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“Success doesn’t ‘happen’. It is organized, preempted, captured, by consecrated common sense.” (F.E. Willard) Room to Read (RtR) corroborates this, for it is one of the most effective, fastest growing, and award-winning non-profits of the last decade. Started by John Wood in the late nineties as an effort to help the developing world break the cycle of poverty through the lifelong gift of education; Reena Mathai Luke narrates how it has mushroomed across Asia and Africa and explains why John Wood has been recognized in the worldwide media as a “21st century Andrew Carnegie.”


Much has been made about a "macho" guy — strong, restrained with a clear don’t mess-with-me attitude! But this hype, apart from impacting men’s mental health in their attempt to confirm, is actually creating perceptions that are superfluous, aggressive and sometimes even divisive. What we need to do is to nudge our machos to become real heroes. Like Thor, they need to conquer their own fears, which could include the fear of having feelings of sadness, disappointment of or even impotency in order to cope with life’s stress and daily challenges.

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