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Rastynn Radvar

I’m an independent and professional young journalist and fixer Based in Tehran, Iran. I’m experienced and working since 2014 as a fixer for European media, journalists and photographers. I know all the routs, cities and local people in different areas in the country to help me reach my goals and getting connected to whatever I may need.
 A good fixer save your time in my opinion, I can help you with ideas of different subjects to work in the country, I’m good in making plans and schedules for the time that we are going to spend together. I can choose locations, people to interview, translate and interpret everything to you. I’m active and full of energy, cool with being busy all the time and move from a place to another. I also can manage your accommodation and transportation while you’re in the country. I’ll hire who ever you may need or find and rent the hardware that you would like to have here. I’m quick and we can work on different projects in short periods. Literally, I’ll take care of everything and guarantee a high quality result.
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