Richie Santosdiaz

Richie Santosdiaz

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Richie Santosdiaz

Richie Santosdiaz is a known international trade and economic development subject matter expert - both as a consultant as well as commentator on this realm in both print and also video (live and pre-recorded). He is bilingual (English and Spanish) and has done 100+ pieces/interviews mainly in the American, British, Spanish and increasingly now being based in the UAE mainly with the press here. Those have included with the likes of Forbes, Entrepreneur, NBC - to name a few. Separate from trade he also comments about being an expat and that lifestyle (he's lived in 7 countries).

He's flexible as far as location but mainly uses the UAE as base as of Spring 2018


English Spanish

opinion ed guest post in Spanish - May 2018


Me doing a pre-recorded interview in Dubai May 2018

Sample image

Me being interviewed on Sky as a trade expert with respect to Brexit in 2016 in London


Trump and Brexit with international trade - me as a subject matter expert author on


Saudi Vision 2030 - me as an author on digital print


Richie Santosdiaz showreel - April 2018



  • Economic development changes in the Gulf and wider Middle East

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Business, Current Affairs, Cultural June 27 @ 12:00am

    I am a newbie in the UAE and doing my own work around the economic development changes in the Middle East, in particular in the Gulf with the likes of Saudi Vision 2030, Expo 2020, etc. Always open to see potential collaboration that might synergize well as these topics are long-term and on-going.... Read more

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