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Rebecca Collard

Rebecca Collard is a multiplatform journalist. She produces radio and television packages and provides commentary for CBC, PRI’s The World, BBC, Monocle24, and Voice of America, among other international outlets. She has contributed toTIME, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Christian Science Monitor, and Rolling Stone (ME). 
Rebecca reports breaking news and features on Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as well as the refugee crisis in Europe.




'I just want one hair, one bone to bury, and I will be fine'



These men say they're leaving Syria because they don't want to fight anyone


Why Iraq Is So Desperate to Retake Mosul Dam From ISIS


Meet the Americans Who Have Joined an Iraqi Militia to Fight ISIS


Kurds blame Canadians for soldier’s death in Iraq Kurds claim the Canadian Special Forces soldier killed in northern Iraq walked into a Kurdish ambush point


Thousands of refugees flood into Croatia More than 20,000 migrants have trekked into Croatia since Tuesday, sparking a war of words among Eastern European leaders


Refugee family's long journey to Canada After fleeing Syria for Lebanon, a family of 8 asylum-seekers will finally leave for Canada next week

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