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Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Reinaldo Chaves

Reinaldo Chaves is a freelance journalist based in São Paulo - SP, Brasil. -
I have eight years of experience as economics, business and start-ups reporter. I have also covered several times the judicial areas, gastronomy, politics, cities, police, culture and participated in the drafting of a web portal. Knowledge and experience in journalism driven data: data scraping, Tableau, Open Refine, based organization data, commands and syntax Python and R languages



An article in data journalism that analyzed hundreds of parliamentary amendments on labor reform in Brazil. It was discovered that 34% of the amendments were written by lobbyists


There is a country where citizens can follow the lobbying done on parliamentarians online. In another, you can access public spending by federal employees or request information on the salaries of judges and parliamentarians. Both countries are in Latin America - viable initiatives because of open data policies and access to information. The problem is that these benefits only accrue to a few people out of the region’s 569 million.


Article about the new Internet usage rules in Brazil and how it affects the legal world


Article about the low number of police inquiries in Brazil. Interviews with Supreme Court justices and prosecutors


Interview with the director of the Council for Financial Activities Control, the Brazilian agency that investigates financial fraud


Article about legal risks and the danger of inadequate provisioning


Article on digital TV signal implementation in Brazil and what it will mean in terms of business opportunities


Article about entrepreneurs operating in the geek business and make sales using blogging techniques and videos


Article on partnerships between small businesses and major research centers for scientific innovation projects

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