTube. It is scheduled for February 21 at 11 AM Brasília time and will feature games set to be released in 2024.

Review | Madame Web 'Managed to be worse than Ben Affleck's Daredevil'

13 Feb 2024  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Madame Web, featuring Dakota Johnson and directed by S.J. Clarkson, is criticized for its underutilization of a talented cast, poor script, shaky action scenes, and predictable plot. The film's final sequence is described as disappointing, with cheesy lines and bizarre events, concluding the film in an embarrassing manner. The review suggests that Sony's attempt to leverage Spider-Man franchise characters has resulted in another failure, following the likes of Morbius.

Review | Halloween Night 'The best of the trilogy'

12 Sep 2023  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Halloween Night is the third film adapted from Agatha Christie's books, directed by Kenneth Branagh and featuring Michelle Yeoh and Tina Fey. Set in Venice, the film follows retired detective Hercule Poirot, played by Branagh, as he investigates a medium during a séance on Halloween. The film diverges from the original book, which may confuse avid readers, but maintains a well-knotted mystery and suspense. The cast's synergy contributes to the dramatic and suspenseful atmosphere, with standout performances by Branagh and Yeoh. Despite lackluster ghost effects, the cinematography captures Venice's beauty and the setting of an old mansion. The film is recommended for fans of investigative suspense films and previous adaptations of Christie's work, and is set to release in cinemas on September 14, 2023.

Horizon franchise has 16 projects underway

13 Jul 2023  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Guerrilla Games has revealed ambitious plans to expand the Horizon franchise, owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment, with 16 ongoing projects. Jan-Bart van Beek mentioned in an interview that these include new games, a potential Netflix series, and other innovative initiatives. A cooperative multiplayer project is in development, which is a significant challenge for the team. Known projects are a multiplayer game, a third title featuring Aloy, and a live-action series. Rumors also suggest a Horizon MMORPG by NCSoft and a possible remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn. The recent DLC, Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, was released in April 2023.

Sonic Origins Plus is bigger and better

26 Jun 2023  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
SEGA and Headcannon released Sonic Origins Plus, a comprehensive edition featuring classic Sonic games with graphic improvements and new content, on June 23. The release includes Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD, with the option to play in original 4:3 or updated 16:9 resolution, and adds Tails and Knuckles as playable characters. The update also brings Game Gear games and a DLC for Amy Rose. The gameplay remains faithful to the original, with simple and easy-to-learn controls for new players. The graphics have been upgraded, and new animations enhance the storytelling and character interactions. Sonic Origins Plus is recommended for Sonic fans and newcomers alike, though a controller is advised for the best gaming experience. The game is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

Check out the announcements from Nintendo Direct on June 21

21 Jun 2023  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Nintendo's latest Direct presentation unveiled a variety of new games, DLCs, and updates for existing titles. Highlights include a new Peach game, a remake of Super Mario RPG, and Detective Pikachu Returns for the Switch. Other notable announcements include Sonic Superstars, Splatoon 3's Splatfest, Batman Arkham Trilogy, and new content for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The event showcased a mix of beloved franchises and fresh titles, generating excitement among fans.

BIG Festival will have the presence of Konami

16 Jun 2023  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
The Japanese publisher Konami confirmed its presence at the BIG Festival, with Michael Rajna, Director of Business Development and Licensing, set to discuss third-party game publishing initiatives. KeelWorks, a new partner of Konami, will showcase their game CYGNI: All Guns Blazing. The event aims to guide new developers and companies seeking publishers. BIG Festival 2023 will feature various awards and talk shows with national and international gaming companies, taking place from June 28 to July 2 at São Paulo Expo.

Stalker 2 Developer Reveals Impact of War on Game

14 Jun 2023  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
GSC Game World announced the postponement of Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl to 2023 due to the armed conflict in Ukraine, where the company is based. The development team has faced challenges such as fleeing the country, searching for missing relatives, and some being called to the front lines. Despite these hardships, the company remains committed to completing the game. A new trailer was released, and the game is set to be a first-person shooter with horror and survival elements, exploring the nuclear disaster area of Chernobyl. It will be available on PC and exclusively for Xbox Series S/X.

