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Rosie Pioth

Brazzaville, Congo
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About Rosie
Rosie PIOTH is a multimedia journalist based in Brazzaville, Congo.
I report about politics, culture, women rigths, environment, climate change and social stories.
Can also help as fixer for foreigners  teams of journalists in Brazzaville.
I can also report from Democratic Republic of Congo on social, politics, business, culture ...
English French Kongo
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Bat consumption persists in Congo despite health risks

05 Apr 2023  |  Africanews
The article discusses the ongoing practice of bat consumption in Congo, despite health warnings about the potential risks. Bats, known locally as 'ngembo', are a common part of meals in several Congolese homes. The article describes the preparation process of bat meat and mentions that it is sold in markets at prices ranging from $1 to $2.5. Health practitioners, including a nutritionist named Josaphat Depaget, have warned that bats can harbor the Ebola virus, making their meat dangerous for consumption. Despite this, bat meat remains popular due to its taste and affordability, leading to a debate in Congo about its safety as a food source.

Politic story

A report on dirt market in Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo

A business report on the futur of Congo

A report on another way to cook fishes in Congo Brazzaville

Drivers of Deforestation in Congo-Brazzaville's Pool (French)

12 Aug 2020  |  Pulitzer Center
Journalists Rosie Pioth and Berdy Pambou are embarking on a reporting project focused on the issue of deforestation. Their investigation will delve into the causes of deforestation and its impact on the lives of local communities. The project aims to provide a historical perspective on how these populations have reached their current situation and explore the strategies they are employing to break free from the destructive cycle of deforestation. The report is expected to shed light on both the environmental and social dimensions of this critical issue.

A one-stop centre in the Republic of Congo is providing comprehensive care for survivors of rape and violence.

12 Aug 2020  |  Africanews
In the Republic of Congo, a center known as the Single Window for the assistance of women, girls, and children is providing comprehensive care for survivors of rape and violence. A survivor, referred to as Sofia, shared her traumatic experience of being raped in 2018. The center in the OCH district of Moungali, Brazzaville, has documented 314 cases of violence at the start of 2019. Social worker Kermelise Kibadi Bouesso explains that their role includes informing, guiding, and supporting victims. The initiative is led by Azur développement with backing from the French Embassy and the Urgent action Fund for women's rights in Africa. The country has seen nearly 7,000 cases of rape and violence against women and children in 2019.

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