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Rastynn Radvar

Rastynn Radvar started his professional activity in the media by working with French journalists as a fixer in 2015. During his early years, gaining experience and learning from many European journalists, he started writing his own articles for international publications. During which he continued to cooperate with international journalists and artists in Iran. Cooperation that went beyond writing articles and with time extended into making podcasts, radio shows, short video items and documentaries.
Now after a few years and gathering an experienced team of photographers, cinematographers and necessary individuals for making different projects happen, Rastynn continues to be active in producing high-quality audio, video and text content on global standards.
He has worked in all parts of Iran because of his vast social relations and having many connections throughout the land and he is ever ready for new opportunities to further his network and work with people and media all around the world.
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A short documentary about the Iranian part of Balouchestan and the shortage of water there. also a quick view on the unemployment rate and fuel smuggling with the Pakistani border.


The Corona virus outbreak has been nothing less than a catastrophe for the people of Iran as access to medication become even more challenging under the US sanctions. #IranSanctions

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