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Rohan Keni

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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About Rohan
Rohan Keni is a web content writer at the Times of India. He blogs at open space for TOI blogs.
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Times of India Blog

16 Dec 2021  |  The Times of India
The article reflects on the author's experiences and insights gained from a university class on cross-cultural journalism, focusing on the issue of gender inequality in the professional world. It suggests that despite their capabilities, women often face challenges that position them as secondary to their male counterparts. The piece likely explores the dynamics of gender roles and biases within the professional sphere, drawing from research and investigative reporting on the subject.

India’s drivers and roads at crossroads

06 Nov 2020  |  Times of India Blog
India's road and transport infrastructure is plagued by careless driving, leading to high fatality rates. Reports indicate a person dies every three minutes on Indian roads, with over 1.5 million fatalities in a decade. The Road and Transportation offices' (RTO's) lax driver examinations and corruption contribute to the problem. The COVID-19 lockdown temporarily reduced fatalities, but there are concerns numbers will rise post-pandemic. Stricter laws, higher fines, and improved driver education are suggested to enhance road safety.


15 Jun 2020  |  Times of India Blog
The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly increased stress levels, negatively impacting mental and physical health. The article discusses the difference between positive and negative stress, emphasizing the latter's detrimental effects, such as depression and anxiety. It highlights the conservative views on mental health in some households and advocates for societal change through education and professional support. The piece also warns against excessive news consumption, suggesting limited intervals to avoid overwhelming anxiety. Ultimately, it calls for positive changes in societal beliefs and practices to better manage stress and maintain overall health.

Discovering Genuine Relationships – An Antidote for Mental Pain and Isolation

09 Jul 2019  |  Times of India Blog
Human beings are inherently social, and the ability to form relationships is crucial for cooperation at work, family life, and societal interaction. Recent stressors have led to mental health issues and social isolation, which can result in depression, anxiety, and suicide. Overcoming this requires recognizing and nurturing genuine relationships, which can act as a lifeline and provide hope. The article cites Roger Federer's relationship with his wife as an example of how strong personal connections can support individuals through difficult times.

Prioritizing food security – The lifeline of human sustainability

11 Jun 2019  |  Times of India Blog
The article discusses the rise in gastrointestinal issues due to food poisoning, attributing it to modern lifestyles and negligence towards food hygiene. It emphasizes the importance of public awareness regarding healthy eating, careful monitoring of food expiry dates, and prioritizing health over wealth. The author advocates for better food management practices to ensure future generations are less prone to such conditions and underscores food security as a fundamental aspect of human sustainability.

Tennis is a sporting testimony of life and Rafael Nadal is proof of it

23 May 2019  |  timesofindia.indiatimes.com
The author reflects on their lifelong passion for tennis, particularly their admiration for Rafael Nadal's spirit and determination. They draw parallels between Nadal's career, marked by both grand slam victories and challenging setbacks, and the struggles of everyday life. The author concludes that tennis, through players like Nadal, serves as a narrative for life's struggles and triumphs.

Let’s free our people from mental imprisonment

17 Apr 2019  |  Times of India Blog
The article emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing mental health issues, comparing the urgency of treating physical pain to the often overlooked mental distress. It advocates for moral support from family and friends, professional therapy, and prescribed medications to help individuals overcome psychological trauma. The text also highlights societal stigmas in India that prevent families from seeking mental health care and calls for a unified approach to prioritize mental well-being over societal judgments.

Money vs people

10 Feb 2019  |  The Hindu
The article reflects on the transformation of human values over time, emphasizing how education initially instills humility and humanity but eventually shifts focus towards financial gain. It critiques the modern world's obsession with money, highlighting how financial greed has turned people into money-making machines, often at the expense of loyalty, kindness, and consideration. The author argues that this obsession not only affects personal lives, leading to failed relationships and marriages based on financial motives, but also corrupts the corporate world. Businesses lose sight of their original purpose, prioritizing financial gains over genuine product value. However, the article also acknowledges the necessity of money for survival and growth, and the potential for ethical financial practices to benefit families and communities. The piece concludes by questioning the true value of money in relation to human and family values.

Money vs people

09 Feb 2019  |  www.thehindu.com
The article reflects on the transformation of human values over time, from being taught the importance of kindness and humanity to becoming focused on financial success at the expense of ethical principles. It critiques the societal and corporate obsession with money, which can lead to personal and cultural degradation, as well as dishonest business practices. However, it also acknowledges the necessity of money for survival, growth, and community development, urging a balance between financial necessity and ethical living.

Why is CBSE returning to the old pattern?

21 Nov 2017  |  gulfnews.com
The Indian Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has reverted to its old curriculum pattern, which involves three terms and a comprehensive final exam. This change aims to address complaints about students struggling with stress and failing in higher grades. While the new pattern may enhance students' capacity to handle multiple subjects, it also reduces their leisure time, potentially increasing stress for both students and parents. The article argues that the new system may not be beneficial and highlights the need for educational reforms to adapt to modern times.

Are human habits a threat to the human population?

23 Sep 2017  |  gulfnews.com
Modern generations face more health complications than their predecessors due to changes in diet, environmental pollution, technological developments, and harmful habits. The consumption of fast food and the resulting health issues, air pollution in countries like China and India causing severe health problems, pollution from advanced automobiles, and the rise in smoking-related lung cancer deaths highlight the paradox of technological progress and increased vulnerability to health risks.

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