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Rafael Sassaki

São Paulo, Brazil
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About Rafael
Rafael Sassaki is a journalist based in São Paulo.
English Spanish French
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Alan Moore releases colossal novel where past and future are one

01 Jan 2017  |  Folha de S.Paulo
Alan Moore, known for his influential graphic novels, has released a new novel titled 'Jerusalem', a nearly 1,300-page work that explores the concept of eternalism and takes place in the oldest region of Northampton, England. The novel, which took over a decade to write, intertwines dozens of characters across various time periods. Moore, who declared himself a magician at age 40, discusses his belief in the transformative power of magic and its connection to human consciousness. He criticizes the superhero industry, distancing himself from his past works and expressing dissatisfaction with the interference of large publishers. Moore also shares his personal political utopia, which is rooted in anarchy and non-hierarchical societies.

Story of a girl who was tortured by the police during an operation in Brazil's most important university.

Story about a girl who adopted four homeless addicted to crack.

'I'm almost blind, waiting for the final blackout,' says Ferlinghetti

09 Mar 2016  |  Folha de S.Paulo
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, at 97, reflects on his life from his childhood to his current near-blindness. He discusses his upcoming book 'One Stream of Consciousness,' his views on anarchy, the state of the world, and his skepticism towards collective political solutions. Ferlinghetti criticizes Donald Trump, expresses disappointment in Barack Obama, and shares his experiences with other cultural figures like Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs. He emphasizes the poet's role as a truth-teller and the enemy of the state.

Democratic school uses assembly to decide everything from food to curriculum

16 Sep 2015  |  Folha de S.Paulo
In São Paulo, schools such as Politeia and Lumiar are pioneering democratic education, where students actively participate in decisions about their education, from classroom activities to assemblies. Traditional grades are replaced by learning cycles, and evaluation is based on individual abilities. The curriculum includes multidisciplinary projects and encourages critical thinking. While some educators advocate for this approach, others note parental concerns and systemic resistance to change.

Amid fear after attacks, Parisians and tourists try to maintain normal life

01 Sep 2015  |  Folha de S.Paulo
Following new attacks in Paris, residents and tourists were trying to maintain normalcy despite the fear. Key locations in the city showed little movement after news of terrorists holding hostages. Tourists at Notre Dame Cathedral were under the watch of heavily armed soldiers, and shops were checking customer bags. The hostage situations ended by the evening with the death of the kidnappers, and life in the Marais district seemed to return to normal. Parisians and visitors expressed a mix of fear, caution, and resilience, with a common sentiment of not giving in to fear.

Ruins of tenement reveal daily life in Cracolândia; see gallery

01 Jun 2012  |  Folha de S.Paulo
The ruins of a tenement in Cracolândia, São Paulo, Brazil, offer a glimpse into the daily lives of crack users who inhabited the area. Personal belongings, inscriptions on walls, and remnants of family routines are found amidst debris and signs of urban decay. The area, which spans nearly a block, was cleared of crack users by the Military Police at the beginning of an operation. Despite the squalor and danger of collapse, unexpected signs of literary life and tender personal messages are found among the ruins.

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