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Rosa Vroom

Working as a Freelance Multimedia Journalist she focus her work on social and environmental topics in Bulgaria, Spain and the Netherlands. Her own equipment (DSLR camera), language and communication skills (Spanish, Dutch and English) in addition to her perseverance have brought her also to Nepal and Paraguay.

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Interview with filmaker Alan Berliner published on

Article about Ownership & Transparency of Media in Bulgaria.

Feature about the situation of the Syrian refugees in Bulgaria published on Spanish media

TV spot focused in prevention of child labour in Encarnación (Paraguay). 

The global civil society is changing in Europe. Democracy is passing through a deconstruction process in the young generation's minds.There is an outburst of movements against corruption, mafia and the national oligarchy. Bulgarian's citizen have also shown up under a new movement #Danswithme. #Danswithme appeared when the new formed government chose Delyan Peevski (popular know as a muppet of the oligarchs) as the chief of DANS, the National Security Agency of Bulgaria. Currently it is an well known movement that looks for a structural change of making politics in Bulgaria.

Bulgarka. Audiovisual feature about preservation of forests ecosystems in Bulgarka Nature Park 

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