TMNT Shredder’s Revenge to receive a DLC this year

07 Jun 2023  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Dotemu, the developer of TMNT Shredder’s Revenge, announced a new free DLC called Dimension Shellshock, which will introduce the universe of Usagi Yojimbo, a samurai rabbit from the Edo period in Japan. The expansion will include a new story, new character styles, and Usagi as a playable character, marking the first fighter addition since the game's release. The DLC is confirmed to be released this year, and TMNT Shredder’s Revenge is currently available for PC, Playstation, Switch, and Xbox.

New Genshin Impact Character Revealed

16 May 2023  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
HoYoverse announced a new character, Shikanoin Heizou, for Genshin Impact via Twitter. The character will be an Anemo swordsman and is expected to be four-star. The delay of the 2.7 update is speculated to be due to the addition of this new character. The current version, 2.6, features the well-received five-star character Kamisato Ayato. The release date for version 2.7 remains undisclosed. Genshin Impact is available on PC, Mobile, PlayStation 4, and 5. HoYoverse also develops Honkai Impact 3rd and the newly announced Zenless Zone Zero.

Overwatch 2 will have a collaboration with Cowboy Bebop

07 Mar 2023  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Activision Blizzard announced a collaboration between Overwatch 2 and the renowned anime Cowboy Bebop, featuring new skins for characters such as Cassidy, Ashe, Black Mauga, Sombra, and Wreckingball. The event will start on March 12, with a free skin available on March 11. Additional content includes emotes, sprays, and animations inspired by Cowboy Bebop. The collaboration is in partnership with Crunchyroll, and Overwatch 2 is available on multiple platforms.

Review – Need for Speed Unbound, Style and Visuals in a Racing Game

03 Feb 2023  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
EA and Criterion Games have innovated the Need for Speed franchise with cartoonish visual effects and a game where victory isn't the only thing that matters. The game features a wardrobe with famous brands like Versace, Vans, Puma, and Fila, and an exclusive soundtrack track by A$AP Rocky, who also appears in the game. Set in Lakeshore, inspired by Chicago, the game offers a visually striking experience with cartoonish and colorful drifts, turbos, and emotes. Gameplay is fun and less demanding than simulation games, with a free mode for exploration and a racing mode with betting mechanics. The online mode is challenging, and the game is described as innovative, with controls that may take time to master.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn Gets Release Date

11 Nov 2022  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Square Enix's classic tactical RPG, Tactics Ogre: Reborn, based on the 2010 game Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for PSP, is set to release on November 11, 2022. The game, originally launched on SNES, will feature visual improvements, re-recorded music, and some dubbed cutscenes. After various rumors and leaks, including a prematurely posted title page by Sony and a trademark registration earlier in the year, the game's release has been officially confirmed. Tactics Ogre: Reborn will be available on PC, Playstation, Switch, and Xbox, with both standard and deluxe editions offering various bonuses for pre-orders.

Netflix announces games based on its hit series

10 Jun 2022  |  Cabana do Leitor
Netflix revealed during Geeked Week event that it is developing games based on its successful series, including The Queen's Gambit, La casa de papel, and Playing with Fire, among others. The Queen's Gambit game will feature chess matches and puzzles, while La casa de papel will involve a heist in a Monaco casino. Shadow and Bone: Destinies is a narrative RPG in early development, and Playing with Fire will simulate a reality show with celibacy challenges. Release dates are expected to start from 2023.

Review Rainbow Six: Extraction

25 Mar 2022  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Rainbow Six: Extraction, a tactical FPS game by Ubisoft, was released on January 20 and is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The game is set after an attack from unknown origins devastates urban centers, leading to the creation of REACT to combat the alien 'archaeans'. It features 18 operators with unique abilities for three-player online teams or solo offline play. Operators return from missions with remaining health and can be temporarily sidelined to recover. The game has realistic graphics, improved for the new console generation, and cross-platform multiplayer. The narrative progresses with each completed task, motivating continued play, although losing a developed operator can be frustrating. The game is available on multiple platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, and Amazon Luna.

