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Raphael Rashid

Raphael Rashid is a freelance journalist based in Seoul, South Korea.

Having pursued Korean Studies at an undergraduate (SOAS, University of London) and graduate (Korea University) level, Raphael has a solid understanding about Korea, inter-Korean relations, and the Korean language.

Raphael worked at Korea's largest global PR agency for a period of 3-years representing Korea's biggest conglomerates including Samsung. Through this, Raphael gained invaluable experience in Korea's worklife as well as insights into the world of chaebol.

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Accommodation booking platforms are transforming the motel landscape in S. Korea, dispelling their taboo and creating a new genre of boutique fusion hotels.


Foreign investors have expressed strong interest in developing multi-billion dollar mega resorts in S. Korea. But there's a big catch: almost all casinos are off-limits for local citizens.


In a positive ruling for gay rights, a former soldier was recently found not guilty for engaging in sexual intercourse with another male soldier while serving in the South Korean army.


Hyundai builds "the world's blackest building" at the Pyeongchang Olympics. But the message wants you to take home is clear: hydrogen is the future.


There were scenes of jubilation as North and South Korea walked out together under the unification flag at the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Read our dispatch from the scene.


Ethnic Koreans from China and the former Soviet Union do not automatically qualify for the coveted F-4. That's where mushrooms come into the picture.


Soju has always been known for being a cheap drink that gets you drunk fast. But it's now gaining a strong following abroad, and has even spawned new premium market.


What on earth is going on in the S. Korean Bitcoin world?


This unassuming 84-year-old living in Seoul holds a secret: His sister was married to the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and bore Kim Jong-nam, once a contender for power. His story is one of tragedy, reunion and loss.


South Korea's pet market is expanding at a rapid rate, but for many animals, it means being treated like nothing more than objects.


e-Commerce sees explosive growth in South Korea, thanks to fast internet connections and ubiquity of smart phones. Yet shopping sites register big losses.


Korea fixer for BBC's 'The Pacemakers' documentary

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