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rasha mahmoud

rasha mahmoud is Egyption journalist , 8 years experience.
journalist - video journalist - documentary - script writer
speak: arabic - english - dutch

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US embassy helps restore Jewish burial sites in Cairo

Egypt bets on US to restart talks on Nile dam dispute

Green hydrogen plant launches in Egypt during COP27's second day

Egypt seeks new agriculture, food security cooperation with Africa

Inside Egypt’s first climate-friendly farm

Egypt claims wheat self-sufficiency despite Ukraine war

Medusa trend prompts Egyptian women to speak out on sexual assault

Downward spiral causes crash in Egypt’s gold prices

Russian company begins construction at Egypt’s first nuclear power plant

Egypt to Export Natural Gas to Lebanon via Syria

Egyptian students develop luminescent concrete

Egypt Looks to India for Wheat

Egypt looks to India for wheat to make up losses from Ukraine war

Turkish Minister to Visit Egypt in a Step Toward Rapprochement

Ancient Temple to Zeus Uncovered on Egypt's Sinai

Ancient temple to Zeus uncovered in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula

Egyptians outraged over Israeli festivals in Sinai

Egypt steps up support to Sudan ahead of Nile dam third filling

Egypt ramps up cyber, data security capabilities

Ukraine calls on Egypt to support it, abandon neutrality

Sacred animal mummies live on in Egypt’s City of the Dead

Researchers argue over fetus found inside Egyptian mummy

How Egypt’s jasmine village became global flower producer

Egypt weighs role as mediator in Sudan crisis

Egypt’s Irrigation Ministry Enhances Groundwater Management

Egypt announces deal for large petrochemical production complex

Egypt ready to pump gas to Lebanon

Egypt inaugurates dams in Uganda

Hundreds of offerings to Egyptian fertility goddess uncovered at Luxor

Neglected Egyptian nature reserve home to last pharaonic honey bees

Egypt aims for petroleum self-sufficiency

Egypt sees progress in relations with Turkey

Egypt develops ambitious projects to meet growing water needs

After suffering 300 years of neglect, Al-Jeddawi archaeological agency, built in 1792 in the Egyptian city of Esna, has returned to life after its recent restoration and development.

Egypt builds new water station outside Cairo as fears over Ethiopia dam persist

Egypt establishes largest coronavirus vaccine factory in Middle East

Egyptians hoard gold jewelry

Egypt retrieves ancient priest statue from Holland

Egypt announces four-point plan to mitigate possible water crisis

Egypt’s Al-Azhar issues fatwa against video game

Female coach trains male boxers in Egypt

Egypt steps up action as threat of water scarcity looms

Egypt to Leverage IMF Quota for Sudan's Debt Relief

Egypt rolls out $1 billion for oil exploration in Western Desert

Egypt unveils strategy to adapt to water shortages

Egypt discovers 110 ancient tombs spanning three civilizations

Violence in Ramadan Dramas Sparks Criticism from National Council for Women

Egypt, Sudan build pressure on Italian company responsible for building Ethiopia’s Nile dam

Cairo backs Riyadh's Green Middle East initiative

Ancient South Sinai city of Saint Catherine to get facelift

Egyptians react to new app bringing dead to life

Egypt seeks to turn into regional hub for electricity supply

Sustainable agriculture technology can help Egypt’s water crisis

Egypt's stateless keep receiving empty promises of citizenship

Egypt to begin project to convert sand into solar panels

Egypt calls on Russia to build desalination plants as Nile dam talks stall

Egypt unveils restored Isis Temple 150 years after its discovery

Egypt signs MoU with Siemens to build high-speed electric railway network

Egypt launches first monitoring tobacco center in region as smoking on the rise

Egypt looks to protect investments at risk by Ethiopian civil war

Al-Dustour Editor Calls for Online Defense of Egyptian State

Saudi, Kuwaiti investments boost Cairo, Sphinx airports

Is Egypt ready to turn page on Gulf crisis with Qatar?

Egypt announces largest archaeological discovery yet

Meet Egypt’s first female coach of a men's soccer team

Growing a forest in the middle of the desert

How Egypt Is Developing Its Golden Triangle

How Egypt is developing its Golden Triangle

Egypt presses for political solution in Libya

Pharaonic prophecy raises fears of drought in Egypt

Egypt boosts naval power in deal with German shipbuilder

Egypt announces record-high crude oil production for first time in decades

More intact coffins among archaeological discoveries in Egypt

Egypt casts about for ways to protect fisheries from GERD effects

Egyptian families worry for fishermen detained in Libya

Egypt accuses Ethiopia of stonewalling on Nile dam

Egypt hackers attack Ethiopian sites as Nile dam talks falter

Egyptian Companies Progress on Tanzania's Hydropower Project Amid Health Safeguards

Egyptian archaeologists rely on technology to preserve past

Egypt makes major archaeological discovery amid coronavirus crisis

Egypt to export electricity to Saudi Arabia

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Will Egyptians get coronavirus app?

Egypt and Turkey's energy face-off in the Mediterranean

Egypt launches program in search of the next Mo Salah

Egypt launches first shipment to Kenya as part of Gosour project

Does Egypt really have gas self-sufficiency?

Egypt’s new high-tech border security system in place

Brotherhood detainees feel their leaders abandoned them

Why farmers reject Egypt’s new cotton trade strategy

Egypt weighs pros and cons of IMF loan

Egypt keen on joining reconstruction of Libya, Iraq

Egyptian, international artists explore complexity of Middle Eastern identity in Cairo

Egypt’s new free zone to serve development purposes

Egypt's ENRRA Approves Site for Nuclear Power Station at al-Dabaa

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