Matrix Resurrections 'Dull and Tasteless'

27 Dec 2021  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Matrix Resurrections, released on December 22, brings back original cast members Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss but fails to captivate beyond its first half. The film's premise, likened to 'Alice Through the Looking Glass', promised an exploration of the world post-Neo's final battle. However, the plot becomes 'dull and tasteless' with unengaging characters and a shift to generic action, squandering the setup of its initial part. Despite good visuals and nods to the original trilogy, the film ultimately disappoints, offering little more than cheap entertainment.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade will be a temporary exclusive

10 May 2021  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Square Enix broadcasted a trailer for FF7 Remake Intergrade during a live event for their mobile battle royale, First Soldier. The trailer, which contains spoilers, revealed that the game will be a Playstation 5 exclusive for six months after its launch. There is no information on whether the remake's expansion will be available on other consoles or when the second part of FF7 will be released, although game director Tetsuya Nomura indicated it will follow the events of Intergrade. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is set to release on June 10 for PS5.

Playstation's Exclusive Chinese Conference

27 Apr 2021  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Sony has announced a conference exclusively focused on the Chinese market, potentially to address the official launch of the Playstation 5 in China. The event is scheduled for April 29 at 11 AM China time (0 AM Brasília time) and will be broadcast only on Chinese platforms Bilibili, Douyin, and Weibo. The Chinese market is noted for its strong activity in the production of smartphone and computer games, even more so than in the console market.

New State of Play Announced

27 Apr 2021  |  Cabana do Leitor
Sony has announced a new digital event called State of Play to introduce a new character, Rivet, from Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Rivet is a resistance fighter in a technologically advanced future dominated by Emperor Nefarious. The event will feature a 15-minute exclusive gameplay preview of Rivet's role in the game, which is set to release on June 11 exclusively for the Playstation 5. The State of Play is scheduled for this Thursday at 6 PM Brasília time.

Photographic exhibition on Palestine inaugurated this Saturday

06 Mar 2021  |  Esquerda
Raphael Lima, a Brazilian journalist and photographer, has inaugurated a photographic exhibition on Palestine to draw attention to the world's divisions due to political, cultural, and social reasons. After encountering a wall in Northern Ireland with the phrase 'Our Divided Society,' Lima was inspired to start a project during his travels to Palestine, Cyprus, and the former Yugoslav Republics. He emphasizes the power of photography to convey information and provoke multiple reactions. Lima highlights the complex situation in Palestine, the economic inequalities, and the stigmatization of the poor and migrants. He criticizes the EU-Turkey agreement on refugees as a 'smokescreen' that exacerbates the crisis and undermines European solidarity, warning of the rise of extremism.

“Levei as crianças para casa e disse para minha mulher que iríamos ser bombardeados”: 20 anos dos ataques da Otan ao território iugoslavo

06 Mar 2021  |  Sociedade dividida
O artigo marca o vigésimo aniversário dos ataques da Organização do Tratado do Atlântico Norte (NATO) ao território da antiga Iugoslávia, especificamente na Sérvia e Montenegro, ocorridos em 24 de março. O jornalista relata sua chegada a Belgrado dois anos antes do aniversário para cobrir as consequências dos bombardeios. O título do artigo sugere um enfoque nas histórias pessoais e no impacto humano dos ataques, como indicado pela citação de um indivíduo que preparou sua família para o bombardeio. O conteúdo parece ser uma mistura de reportagem de guerra e jornalismo investigativo, com ênfase nos assuntos atuais relacionados ao aniversário dos ataques.

Tourism in Essaouira, Morocco, 2019.



