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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Richie Santosdiaz

Richie Santosdiaz is a known international trade and economic development subject matter expert - both as a consultant as well as commentator on this realm in both print and also video (live and pre-recorded). He is bilingual (English and Spanish) and has done 100+ pieces/interviews mainly in the American, British, Spanish and increasingly now being based in the UAE mainly with the press here. Those have included with the likes of Forbes, Entrepreneur, NBC - to name a few. Separate from trade he also comments about being an expat and that lifestyle (he's lived in 7 countries).

He's flexible as far as location but mainly uses the UAE as base as of Spring 2018


English Spanish

opinion ed guest post in Spanish - May 2018


Me doing a pre-recorded interview in Dubai May 2018

Sample image

Me being interviewed on Sky as a trade expert with respect to Brexit in 2016 in London


Trump and Brexit with international trade - me as a subject matter expert author on


Saudi Vision 2030 - me as an author on digital print


Richie Santosdiaz showreel - April 2018

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