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Rastynn Radvar

Tehran, Iran
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About Rastynn
Rastin Radvar is a Tehran-based journalist who has been working since 2014 under a pen name for safety. He contributes to various media formats, including audio podcasts, mini-documentaries, reportage videos, and written articles for top international media outlets. Currently, he serves as a correspondent for the French newspaper La Croix. Radvar's work is known for its depth and quality, providing insightful coverage of critical events and issues in Iran and the broader Middle East.
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Citizen Media and Independent Press: The Rise of an Alternative Voice

13 Jul 2023  |  boxsons.fr
In the digital age, traditional media faces new challenges as citizens increasingly turn to independent alternatives for information. Citizen media and independent press have emerged as key players in the modern media landscape, offering a counterbalance to mainstream information and producing alternative content. Citizen media platforms are user-generated and include blogs, social networks, online video platforms, podcasts, and news websites. Independent press is defined by its editorial and financial autonomy, free from political, economic, or ideological powers. The democratization of the internet and digital tools has facilitated the rise of these media, with smartphones and digital cameras enabling multimedia content creation by the public. Crowdfunding and subscription models have provided viable financing solutions. Participatory video, an approach that encourages community engagement in film production, was first implemented by Canadian Don Snowden on Fogo Island, leading to collective awareness of local issues and legislative changes. The independent press plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy, transparent democracy, offering a platform for diverse opinions and voices, fostering innovation in journalism, and potentially restoring public trust in media.

A short documentary about the Iranian part of Balouchestan and the shortage of water there. also a quick view on the unemployment rate and fuel smuggling with the Pakistani border.

The Corona virus outbreak has been nothing less than a catastrophe for the people of Iran as access to medication become even more challenging under the US sanctions. #IranSanctions

For Kurdish Smugglers, Iran Sanctions Are Starting to Bite

24 Feb 2019  |  Foreign Policy
The article discusses the plight of Kurdish smugglers, known as kolbars, who transport goods across the Iran-Iraq border. The kolbars face harsh conditions, carrying heavy loads through treacherous terrain and risking encounters with border guards. The intensification of U.S. sanctions against Iran and increased border surveillance by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have made their work more difficult and dangerous. The U.S. aims to economically isolate Tehran and has influenced the behavior of the Peshmerga, the military forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government, towards the kolbars. The article also touches on the historical marginalization of Kurds in Iran and the unfulfilled promises of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to the Kurdish minority. The economic desperation in Iranian Kurdistan drives many to smuggling as a means of survival, despite the high risks involved.


13 Jan 2018  |  Alessandro Cinque
On November 12th, 2017, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck near the border between Iran and Iraq, with the epicenter in Sarpol-e Zahab, Kermanshah province, Iran. The quake was felt as far as Israel and Turkey, but Iran suffered the most severe impact. Approximately 530 people were killed and nearly 7000 injured, making it the deadliest earthquake of the year and the worst in Iran since 2005. More than two months after the disaster, many buildings remain destroyed, and people are living in temporary tent camps. The article includes pictures depicting the ongoing destruction and reconstruction efforts, as well as the emotional state of the affected people.

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