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* București, Romania

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Razvan Papasima

I'm a freelance journalist based in București, Romania. 
I cover subjects on politics (with an accent on social movements, property restitution, corruption and privatization) economics (including financialization of everyday life in Romania) and sports. I worked in the past for numerous organizations including NewsIN Press Agency (Realitatea Media),  RNews, ZiuaOnline.net. 
I hold a BA in Law, a Master degree in Management and Gouvernance and a MA in Anthropology. Starting from 2015 I'm a PhD candidate in Anthropology with a thesis about property restitution in postsocialist Romania.



In December 2013, in the village of Pungeşti, Vaslui County, the American company Chevron started the installation of a shale gas exploration probe. The protests that followed, starting with the blocking of the road access by the peasants, made the state authorities to decree the institution of the "special ​​public safety zone" in Pungești. This led to a limitation of the civil rights of villagers and started a long wave of abuses by the authorities and Gendarmerie forces.

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