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Raquel Alonso

Bonn, Germany
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About Raquel
Although I started my professional career as a Journalist in traditional Media (Radio and Newspaper) writing a lot of reports on social and economical aspects, and making so many interviews to different people related with these topics, in my last years I have been working as Communications Managers in different international companies, so I'm used to writing a lot, specially brochures, publications, stories and news . 
I do not like only writing, but also creating, telling the story in such a creative and different way that the public would be really interested in the article.
German English Spanish
Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content
Fact Checking

Computer Science Day: From Calculating Machines to Artificial Intelligence

09 Dec 2021  |  RTVE.es
Computer Science Day is celebrated globally on December 9th to honor the birth of pioneering programmer Grace Hooper in 1906 and to recognize the pervasive role of computing in everyday life, from ATMs to mobile phones.

'Los vencejos', an invitation to reflect from the perspective of a loser

12 Nov 2021  |  RTVE.es
In Madrid, during a certain time of the year, hundreds of swifts fly over the heads of pedestrians. The protagonist of Fernando Aramburu's latest novel, 'Los vencejos', is a 54-year-old philosophy professor named Toni who decides to commit suicide, timing his decision with the migratory return of these birds. As he receives anonymous letters revealing the reasons behind his drastic choice, Toni narrates his life in his final months, believing no one will read his writings and thus being completely sincere.

José Andrés: 'There is no gastronomy without people'

21 Oct 2021  |  RTVE.es
José Andrés is preparing a speech for the Princess of Asturias Award for Concord, which he plans to donate to the victims of the La Palma eruption. His NGO, World Central Kitchen, is distributing food on the island. Andrés emphasizes the importance of people in gastronomy and plans to showcase Spain and its people in a television program broadcast in 170 countries. He reflects on his mother's croquettes as a symbol of generosity and helping those in need.

Celebrate Gay Pride 2021 with 'Wisteria Lane' from Radio 5

28 Jun 2021  |  rtve.es
Radio 5's 'Wisteria Lane' celebrates Gay Pride 2021 with a selection of interviews highlighting LGBTQ+ experiences and issues in Spain. The program features discussions with influential figures such as writer Roberto Enríquez, who draws from his life for the series 'Maricón perdido' on TNT, and Jorge Javier Vázquez, a prominent TV presenter. Other interviews include writer Javier Giner on overcoming addiction, Rubén Moreno on surviving conversion therapy, Rubén Serrano on the #MeQueer movement, Elisa Coll on bisexual resistance, and Uge Sangil, president of FELGTB, on the state of LGBTQ+ rights.

Brooklyn Brew Shop, the kit to make four liters of craft beer for 35 euros

14 Sep 2016  |  www.expansion.com
Brooklyn Brew Shop has launched a reusable kit for making craft beer at home, priced at 35 euros. The kit, which is easy to use and likened to a school project, allows users to brew up to four liters of beer. It includes all necessary equipment and ingredients, with additional kitchen items required. The brewing process takes just over an hour, followed by a two-week fermentation period. The product is available at El Corte Inglés and Curiosité, and is designed to appeal to craft beer enthusiasts and home brewers.

Icon Speak, the ideal T-shirt for traveling and communicating without knowing languages

01 Aug 2016  |  expansion.com
IconSpeak is a T-shirt featuring 40 universal icons, designed to help travelers communicate without language barriers by pointing at symbols to convey simple messages. It was created by three Swiss friends, Florian, Georg, and Steven, following a challenging experience with a broken-down motorcycle in Vietnam. The product has since gained international success, with customers in over 75 countries, and is particularly appreciated for its heart icon, which users love to express affection with. The founders enjoy receiving photos from around the world of people wearing their IconSpeak shirts.

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