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Roop Gill

London, United Kingdom
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About Roop
Canadian journalist living in London. Specialising in digital and video content. I currently work as a mobile editor for upday for Samsung UK. I've also worked with Discovery Channel Canada, Time Out magazine, Tech City News, Business Reporter and Coindesk.
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Tech World: Apple’s new phones, Google appeals a big fine, Slack gets richer and more

27 Sep 2017  |  uktech.news
Apple introduced its latest iPhones, including the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X, featuring wireless charging and facial recognition. Google purchased a portion of HTC for $1.1 billion to bolster its smartphone business and is contesting a €2.4 billion EU fine for allegedly favoring its shopping service in search results. Slack's valuation reached $5.1 billion after a $250 million investment, primarily from SoftBank's Vision Fund. Bitcoin's value recovered to $4,000 after a significant drop due to the Chinese government's crackdown on bitcoin exchanges.

Presenting a segment of Week in Tech for Tech City News

When tech giants squabble: upday UK’s tech recap

31 May 2017  |  Medium
The article discusses the ongoing disputes between tech giants Amazon and Google, which have resulted in a lack of YouTube support on Amazon Fire TV devices. It also touches on Facebook's efforts to become more child-friendly and YouTube's initiative to clean up its platform. Additionally, the article mentions the persistent news around bitcoin, suggesting that it remains a topic of interest in the current week. The focus is on the tech industry's latest developments and the conflicts between major companies, as well as the broader implications for users and the market.

One of the studio debates I conducted for Business Reporter

My author profile for Tech City News, including on-camera presentations.

Bitcoin: Blockchain's first app

06 Jan 2017  |  UKTN
In 2008, amidst the financial crisis, a paper by Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, aiming to bypass traditional financial institutions and government control. This innovation emerged as a response to the global economic turmoil and loss of faith in governmental financial management. Bitcoin's creation marked a significant milestone in blockchain technology, highlighting its potential to revolutionize the financial landscape.

Highlights from the Bitcoin2014 Conference in Amsterdam

18 May 2014  |  www.coindesk.com
The article provides an overview of the highlights from the Bitcoin2014 conference, which took place in Amsterdam on May 16th and 17th, 2014. The conference was a significant event for those interested in cryptocurrency, technology, and finance, bringing together enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders to discuss the future of Bitcoin and its impact on the global financial landscape. The article likely covers key speeches, panel discussions, and announcements made during the conference, although specific details are not provided in the text snippet.

Congressman Jared Polis Accepting Bitcoin Donations Following FEC Ruling

09 May 2014  |  www.coindesk.com
Democrat Jared Polis has started accepting Bitcoin for his re-election campaign following the FEC's approval of Bitcoin donations for political campaigns. Polis, a vocal advocate for digital currencies in Congress, responded to Senator Joe Manchin's call for a Bitcoin ban with a satirical letter suggesting a ban on physical dollars. Polis' campaign, Jared Polis for Congress, is among the first to accept digital currency donations. Republican entrepreneur Paul Dietzel also announced his acceptance of Bitcoin donations for his congressional campaign.

Enthusiasts and Sceptics Debate Bitcoin at London's O2 Venue

07 Apr 2014  |  coindesk.com
A panel at London's O2 venue, comprising bitcoin enthusiasts and sceptics, discussed various aspects of cryptocurrency, including security, education, and regulation. The event, titled 'How Bitcoin Can Fight Back Against the Hackers and Recent Setbacks', was co-organised by CoinScrum, Firestartr.co, and HardBTC.org. Despite technical issues and a reduced panel size, Chris Ellis, Ben Dyson, Gautam Dhillon, and Simon Dixon covered topics from security concerns in the wake of the Mt. Gox incident to the responsibilities of entrepreneurs in increasing bitcoin adoption. The debate also touched on the nature of bitcoin as a prototype and the potential for a multitude of cryptocurrencies to exist.

Robocoin Machine Heats Up Competition Between London's Bitcoin ATMs

02 Apr 2014  |  www.coindesk.com
Global Bitcoin ATM has introduced the first two-way Robocoin bitcoin ATM in Europe, located at Worldwide Connection in central London. Despite challenges in delivery, co-founder Jean Paul sees it as a great business opportunity. The machine features advanced security measures and charges a 7% commission. Competition in London's Bitcoin ATM market is heating up, with FutureCoin's Lamassu machine already in place and SatoshiPoint planning to enter soon. The presence of multiple ATMs is expected to benefit the bitcoin ecosystem in the city.

Pock.io Selling UK Retailer Gift Cards for Cryptocurrencies

13 Mar 2014  |  www.coindesk.com
Consumers in the UK can now use cryptocurrencies to buy gift cards for major online retailers through Pock.io, a service launched in January. Pock.io, led by CEO Rusty Nash, aims to make digital currencies more mainstream in the UK and plans to expand across Europe and North America. The service accepts multiple cryptocurrencies and has zero percent commission. Pock.io recently removed Apple from its gift card selection due to a controversial decision by Apple and is working on adding more merchants, including a major UK supermarket.

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