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Roberto Gutiérrez Contreras

Roberto Gutiérrez Contreras is a journalist based in Ciudad de México, Mexico.
Also known by the pseudonym of "Ryu Dragón Azul" or simply "Ryubluedragon", entrepreneur, businessman, journalist, freelance photographer, specializing in topics of technology, arts, history and entertainment.
For several years he has participated as an SME consultant in information technology issues, especially in computer security, but his experience also covers the areas of administration, digital graphic design, finance and accounting.
He currently has 9 years publishing on digital portals like,, y
He has also produced and edited digital audio and video for different projects.

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Video tutorial on how to install Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus, but with the peculiarity that will be without having to remove Windows 10 of our computers, as the installation will allow a double boot where we will select if we want to start with Ubuntu or We want to start with Windows.


Personalization of Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus with the GUI Unity. Here we show the use of the Compiz Fusion systems for windows effects, desktop and extras; Cairo Dock to add a dock and widgets (also known as screenlets) and, Unity Tweak Tool for the system structure and launcher also known as Dash.

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