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Robert Foyle Hunwick

Robert Foyle Hunwick is a writer and editor based in Beijing, China. He has written extensively for various US and UK magazines and newspapers, including The Times, Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, The Atlantic, Esquire, Foreign Policy, Global Post (now PRI), Asia Sentinel, Danwei, Time Out Beijing, Vice, China Newsweek



‘We’re Still Fighting the Japanese in Bed’: The strange relationship between China's oversexed anti-Japanese propaganda and its underground porn trade


China's Eerie Faux-European Ghost Towns: Located near Beijing, the mock-Alpine village of "Spring Legend" has houses, restaurants, shops—and few people. So why are Chinese developers so obsessed with building bizarre ghost towns?


Why Christmas is Huge in China: A Western festival takes on Chinese characteristics


Guys and Sex Dolls: Scenes from a Sexpo (An in-depth profile of the 10th annual Guangzhou National Sex Culture Festival)


Playboy Is Ditching the Sex and Betting on China: But the once-hot brand has moved decidedly down-market. Can Hugh Hefner save his struggling company by selling sweatsuits to Chinese grandmothers?


Over-the-Top Marriage Proposals: To put a ring on her finger in a high-stakes marriage market, it's a case of go big or go home


Miss Universal Values: China's efforts to win the international beauty contest offer intriguing insights into attitudes towards sex, beauty and gender


Serial Killers in China: How poor supervision, censorship, migratory lifestyles and easy access to victims have made China an ideal hunting ground for its many serial killers


Getting Drunk in North Korea: With crappy beer, strange nightclubs, and even bad hangovers, Pyongyang's nightlife may be the only domain in which a Westerner can find normalcy in the Hermit Kingdom.


How Chinese Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Their Military Again: The PLA has emerged from the darkness of 1989 to reclaim the hearts of the masses

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