Kingdom Hearts | Game chega ao PC pela Epic Games Store

11 Feb 2021  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Epic Games announced on Twitter that all games in the Kingdom Hearts series will be available on PC through their online store. Developed by Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts combines Disney story universes with the protagonist Sora, accompanied by Donald Duck and Goofy. Four games, including HD versions, will be available on March 30th, with prices similar to those on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Microsoft created a subsidiary for the purchase of Bethesda

11 Feb 2021  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Microsoft created a subsidiary named Vault to facilitate the acquisition of ZeniMax Media, which owns Bethesda Game Studios. The transaction, valued at $7.5 million, is pending approval from the European Commission. The subsidiary's name is inspired by the Fallout franchise. This move is common in the gaming industry, similar to EA's creation of Codex Games Limited for acquiring Codemasters. Upon completion, Microsoft will own popular franchises like Doom, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout.

New games on Xbox GamePass in February

03 Feb 2021  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Microsoft's Xbox GamePass, a subscription service for games, will add new titles in February for PC, consoles, and Android via xCloud. The update includes Ghost of a Tale, Project Winter, The Falconeer, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, Jurassic World Evolution, Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Some games will also leave the catalog in February, including De Blob, Ninja Gaiden II, World of Horror, and Shadows of the Damned. Android games require an Xbox or Bluetooth controller.

Stadia closes internal studios and will change business direction

01 Feb 2021  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
Google Stadia is closing its internal game development studios, affecting around 150 developers, as confirmed by Google on their blog. The decision is part of a strategic shift to focus on partnering with developers and publishers to utilize Stadia's technology platform. Despite technical praise and partnerships with major companies like Ubisoft, Stadia has struggled to make a significant impact in the gaming market. No exclusive games developed for Stadia were released in its first year. High-profile games such as Red Dead Redemption and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey were available on the platform but did not achieve the expected impact. Jade Raymond, the creative director of Google Stadia, has left the company.

Steam Game Festival will have a week with more than 500 game demos

01 Feb 2021  |  cabanadoleitor.com.br
The Valve event will offer a variety of new experiences for PC gamers, with over 500 demos of unreleased games available for free testing during the event. The Steam store will feature these demos, including beta versions and test games, allowing players to explore upcoming 2021 releases. Developer live streams will also discuss their creations. The event will start on February 3rd at 3 PM (Brasília Time) and will run until February 9th, after which all demos will be removed from the catalog.

Transnistria: The Last Bastion of the USSR and One of the 'Non-Existent' Countries

10 Nov 2017  |  Notícias ao Minuto
Transnistria, a region with Soviet-era symbols and unrecognized by most of the world, is considered the last bastion of the USSR. Despite declaring independence before the dissolution of the USSR, it is not recognized by Russia, which maintains a military presence there. Moldovan officials, including Andrian Candu and Prime Minister Pavel Filip, have expressed their desire for Russian troops to withdraw, in line with Moldova's constitutional neutrality and aspirations for European Union integration. The situation in Transnistria creates obstacles for Moldova, including its potential EU membership. The article also describes the quiet, Soviet-like atmosphere of Tiraspol, Transnistria's capital.

Brazilian photographer portrays the end of Yugoslavia

20 Jul 2017  |  Pragmatismo Político
Brazilian photojournalist Raphael Lima de Oliveira traveled over 3,300 kilometers across the Balkan Peninsula to capture the disintegration of Yugoslavia for his project 'Divided Society', which is now heading towards its second book release. The book, which is not intended to be a historical account but a personal narrative, will launch in December 2017. It follows his previous work on the division between Arabs and Israelis in Palestine and visits to Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus. The project was crowdfunded through Catarse.me. Raphael is a journalist with a postgraduate degree in Crisis and Humanitarian Action and has worked in various media outlets.

Portuguese filmmakers take the daily life of Alemão to the cinema

11 Dec 2010  |  EXTRA
Portuguese filmmakers Mário and Pedro Patrocínio created a documentary titled 'Complexo: Universo Paralelo' featuring the daily life of residents in the Complexo do Alemão, a community in Rio de Janeiro. The film, which began production in 2005, aims to depict the community beyond its association with violence. It includes personal stories from residents like José Augusto Francisco, MC Playboy, and Dona Célia, as well as insights into the drug trafficking within the area. Despite witnessing significant violence and facing production challenges, the Patrocínio brothers completed the documentary, which offers a multifaceted view of the Alemão.

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