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Ronelle Richards

Melbourne, Australia
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About Ronelle
Hi there! I'm a freelance journalist and photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. I have close to 10 years experience in varied journalism and media roles including regional newspapers, online business journalism, content writing, photography, magazines, social media and more - including brief experiences in TV and radio. High quality writing, delivered fast and to deadline.
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Painted door test: How to find your next big business idea

01 Oct 2023  |  INTHEBLACK
The painted door test is a cost-effective method for SMEs to validate new business ideas by using simple measures like conversion metrics or take-up rates. This technique allows businesses to test features, products, or concepts in the real world without full commitment, potentially saving significant resources. Experts like Giovanna Lever and Brenton Cannizzaro emphasize the importance of using this test as part of a broader toolkit, including direct customer feedback and market research. Transparency and clear communication with customers are crucial to avoid negative reactions. While useful, painted door tests should be used sparingly and in conjunction with other methods like A/B testing.

Champion Gaming Enters into Strategic Partnership with Basketball Analytics Company 'Inpredictable'

13 Feb 2023  |  INN
Reddit's IPO has garnered strong investor interest, but the company faces skepticism due to its lack of profitability and stalled user growth. Despite this, CEO Steve Huffman is optimistic, especially with a new partnership with Google. The article also discusses the influence of the 'Magnificent 7' tech stocks on the market, with Nvidia leading the pack. However, concerns about market concentration and a potential bubble are raised. The tech industry continues to grow, with advancements in AI, mobile gaming, 3D printing, and blockchain. Investors have various ways to engage with the tech market, including ETFs and stocks in specific tech sectors.

How green hydrogen could replace the entire fossil fuel industry

01 Feb 2023  |  The Lighthouse
Professor John Mathews' new book, 'A Solar-Hydrogen Economy: Driving the Green Hydrogen Industrial Revolution,' presents the case for green hydrogen as a viable replacement for the global fossil fuel-driven energy system. Mathews' research suggests that to match the energy output of the current fossil fuel industry, approximately 4 billion tonnes of green hydrogen would need to be produced annually, potentially creating a $12 trillion industry by 2050. He emphasizes the industrial and fiscal benefits over moral imperatives, suggesting that green hydrogen can generate more jobs and drive a green industrial revolution, particularly in Australia, which is well-positioned to become a global leader in green hydrogen production due to its natural resources and technological advancements.

Hemp Investing in Australia

24 Nov 2022  |  INN
Hemp, a plant with diverse applications in textiles, paper, and as a high-protein food, is considered a fledgling industry in Australia. Its prohibition in 1937, influenced by the anti-marijuana sentiment exemplified by the film 'Reefer Madness,' is believed to have significantly hindered the development of the Australian hemp industry.

What is rental yield?

26 Apr 2021  |  finder.com.au
Rental yield is the income generated from an investment property after deducting costs. It helps investors determine the time needed to achieve investment goals and whether to consider properties in different suburbs for higher yields. Gross rental yield is calculated by dividing annual rent by property value, while net rental yield includes all incurred expenses. Total rental yield considers both rental income and capital gains. Investors should research average rents and yields in target areas, and consider other factors like capital growth drivers and local economy before making investment decisions.

Understand body corporate fees in Australia

31 Mar 2021  |  finder.com.au
Body corporate fees, also known as strata levies, are costs associated with owning a strata title in Australia, covering expenses such as administration, maintenance, repairs, and insurance. These fees vary depending on factors like the property's facilities, size, and the cost of potential repairs. They are determined by the owners corporation and are not the responsibility of renters. Owners corporations can change their strata management company through a committee decision process.

Mortgage Foreclosure: How does it work in Australia?

30 Mar 2021  |  finder.com.au
In Australia, mortgage foreclosure occurs when a lender takes possession of a property after the borrower fails to make repayments. The lender sells the property to recover the debt, following a legal process to transfer the title from the homeowner to the lender. This process includes issuing default notices, a Statement of Claim, and potentially an eviction notice. Mortgagee possession is a similar process where the borrower remains on the title while the lender sells the property. Borrowers are advised to contact their lender early if they anticipate repayment issues and can sell their home before foreclosure to avoid additional legal costs.

Freelance contributor for the Women's health and fitness magazine

Doing the zombie shuffle in Melbourne

04 Jul 2019  |  www.thecitizen.org.au
The annual zombie shuffle in Melbourne celebrated its 10th year, attracting over 1000 participants dressed as various zombie characters, including jilted brides, possessed cheerleaders, Darth Vader, and Frozen Zombies Anna and Elsa. The event even featured a Santa Claus wishing attendees an early Merry Brainsmas. Ronelle Richards and Daniel Horsley documented the festivities.

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